Overheard on Discord

In follow up to Story time: The office frat-boy, Axel has graced our company discord with another blog post about another date of his.

It’s like he doesn’t even realize there’s an ongoing pandemic with 500+ active cases still in our city. Well, that’s a lie, he does realize there’s a pandemic going on because his story included a lot of complaining about how hard it is to ‘read a girl’ when she’s wearing a mask. One thing’s for certain, though, the pandemic isn’t slowing down his dating life.

This time around Axel decided that a perfect first date was to take a girl to the mall to help him pick out new pants. Apparently he had a gift card, so it was a win/win because 1) He didn’t have to spend any money on the date and 2) He got to show off his manhood by trying on various pants in front of her and asking for her opinions on fit and style.

After buying the pants, he decided to take his date into Victoria’s Secret because he wanted to see what type of underwear/lingerie she gravitated towards. Apparently you can tell a lot about a woman based off what type of lingerie she looks at on a store shelf, on a first date.

His advice to guys everywhere… or at least the men in my office who might have read his blog post? Don’t take your dates to Victoria’s Secret. He says the walls are plastered with posters of complete knockouts wearing next to nothing and it made it difficult for him to focus on his date.

The date didn’t work out.

I can’t figure out as to why. (rolls eyes)

If you are a male, would you take a girl (on a first date) to browse (not even shop) for lingerie? If you are a female, what would your reaction be if a guy took you to look for lingerie on a first date?

59 thoughts on “Overheard on Discord

      1. Yes exactly! That’s who was thinking. Is discord effective – I have a lady setting up a patreon account for me that will run separately to my blog – I noted I can add discord to it as a discussion thingy. Highly technical I am

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      2. Discord is an effective and cool platform for communication if there’s audience buy-in. For my work because there’s a lot of us and it’s the platform to see any updates related to work, we’re obviously all going to read it. I’ve seen people set up discord, though, and only have involvement from one or two people. In cases like that, it becomes kind of a waste. Make sense?


  1. This had me rolling on the floor. I find it funny that he thinks this is what women want to do on a date. Even worse, a first date. Maybe he is just trying to think of the dumbest things to do on a date to come up with content for his blog. I believe there is someone for everyone, but he should get use to being single for a while. Thank you for making me laugh today. Stay safe.

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    1. Yeah. He’s a hard character for me. When it comes to the job, he’s damn good at what he does and a really valuable teammate to have. But when I hear these stories it leaves an awful taste in my mouth… like I want to smack some sense into him. lol


  2. I am on season two of the Netflix show called ‘Dirty John’. This guy is coming across like these narcissist men in he show….I wouldn’t worry to much as they end up dead…oops I really did say that. I guess I am really over them being able to get away with being dicks.

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    1. There’s a whole show about it? I think I saw a 20/20 episode from a few years back about a guy in California who was dubbed ‘Dirty John’. Same guy? Dirty John ended up dead on 20/20 as well…


      1. It is from newspaper articles that the show comes from. It is really good. The first series has Eric Bana and Connie Britten and second season has Christian Slater as the bad guy. I learned a lot about the subtle signs of narcissism from watching the shows.


  3. Totally out of touch with the times. The root of it is a lack of self-awareness, on top of a sense entitlement. It does my head in to hear these tired old tropes from a younger person. Remember a date insinuating I was a spendthrift for wearing an angora/wool coat. ( -15° Mid winter! ) Ten minutes later, he paid 5 x the cost of my coat, in cash, for wool trousers at a bespoke tailor’s. While being measured, he berated me for wearing layers of grey. Then, he texted me daily for a month when I stopped answering his calls.

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  4. What’s up with the girl that she agreed to go pant shopping with some guy on a first date? Seriously?! Then the lingerie thing… yeah… no!!! Again, it begs the question why in the Hell the girl agreed to any of it. Is he making this shit up?

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  5. Oh boy😆 I’m a very ip front, blunt and outspoken kinda gal so my reaction would be this…..hey thanks for your time but if this is how you want to get to know me, I can see where your priorities are. I’m interested on the inside of people not their outside or shallow and materialistic desires. See ya✌
    Good grief, this guy’s a piece of work. I feel sympathy for his dates🙏 poor girls!

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    1. Such a kind response from you for being so blunt. I’d think someone like you would tell him off. Be all like ‘Listen bucko, you’re kind of losing my attention and my desire to be near you so… goodbye!’

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      1. Haha, I just finished a healing session so I’m still in transition apparently. Yes, your perceived response of mine sounds more like what I’d actually say. Spot. On.👍

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  6. Not that I, myself, have had many successful first dates in my life… and even the ones I thought were successful led to nothing at all anyway… But no, I would not take a woman to browse lingerie on a first, second, or tenth date. Let’s keep some of mystery alive. She can show me what she bought once we’ve crossed certain bridges, you know? I also wouldn’t take a first date to buy pants for myself. That’s a platonic friend thing. Though, I guess, good for him thinking outside the box? Maybe I’m old fashioned and like those traditional first date set ups… miniature golf, dinner, laser tag… Reading that back, I think I want to go on a date in the ’80s.

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    1. You do sound like you want a first date in the 80’s. The kids now, all they want to do is Netflix and Chill. lol But also, global pandemic putting a damper on that, even. It’s a weird world.

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  7. I’m a dude. You’ve read a few of my blog posts, so you know I know very little about women; at least I didn’t in 1995, and I’m not exactly a ladies’ man now. But even 1995 Greg wouldn’t have gone underwear shopping on a first date.

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