The tie-dye extravaganza continues!

I mentioned (here) that I had ordered some face masks that I intended to tie-dye. Well, they finally made it and I finally got to tie-dye them. Well, some of them. I actually bought a lot!

I really wanted to tie-dye masks because I think they’re so cute, but, way too expensive for my liking. Stores near here are selling them for $25 a mask, and, shops on ETSY are selling them for $20 – $75 per tie-dyed mask.

This batch is looking rather lilac on camera (I have white lighting in my room where I took this picture). In person they’re more of a soft blue with dark blue speckles.

I personally love them. I’m going to give one to my mom and the rest I’m going to sell. It looks like we’re going to be wearing masks for a while, and I personally believe that everyone should be able to have a cute mask if they want one. And tie-dye masks should be way more affordable than they presently are.

If you’re interested in a tie-dye mask, let me know! And if you’re not interested, thank you for reading anyway. I appreciate you stopping by and I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Stories about this past weekend are coming.

  • Traveling during a pandemic
  • Attending a funeral during a pandemic
  • A few more stories of the goodness my uncle spread in his lifetime
  • Running into my high school bully and her husband
  • Meeting Americans in a hotel elevator who are blatantly ignoring the border closure and coming to Canada for a holiday
  • Smoke from the California/Oregon fires blanketing our world on the West Coast
  • I bought a car!
  • What two weeks in quarantine is going to look like now

There’s so much to talk about! More coming soon.

If you’re reading and you made it this far, thank you. If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, thank you. And, in any case that you need a reminder today, you’re doing great. Keep going.


14 thoughts on “The tie-dye extravaganza continues!

    1. Don’t apologize! I was just a little dumbfounded when it happened. I asked a man to stay out of the elevator and wait for a next one and he refused to wait for the next one. It’s a whole story. I have to type it up. It’s just crazy to me that there are still so many people who just… don’t care. Or beleive it’s a hoax. It’s crazy!

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  1. We drove out of the Bay Area smoke to our son’s in New Mexico, I am shocked at how many people are leisure traveling right now? Places are packed!! Stay well!

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    1. I agree. I had to go for a funeral. I didn’t want to but I had to. When I got there it was like nothing was happening. People were lounging by the pool, crowding by the lake… it was like nothing was wrong at all. I was really disappointed to see so many people being so careless. Especially since cases have been increasing steeply here the past few weeks. Nowhere near what south of the border has seen, but definitely a lot compared to what we’ve seen the past few months!

      I hope that your son’s house is a little less smokey than the Bay. I’ve seen some pictures of the Bay Area and it looks like the world is on fire down there…

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      1. I just got back, skies are clear again here in the Bay Area. We drove out & I flew back for the 1st time with a stop in Phoenix & it was PACKED. I’ve never seen that airport so crowded!! I’ve been there a lot throughout my life too, my mom is from Arizona. People are on the go more than ever!


      2. Firstly, that’s scary that people don’t seem to care about the pandemic. Especially since the USA has the highest death rate in the world!

        Secondly, I’m jealous that your skies are clear. It’s still smoky as heck around here.

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    1. Oh, when I tell the story there were a lot of ‘Ughhh Canadians’ moments too. Thankfully it was just one man who tried to force himself into an elevator with me whilst not wearing a mask. But yes, Canadians are complicit in our cases rising big time after what I saw this past weekend.

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  2. I used to live in the Seattle area and we experienced smoke a couple of years ago but nothing like what is there now. It sickens me. Something told me to move two years ago, I just suddenly felt I had to go. Maybe it was that year when we had the smoke. Do you ever feel an instinct to do something you don’t understand and later you see that it was so right for you? I am weeping for the West Coast. So sad. I hope you don’t get too bothered by the smoke.

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    1. So I grew up in Victoria BC(basically just across the border from Seattle) and I remember every summer the smoke from our own fires being so bad that we would have a rough few weeks. I don’t remember California/Oregon fires ever being this bad before the past couple of years. What’s so much harder about these California/Oregon fires is that it’s soooooo much warmer and sooooo much dryer for a lot more of the year versus what the weather gives us in British Columbia. This ain’t going away any time soon. Even if they get the fires under control in the next few months here, the same thing will happen again next year. We started the year with Australia burning up the Southern Hemisphere and we’re going to finish it with California/Oregon burning up the Northern Hemisphere. It’s really sad. And scary.

      And I know what you mean when you say sometimes an instinct just tells you to get out. Seems as though you’ve really dodged a bullet with the way things are shaping up on the West Coast and look to be the next few years. I think the rain in the pacific northwest is the only reason Washington doesn’t burn just like Oregon and California presently are.

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