Fun fact

I, along with two of my brothers, was an extra in X Men: The Last Stand.

The entire summer the movie was filmed will forever stand out in my mind as some of my fondest memories. It was one of the most fascinating, fun, difficult and rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. Also, I was a teenager being paid more money in a week than most adults make at their day job, and I was hanging out with people that my teenage self truly idolized.

The whole summer came about because my brothers and I were sitting in a mall food court one day and heard a man near us pointing to a blind ad in the paper telling his friend that he was certain it was a casting call for X Men. ‘It would be fun’, we thought. ‘Why the heck not?’ At the very least, it’d make a cool story to tell our friends… going to a movie audition. Turns out to be a ton of cool stories to tell our friends.

I know it’s an older movie, but if anyone owns it or watches it, I’m a student in the mutant school. I’m not saying which one though. If you watch it, tell which one you think I am, or which three you think my brothers and I are. Your hint? We look enough alike that the casting crew thought we could pass as triplets.

46 thoughts on “Fun fact

    1. “Cool Movies Monthly” ran a reader poll. 99% of respondents (The remaining 43 people spoiled their ballots for reasons which remain unclear) agreed that 10:12 on a Thursday is the perfect time for movie watching. So you’re in good company.

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  1. All that and a movie star. That’s a cool story. My daughter will be jealous, she wants to go into the entertainment industry and so far she hasn’t been in the right place and time to be an extra. I know what I’m doing tonight for date night. 📽🎬

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    1. Not a movie star, just a girl in the background who has telepathy. lol
      Tell your daughter she can do whatever she sets her mind to in this life! If there are movies filmed near you (obviously not right now, but eventually) they usually put locals in the background as extras! Being an extra is a great way to get in and meet people and gain contacts!

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      1. There are plenty of movies shot here in South Florida. Whenever they are shooting she is always in school. She has met a few people that are in the business. Thank you for your inspiration. I’ll pass it on.

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    1. They filmed part of the movie in Victoria BC, where I spent my teenaged years. Like I mentioned in the post, it was just a blind ad in a newspaper. I’m not sure how it works in Hollywood, but up North here, usually they put casting calls in random places like classifieds and craigslist!


      1. Yes!! We are trained in all styles of dance and living 10 mins outside NYC there were loads of opportunities for work. I aspired to dance on Broadway when I was younger. I too like that we have a shared experience 🤗


  2. Hey so I finally got around to this 😅. You’re all sat on a sofa at the back of a classroom being taught by Captain Picard, right? At first I thought your brothers’ hair was brown 🤦‍♂️, then realised later on in another shot that it is actually lighter. Everything checks out so that’s got to be you haha. You basically look exactly the same as your profile image on here…
    I tried actually watching the movie but jeez… I don’t get on with fantasy, where absolutely anything can happen at any time, with no possible plot holes because it’s all just ‘magic’ 😆. Anyways cool story! Was I right?


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