Masks, Masks, Masks

Masks are cool. I am not just saying that because masks are mandatory in my city. I’m also not saying that because wearing a mask means that I no longer have to put makeup on the lower half of my face. I am saying it because it’s cool to be kind to strangers. It’s cool to do something just to be nice. It’s also cool to do your part to try and help slow a global pandemic.

I’ve accumulated quite a collection over the past few weeks, both purchased and made. All reusable. Reusable masks were important for me to get my hands on because, if you remember, I really don’t like single use products. I completely understand that in the middle of a global pandemic, a mask is better than no mask, and for that reason there is a place for disposable masks right now. That being said, it was both within my budget, my resources and my means to get reusable masks. So I did.

Initially I just purchase a set of three. I did so thinking that if I left them by the door of my house, they’d be easy to grab before I headed out for errands. But, as time has unfolded, I’ve learned that it makes my life a lot simpler if I just have a mask anywhere I might need one. Masks at the front door. Masks int he glove box. Masks in my purse. Masks in my office (in two weeks when it reopens). If there’s a mask anywhere that I could possibly need one, I’ll never find myself without or have to say ‘I forgot’. I also won’t have to purchase disposable masks.

I plan on keeping these grey ones at my office. They’re neutral, so if I need one whilst I am at work, it really won’t matter what I am wearing, they’ll match.

These masks inspired a desire to have tie dye in my life. As of right now they’re hanging by the door. You know, I’m coming around to the idea that a little colour can be a good thing!

I bought these masks solely from a vanity perspective. I have blue eyes and my thought was that if I have to wear something on my face that covers half of my face, I might as well get something that matches my eyeballs. That’s accessorizing!

These Canadian themed masks I actually didn’t know were coming my way. My mom made them as a present for me after the mask mandate came into effect in my city. You know, if we’re still wearing masks when the snow starts to fall, I reckon these will be mighty cute during the Canadian winter.

Steps onto Soap Box: Masks are a simple and easy way for people to show they respect their community and their neighbours. Masks are a simple and easy way to help stop/slow the spread of germs. Masks are a simple and easy way to be a good person.

What I’ve learned over the past month (since the mandate came into effect) is that masks aren’t always cheap. I’ve seen them priced anywhere from $3 each to $145 each. And frankly, in the middle of a global pandemic, when people are trying to do their part but also trying to watch their spending, ain’t nobody got time for $145 a mask.

I wanted to share some excellent, affordable mask options, for if you’re looking and don’t have a mom to sew masks for you.

  1. Old Navy – If you are in Canada, Old Navy sells masks in a package of five for $15. If you are in the United States, I believe they are $12.50 for a package of 5. While they are quality masks, Old Navy is a fast fashion brand and I cannot tell you where they are made, by whom, or how little said person might be (is likely) being paid.
  2. Province of Canada – Province of Canada is a Canadian brand that manufactures all of it’s products in Canada. The masks are quite a bit more pricey than the Old Navy masks, but if you have the budget for it, $14 for ethical manufacturing is a great option.
  3. Hanes – These face masks are the ones that ‘everyone and their dogs’ are using for tie-dye from home. Right now the website is selling a 10 pack for less than $30. I’ve ordered some to test my tie-dye abilities but they haven’t arrived yet.

Do you need a ton of face masks? Definitely not. My collection is quite large, and I know that. I do believe that it’s good to have one or two, though. Two is a good number because you should be washing them and if one is in the washing machine, you will still have one available. I also believe that you shouldn’t have to spend your oodles of money on a mask. They’re supposed to help and if they’re deeply impacting your bank account, that’s not helping.

And of course, if you don’t have access to any reusable masks whatsoever, buy the disposable ones. As much as I hate seeing them littered all over streets and sidewalks and getting wrapped around seagull wings right now, seeing them is a reminder that people are wearing them. And that is important. It’s important that we make it through this year and that we all be as kind to one another as possible. Everyone has to work together to slow the spread. Since the CDC, WHO and most governments in the world are recommending masks, masks are cool.

I’ll be wearing them for the foreseeable future.

Get yourself a mask or two. Look at it as something you’re doing for right now, not forever. Lead by example. Stay healthy. Stay safe. Slow the spread.

*My mom says she’ll sell them to whomever wants one. All they have to do is pay the price of postage.

41 thoughts on “Masks, Masks, Masks

    1. I know. My collection is a little excessive at this point. That being said, having five is great! That’s one for every weekday!! Less laundry, or worrying about having an unclean mask.

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      1. And at least you’ll have plenty useable ones left for future pandemics.



    1. That’s the truth. At least for right now. And the Old Navy ones are really good quality. Especially for the price. I’m not normally a huge fan of fast fashion brands, but I needed to find something that was affordable, and these Old Navy ones are definitely affordable for the quality!

