Texas is business as usual

In a non-pandemic world, one of the most prominent aspects of my new job is that I’m supposed to be travelling with the sales team to help them with events, client meetings and all that jazz.

Whilst the majority of the world seems to have halted all in-person events, Texas seems to have… missed the memo? I’m not too sure what’s happening down there. They seem to be going ahead with their in person events and they seem to believe that it’s business as usual.

In a non-pandemic world, there are three major events in Texas in October and November that would require being there for three weeks. Three weeks… in Texas. These event organizers are still going ahead as though nothing is going on. They’re basically hounding my office at this point to get our flight information and registrations verified.

“Why aren’t you coming?”

“We’ve got hotel rooms booked for you.”

“Accommodations are being made. Please let us know when your flights are booked.”

My boss has cancelled all trips, events and in person meetings for the rest of the year. He’s talking about doing the same for the first half of 2021 as well, depending on how the rest of this year unfolds. Texas (and when I say Texas I mean the event organizers of these specific happenings that I am supposed to be at, but I don’t want to say their names because, well… sharing their names would give away the name of my employer and… I don’t want to do that) isn’t happy with him for doing that.

I wonder what it’s going to take before they give up the in-person components. They must be struggling for participants if they’re hounding us to come down there.

43 thoughts on “Texas is business as usual

  1. LMAO. The expression “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry” was made for these situations. I just finished watching an Australian documentary about the Ruby Princess and how it was allowed to disembark with a bunch of infections onboard. And the same thing was displayed there— by the passengers who were interviewed, and the crew. Passengers just blaming the cruise company for LETTING them go 😆😆😆, which was the same situation everywhere— flights in and out of the UK for example have never stopped, it’s always been up to you and your own stupidity whether or not you want to go.

    So these Texas people are just operating by the same principle— if it’s PHYSICALLY possible to do a thing, regardless of pandemic, then it must be safe if somebody else is letting you do it!

    But your example is so especially absurd… those emails and the naivety in them… coming from the USA of all places…

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      1. I don’t know about never again. But, hopefully something is arranged to keep travel minimal until after a vaccine is available. There’s more than 6 times as many cases in Texas as all of Canada. That’s scary!

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    1. Your ‘just because you physically can doesn’t mean you should’ point rings really true here. Just because you physically can host a convention during a pandemic doesn’t mean that you should. Can I physically fly there and wander into a convention centre? Sure. Should I? Probably not…

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      1. Is your blog set to private? I always wonder this. Whenever you leave comments I find myself wanting to click on your blog and check it out and I can’t. Which, if it is private, totally understand. Just thought I’d ask and see!


      2. It is not private. That’s the wrong blog that always gets listed. The name of my blog is The Hermits’ Rest. I hope you will search for it!


  2. Im coming from a place were the policemen had to literally bow down to request people to follow the social distancing norms and fine them for mot wearing masks.

    I dont understand why when youre asked to do something for your own good… there’s some opposition. Its ridiculous to cry about something which is for your own safety. Neglecting rules like that… ah, when will people learn?

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    1. We were talking about this in my morning meeting, because my company has an office in Texas (which is another reason why in a non-pandemic world we’d be there for so long). One of the girls who works in the Texas office, her family lives in Galveston. I made a post in July about how she believes Corona Virus is a hoax. Well, she told us this morning that her family refused to leave Galveston because, and I quote ‘they don’t like it when the government tries to tell them how to live their lives’. They literally risked being in the path of a category 4 hurricane because they don’t like people telling them what to do…

      I mean, two completely separate things, but it’s like… the whole family is nuts.

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      1. Oh… yeah, i get the types. Not the same but there are such similar people in different countries as well.
        Maybe they’re just too stubborn and scared of change.


  3. At some point everyone is going to have to compromise. We simply cant have our way and then when someone doesnt act the way we think they should piss and moan, its getting old on all sides. I lived in Texas for a short time, they do not like to be told what to do regardless of circumstances. They become easy targets because of it and they deserve a good amount of criticism for it.

    The logical way forward for business (I used to travel for business a lot too) is no travel for the rest of the year. 2021 people who are comfortable doing so should be allowed to go. If people are uncomfortable thats cool to but at some point the pandemic crisis has to resolve. Maybe its when there is a vaccine, maybe not but this has to end. All of us should try to give our best effort to be understanding to those who feel differently then we do. If we dont, things will just get worse.

    If I were you, I would stay in Canada until the presidential election in the U.S. is over. 2020 has been shitty, and the worst is yet to come I suspect.

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    1. See, I don’t agree that everyone has to compromise. From that stance, I should just get on a plane and go to Texas. That’s not something I feel safe doing right now. Should I forgo my safety because they feel differently about the severity of the pandemic than Canadians do?

