Spending money on your blog

Between Pinterest, YouTube, Medium, Twitter, Instagram and WordPress, there are infinite sources on the internet that will convince you large investments need to be made into your blog in order for it to be successful.

This is simply not the case.

If you want to spend money on your blog, and have the money to spend money on your blog, have at’er. But, if money is tight, if you have to watch your expenses, if you’re not independently wealthy, you do not need to spend large sums of money to run a successful blog.

From a personal standpoint, in the past year and a half that I have been running this blog, I have spent $120. That $120 spent is solely on the fee for having a Personal WordPress account. I consider that a worthwhile investment because I wanted the millenniallifecrisis.org URL. For what I desired from this blog when I started it, I would consider it to be successful. I’ve met tons of incredible people, I’ve shared stories, had stories shared with me. It’s been a very valuable resources for me. All that being said, some people want more from their platform. I completely understand that.

If you’re someone who wants more from your platform, if you’re someone who wants to start a business with your blog or wants to start earning income from your blog, I would strongly encourage you to do your research. I’d also encourage you to proceed with caution and understand that you need to walk before you can run. And, depending on how fresh and new your blog might be, you need to learn to crawl before you can walk.

In the past year and a half I’ve seen some really incredible writers invest hundreds, if not thousands of dollars into their blogs only to quit when they didn’t get the response they wanted. Not only is their potential wasted when they quit but that money they’ve invested into having a business WordPress account is wasted. The hundreds of dollars spent on Pinterest ads, the hundreds of dollars spent on Instagram ads, all for nothing.

The biggest mistake that I see people making is that they want to direct as many people as possible to their blog without having a plan in place to keep people interested, to keep people reading and to keep people coming back. They sign up for a blogging network to grow their blog and they don’t know what they want to grow their blog into.

You have to have a plan. A vision of where you want to take your blog and an establish process of how you intend to accomplish that vision. Don’t just throw money at people or platforms and expect your follower count to grow. I can tell you with 100% certainty that if you start throwing your money around, people will always take it. If you don’t have a plan, however, throwing that money around won’t do you any good.

I guess, what I’m really trying to say is, whether you’re rich or not, be smart about investing your money. Money is still money, no matter how much of it is in your bank account. You work hard for that money, so spend it wisely. Blindly charging Instagram ads to your credit card is not only poor marketing for your blog, but thoughtless promotion as well. Throwing money at a network without fully understanding what it can or cannot do for your will only leave you frustrated and feeling helpless.

I don’t want to see you quit.

I don’t want to see anyone quit.

Blogging brings a certain catharsis that everyone deserves. If you’re struggling to find your way in the blogging world and seeking more from your platform, I would strongly encourage you to

  1. Build a vision for your blog
  2. Then, and only then, do a lot of research about different options for promotion, marketing and growth investments.
  3. Get a second and third opinion from someone you trust, or from an unbiased source. If you ever need or want advice from me, I’d be more than happy to make suggestions and provide any help that I can. I’m not an expert, but I am an unbiased opinion.
  4. Then, and only then, make a worthwhile investment that you feel will benefit your platform.

You work hard for your money. Use it wisely. I don’t want to see you quit because you’re not getting the outcome you hoped for. I don’t want to see anyone quit.

57 thoughts on “Spending money on your blog

  1. Interesting points. I have had similar thoughts about my blog. Is it worth upgrading? I have always said no and remained with the same plan, probably as I can’t see much benefit as the only ‘value’ I am giving the reader is my own take on various places and ideas rather than things they can use practically. I am realizing that building a vision for your blog is important though as you say, so maybe I should think about that more.

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    1. Building a vision is so important! And, if you build that vision, who knows… you might not even want to invest in it best on the vision you build for yourself. Make a plan before you spend any dollars!

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  2. I’ve always enjoyed your blog. Thx for the practical info. Very wise. One thing is like you said…vision and planning. You need to know where and what you’re doing. I very intentionally blog four times a week…sometimes five. The consistency brings the readers and subscribers. If you’re only doing it every once in a while it won’t work. Build it. Write it. Keep Writing.

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    1. You’re absolutely right, consistency does bring readers. People like to know they’re coming back to view a blog that’s going to be updated. I personally stop visiting blogs if people go long periods of time without updating. It’s nothing against them, it’s just… if you’re going to take the time to see someone’s blog, you want it to be updated! Consistency, like you’ve said, is key to that!!!

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  3. I agree, money spent on a blog can stay minimal. I too have the personal URL blogging option that I pay for. I’ve been operating my blog for almost two years now and have met some wonderful people, you being one of them V. We have such a great little community here on WordPress. I believe if your intentions are clear, the rest will place into place. It’s wise to think about what you want out how the blog and then spend accordingly. That doesn’t have to be a lot either😊

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    1. It doesn’t have to be a lot! You’re so right! I’ve seen a lot of people spend upwards of $500 a week on Pinterest and Instagram advertisements to try and bring more people to their blog when they really don’t even know what their blog is about. It’s a real catch 22.