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      1. I too am impressed with the quality of the Old Navy masks. I have the blue ones (3) and these ugly red/grey stripe ones (2). I gave the red/grey ones to Nick πŸ˜‚ The disposable ones we were using didn’t last very long so having something reusable is good, especially if we are gonna be dealing with the pandemic for a while 😷

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  1. I too have multiple masks for fashion sense reasons and to switch between while I clean them. My 1st acquired mask is purple silk and stiched by a designer friend of mine. I also have a double breather with a mandala type fabric and a carbon filter I can change. The other two are basic cotton and very comfortable for the 100 degree heat here in SoFlo. I love yours too and wholeheartedly agree how cool it is to be kind and considerate of others❀❀❀

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      1. LOL, a friend of mine who is a fashion designer made it. It’s more fashionable than comfortable really. I think I’ll wear it more in the winter because it’s too hot lately to wear itπŸ˜‰

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  2. I do wonder though when are Western societies going to ditch toilet paper? It seems to be a big overlooked thing to me, and it’s a really unsatisfying solution.

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      1. Haha, yeah sorry was pretty random! It’s just something I wonder about sometimes, how come it gets overlooked when it’s an obvious one, to me.


  3. You are right. Wearing a mask 😷 is showing kindness to others. I don’t fear the virus but I don’t want to spread it to others. My wife and daughter contracted it and have recovered. It can kill and does. I wear a mask out of respect for everyone. All that being said, I still feel like I’m about to rob the store when I walk in. 😁

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    1. I wish everyone would adopt thinking like you’ve shown here. Also, I’m really glad to hear that your wife and daughter have recovered. It can be really damaging. I saw a story on the news last night about a woman who contracted it in March and has been in the hospital since March. It really affects everyone so differently, you never know how bad someone could get it.

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  4. I have two baskets on my kitchen island: green and red. Green = clean, ready to use masks, red = used, worn masks to be washed.

    Ours have approved filters in them. We got a roll of it and cut them to fit the masks.

    Seems to be working…even the kids know how to use this simple system. πŸ™‚

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    1. That sounds like a really good system – to have a clean bin and and a dirty bin. And, I like that you added in that your kids are taking part too. I think there are a lot of people who think kids are exempt. When kids should realistically be wearing masks as well!


      1. I believe the latest version for general indoor is under 2 are exempt in Ontario (don’t quote me on that). School is a different story…last I heard grade 3 and under are encouraged but not mandated but again, it changes.

        My kids are 12 and 15 and responsible for mask and general hygiene. No issues there.

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    1. They’re really good quality. There’s no filter pocket, though… so if you’re working a job that you’re required to wear a mask for 8 hours straight, you might want to look for one with a filter pocket. They’re definitely not a thin fabric, they’re not silk or polyester or anything. But, $15 for 5, it’s not like you’re out a ton of money if you don’t like them. And you can just give them to your husband if you get netural coloured masks.

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  5. So here’s a question: do you still automatically smile when you normally would? I do and I’ve thought maybe it is silly but on t he other hand I don’t want to have to re-learn the habit if or when.

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  6. I am still waiting to see a man matching his mask and his tie. I do still smile, kind of exaggerating it so the eye crinkles are visible which might make me look like an idiot. LOL

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    1. Hey, one is better than none! One makes me very happy to hear. You’re doing your part and that’s what matters!! I do have an excessive amount of masks. I’m one of those forgetful people though. If I don’t leave one everywhere, I won’t remember to grab one.

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  7. We also have a lot of mask around our house. I set up a small maskcan (trashcan) just inside our front door to collect used masks that are ready for the wash. I may have to give the Old Navy ones a try, they look good and the price is right.

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    1. That’s a really good idea to leave a spot by the front door for them, too. When I come home they end up on the floor and on the counter and on the couch and so on and so forth. ahah!

      As for the Old Navy ones – they’re definitely good quality for the price. They do shrink in the wash first time around, but I have a pretty big face and they still fit after shrinking. And the all come with the little ear adjusters. So that’s a bonus.


    1. The ear-adjusters definitely make a world of difference. Being able to loosen or tighten them means you don’t have to hate your life wearing them all day long!


  8. I am so bad at sewing. I wish I could make some cute ones. I really want a Philadelphia Flyers Gritty one but unfortunately money is tight so a $10 mask is not in the budget. But I love your collection, especially the ones your mom made. Homemade with love is always best ❀

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  9. I still wear lipstick even though I know no one will see it and it gets smudged off in the mask. I do not know why I do this. Maybe I feel my berry-colored lips are just “me”.


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