      As for 2021 and feeling safe to travel when a vaccine arrives, I’m already of the belief that a vaccine will cause more arguments, fights and issues in society than masks have. I think we’re headed for a lot worse than what we’re seeing right now, and because of that, this pandemic likely has several more years ahead of us.

      I do agree that staying in Canada until after the election is likely a very smart move!

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      1. That’s one potential outcome, or they could compromise and say “hey we understand you aren’t comfortable, we’ll be here in 2021”. I am assuming that your last question is rhetorical. If it isn’t I will take a stab at it. No you shouldn’t forgo your safety. Nor should they forgo their business plans for your personal safety either, when they dont believe their is a threat.

        Just because Texans dont feel like the pandemic is a big deal doesn’t mean everyone who does business with them has to agree. Same with your personal safety, if you think its unsafe and they dont, they can do business with someone else who does.

        Ideally a middle ground is found where people of differing mindsets can figure out a way forward. The worst part about this pandemic is the chorus of shouting from those who are unwilling to yield at all. For many of them, its more then their personal safety, its their fear and lack of ability to control what other people are doing. I’m not saying youre doing that, but there are many out there who want it there way or no way, its pretty sad.

        Take care and good luck with this.


  4. It’s crazy. My only extended family – uncle and first cousins – love there. Both of my cousins, who are in their 20s are jetting all around. One has been bouncing between her fiancés home in AZ and TX a couple times a month and even joined her sister in SoCal for a weekend. The sister traveled up the coast of CA for ten days with her old roommates and is now in FL. So, not only are they traveling, they’re hitting some of the hottest hotspots.
    It’s just unfathomable.

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    1. Yeah, when I heard that on tv, I almost threw up in my mouth. One death is too many. 10 deaths is too many. Hearing that the ‘death rates could’ve been way higher’ isn’t something to brag about…

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      1. I’m serious. I would love to spread some Canadian goodness, if you don’t find that creepy. When I get back mid-September I can mail you some ketchup chips and some other Canadian goodness if you feel it’s safe.

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      2. Creepy? Nah, I always knew you’d warm up to me. Just like I knew you were kidding about the anti-hugging thing. Just lemme know if there’re any Montanan things you’d like in return.

        And uh, you’re not actually going to Texas, are you? I wouldn’t recommend it, and not just because Texas sucks.


  5. I was just there to surprise my partner and yes, it’s very different vibe from Florida and that’s crazy amd scary as it should sound! No mask enforcement….virtually nothing. I was in a hotel room with my guy for the majority. I went to surprise him for his birthday. I’ve told you before V, TX is another world entirely🤪

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    1. You’re crazy! I hope that he was happy to see you, but also, you’re crazy. Texas isn’t exactly the smartest place to travel too right now. You’re so right when you say it’s another world entirely.

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      1. I knew you were going to say that. He was and I feel like this, as long as I wear a mask, practice social distancing as safely as possible, wash hands. I don’t fear. I’ve been tested and I am negative. These 4 months apart have been so challenging. Thankfully they’re almost over and he will be joining me here in Florida 😊🙏❤


  6. They’re trying to limit testing to get confirmed cases down so they can say ira an NWO conspiracy set up by alien reptiles sent by satan to take down important institutions as they genetically alter us to be the perfect slave race…

    That’s a thing people believe so enjoy just thinking Texas is weird for being open..
    Texas was hit by that hurricane..
    Hopefully the trip is optional.

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    1. My boss bowing us out of the trip is losing him close to 10,000 dollars. That being said, it’s more important to him that we stay where we are than cram into a convention hall right now, which I am thankful for.

      I’ve been seeing reports that CDC recommendations were changed to not authorize tests unless someone is symptomatic. Which is scary because limiting tests right now, especially when we know people can spread it whilst being asymptomatic, means this is only going to get worse.

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      1. They say it’s possible tests are running out.

        Honestly.. every business should cancel any trip to the United States. I can’t even leave the state without a mandatory 2 weeks quarantine.

        They waited for Fauci to be sedated for/from surgery to ask him to review the new guidelines for approval.
        It’s a sh*+ show here.


  7. FYI my Texas company made our conference in October virtual. And we get to stay working from home. So SOME parts of Texas are not insane (this is Austin). I’m sure not going to any big gathering! Nope!


    1. It makes me really happy to hear that there are people down there taking it seriously. It seems like the industry my company is a part of doesn’t seem to care. It sounds like you’ve got a really smart employer though, especially if they’re keeping your staff working from home. Hopefully this convention I’m speaking of will take a page out of the rest of the world’s book and move to virtual.

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  8. This makes me think of South Dakota, who made it well into the pandemic with little-to-no cases of Covid-19, because it is a very unpopulated state and not a place people tend to go?? For some insane reason the state decided to play host to a motorcycle convention of tens of thousands of people, and now they are one of the worst states for Covid cases in the US. WHY?????


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