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      1. Oh wow!!! I’ve thought about advertising but in tbe past 6 months I’ve done some prioritizing in terms of what my mission is. I feel that because I write specifically about my own journey and spiritually, the right people will find me. It’s kismet. I have drawn in some very soulful folks into my orbit since making this intention. I interact with others and travel both virtually and physically by word of mouth anyways. For me, it’s not about the quantity of followers or any fast financial gains, it’s about quality and building relationships. Heart centered living🥰

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    1. Exactly! If people aren’t working on their own content and the plans for the future of their blog, what’s the point in investing money? It’s like throwing spaghetti at a wall to hope it sticks… while it’s still raw.

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  4. It’s been a constant struggle for me over the past two years in deciding whether I want to monetize my blog or not. I believe there is the potential, but costs of getting my own domain, finding ad sponsors, and setting up various social media platforms overwhelm me. Not to forget repairing broken links and informing my audience of the move, at the risk of losing them…after all of this back and forth over time, I think I just might take the leap at the end of this year, as I now have a full-time job, to spend money to monetize my blog. The idea intimidates me, but we’ll have to see how it pans out.

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    1. You pose a good train of thought in this comment you leave. You have to think five steps ahead before you can have any success with taking the first step. It shouldn’t be ‘you just spend money on a business plan and then the money rolls in’ type of mentality. You have to have a plan in place, finding sponsors, running ads, setting up social media plans. It takes time! It takes effort. For 99% of the human race it’s a lot of work. Sure, for some people it just falls into place, but for most, that’s simply not the case.

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    1. I think there’s a certain catharsis for everyone. I think that’s what brings us here. Nobody creates a blog because they hate it. On some level, even if it doesn’t work out the way they want it to, they still started it out of a place of appreciation for the craft! You know what I mean?

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      1. Yeah, at times it’s a real feel-good experience, when you come up with a piece that you know is well written, or if you finally get to say in writing something that really needs to be said. On the other hand, there are times when I just what to hammer away at the delete key until there’s nothing left. Strange business, blogging… 🙂

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  5. Thank you for sharing this❤. I’m not a new blogger in the sense but I only recently started being consistent because of the pandemic, I’ve had thoughts about wanting spend money and bring more traffic to my blog but in all honesty, I don’t think there’s anything worthwhile that will make an outsider stay. So, I’m just doing my part at growing it and trying to enjoy the process❤

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    1. Sounds like you’re doing the right thing! But, point of note, please acknowledge that you share things worth making outsiders stay! You bring value and importance and a piece to the blogging community that should be here. Tell yourself that and believe that!

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  6. I have never considered making money with my blog.
    I started blogging because it was suggested in treatment that we should consider journal. I write as a method on my way to wholeness. I decided a few years ago to let everyone to follow my journey to healing.
    I would never consider investing money in my blog. I would have to prove to myself that using the free version is a success. No one wants a money pit. I have realized that my writing has evolved over time. As I write many things I learned in English classes in high school are coming back to my memory.
    I remember hearing a singer reply to a question about their success. The singer said, “there is no such thing as an overnight success. Success take work, takes time.

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    1. You’re right. Success takes time and work. Your blog content, your creativity, your connectivity to your audience lately has increased a lot. I know we spoke of it in email but I just wanted to write it here, too. You’re a shining example of why the free version can be turned into a success, if you work at it. I think your blog is very successful with the audience you’ve garnered.

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  7. Hi, great article
    I am also working on my blog since 1 year. And I invested Money on it as you know for web hosting and domain purchase I have spent over $200. And I didn’t make a $1 till now.

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  8. Or, just consider that $120 your gateway to fun, and don’t stress about followers. The ones I have really connect and enjoy what I write. Maybe the audience isn’t universal, but that’s a good thing about blogs. You can focus narrowly and find your tribe.

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  9. Thankyou so much. Very interesting and you have put together some valid points. I have always thought about investing in my blog. I don’t know when is the right time. Hanging in there. Don’t know if it’s the correct thing or the wrong thing to do. I am thinking it through.

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    1. Definitely give it a lot of thought. You definitely want to make sure that if you’re investing money into your blog, you’re going to get your money’s worth from it. Build a plan before you put in the money!

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    1. And it’s not to say you can’t spend down the road. But, it’s a nice starting place to build a platform before you spend a ton of money on that platform. A lot of people get burnt out when they spend money and fast success doesn’t happen!

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  10. Wise words. It is refreshing to read these words, really. I invest money in my two blogs but I would never advise anyone who is not sure it is a great thing for them to do the same. I wish every new (or not so new) blogger would read your post. 🌸

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  11. Thank you for reminding me not to quite. I just look forward to interacting with people and posting my thoughts. If you time, do check out my posts. Thank you.


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