Second job hunting

I’m looking for a second job. I need something to keep me busy. The way I figure it, if I can make myself busier, I’ll have less time to think. If I have less time to think, I’ll have less time to be anxious. At least that’s the train of though I’m presently following.

Plus it would mean extra money. Extra money is always a good thing, right?

Christmas is coming.

I need some new glasses.

I need some new work shoes.

Extra money could come in handy for all of those things.

The problem with finding a second job is trying to find one that has minimal interaction. There’s all kinds of jobs available around here that involve a lot of interacting with the public. While I greatly admire everyone who’s been working those jobs for the past seven months through this pandemic, I just don’t think I can be one of them. I need to keep my interactions with people minimal right now, for my own peace of mind. If the point of working a second job is to keep myself from being anxious, I don’t want to put myself in a position to make myself more anxious.

Right now I’m thinking a delivery driver would be a good job for me. That or finding someone who is willing to pay me to work from my couch. I know, I know, I know… a girl can dream, though. Perhaps if I hope for it long enough, I can dream it into fruition.

55 thoughts on “Second job hunting

    1. Thank YOU! I agree that I can always quit. That’s kind of my thought right now. As a second job, if it sucks, I can just quit and still have my main job. At least that’s the dream.

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  1. I think you could definitely make a decent income with your blog, if you choose to monetize it more. You have a sizable audience who follow you regularly (including me!), and I’m sure you could be successful at it. That, and you get to work from home!

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    1. Thank you for the compliment! It’s something that I have considered, but ultimately, the value that I can bring is stuff that’s all available for free on Google anyway, so I wouldn’t feel right monetizing that. Maybe I’m a sucker, but I believe in spreading the wealth not hoarding it, when it comes to blogging.

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  2. V, you are a talent web designer , content designer, why don’t you have a second job in that field? you can be at home working on a second job. And you can use websites like fiverr – i think it is called, or use this blog to advertise you skills.

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    1. Thank You! I once looked into Fiverrrr but I just don’t think it’s something I can get on with. There’s too many fees. I’d have to charge people up the wazoo just to make sub-par money from a project. I have contemplated advertising my services on my own. I think it’s a fear of failure that’s kept me from doing that.

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      1. V. Try freelancing as aside hustle from home, doing what you do so well. Advertising here on via your blog, twitter. You will be fine. You know your stuff. We all read your blog and we learn so much.

        Someone once told me when I was scared about something. She said they don’t anything, you know more. This was in relation to my fear of teaching something. Once you do it, it gets better.

        Only you will know if something went wrong, but you will fix without the client having a clue. Not in a naughty way.

        I hope I make sense.

        Just try V. You will be surprised. Just one little try and.. you won’t look back

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  3. V, you know I love you, but that idea is… it’s not great. Seriously, if you have no free time left to think, you’ll just do it when you should be sleeping. If you really want a second job to make more money, I support you. If you want a second job because thenyou won’t be stressed anymore it’s not going to work.


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    1. You raise valid points, so please don’t apologize. That being said, having more money would alleviate some stresses in my life, which could be helpful. I don’t really have a ton of debt (pennies compared to most people), but it would be nice to have some extra income so that I didn’t have say… save for a few months before purchasing something I need, if that makes sense.

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      1. It does. Very much. If you’re looking for another job so that you can get things you need then it’s a perfectly good reason. It was more that if you were after one solely to avoid thinking about things, that wasn’t likely to work. Good luck finding something!

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      2. I think the being too busy to be anxious would just be an added benefit! Who knows, I might just find a second job and still be anxious. lol that would be how it would go.

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  4. Sometimes I do surveys but I get paid pennies to do them. Usually I only make 50+\- cents a survey and that’s on a good day.

    I second/third/fourth what the others are saying about monetizing your blog. You could do affiliate marketing or sell a course or ebook if that is your thing. Or perhaps you could be a guest writer for sites that pay for guest writers. Definitely something to consider 🙂

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    1. Surveys are a form of manipulative marketing! I totally hear you when you say you make pennies on surveys. That’s, sadly, how they get you!

      Thank you for the vote of confidence on blog monetization or guest writing! I definitely am not confident enough in my writing to be a guest writer. But, I will think about it some more.

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      1. Yeah…I know that they are totally stripping me of my personal info and dignity but I continue to do them #broke-student. I’ve made $60-ish since April 2020 doing surveys but I seldom do them now.

        After writing your first guest post, I think you will be hooked! 😀 yes, definitely think about it some more. I like the idea of working from home. It seems like a very practical way to make $$$

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  5. you know Vee I work from my bedroom… And you will definitely find one…
    finding something which is pandemic-proof is awesome for well… because little public interaction at the moment makes me go crazy… because people here wear mast at there chin which hides their double chin…lol…so, here I really need to stay home and do work…I am kicking off everything which demands going out and doing stuff… Fhwwwww!

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  6. there are jobs available which are demanding WFH because not even they are ready to get back to office… Find something like that! But, with my experience the onboarding process can be a bit cumbersome…so… just find one… I want you to be less anxious anyways…❤️

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  7. Also, don’t push the anxiety under the blanket and ignore it and be busy…okay! Make sure you don’t exhaust yourself… Very important is to not avoid it… If the anxiety is happening… Navigate the underlying emotions and fears… Okay… But, extra work is not making you feel burdened then yes… Another job would be simply amazing…✨

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    1. I won’t take it if it doesn’t help me. I want to better position myself financially and be less bored on the weekends. But I’m definitely not just going to take any job! The right job is what I need.


  8. If any of your anxiety is caused (or worsening) because of the pandemic then I believe a second job will make it even worse….IF you have to be around more people. So yeah I will agree with everyone else and say use your marketing talents to get a work-from-home job.

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    1. Thank you! You’re absolutely right. Being in front of more people right now would be so hard for me. Right now I’m looking for work-from-home work I can do on the weekends.


  9. I’m in the same boat too. A second job would be nice! One of my roommate’s has two jobs and they say that it’s all well and good until it comes time to work. Still, additional money is always a welcomed thing.

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  10. I cleaned banks for about 2 years. It was cash and only 1 or 2 days a week, and it was nice because I could go anytime between 6pm and midnight. Suprisingly it wasn’t as gross as I thought it would be — the worse part was the outside trash in the summer time. But really not a bad gig if you can find one where people aren’t total pigs.

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    1. That actually sounds like a pretty good gig. Banks, at least the ones I’ve seen, are usually pretty clean places.
      Mind you right now during a pandemic, it’s probably a lot more complicated.


  11. Hey V, just give yourself time to think about it, through the ups and downs of life. You can feel unstoppable at certain times and get ahead of yourself a bit, but at other times realise that you need that bit of space. I’d also prioritise keeping your passions as number 1 over money, even though it’s inconvenient in the short-term, and maybe the time would be better spent on working on your talents, as that will naturally make you a better prospect within the field of marketing, and within your company. Soak up what you have achieved so far in the last year to get to where you are now :), because it’s a hell of a lot.

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    1. I totally agree with you on keeping your blog how it is, rather than monetising. As it is, it’s something which brings you and many others great value, which is just awesome.

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      1. Thank you for always being honest with me and telling me the common sense things that I often overlook when I get determined. It’s nice to know I can always hear honesty even when I’m being hard-headed.

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