Tuesday’s surprise

Five people from my work were fired today.

Five people. No explanation as to why, just notification that they no longer work for the company.

Five people got fired and I wasn’t one of them. I know it’s just my being overly sensitive but I really feel for each of those five people. Whatever the reason they were fired, I know what it’s like. It’s never good to be abruptly out of a job… let alone during a pandemic.

Usually you hear about last hired, first fired… but I was the last person hired. I’m still here, still standing and feeling like I dodged a bullet in some way.

43 thoughts on “Tuesday’s surprise

      1. I was really scared at first. I thought about the fact that I was the last person hired and I spent most of the day wondering if there were more firings happening, thinking maybe they’re purposefully cutting down the workforce.

        I talked to my manager today and she told me why they were fired though, so I felt a little better about my own standing with the company.

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  1. I’d say they hired you as the last replacement of five, knowing they’d planned these firings. Which means you met or exceeded the needs these others were failing at. No company likes to have turnover but do like profit. Keep doing what you’re doing with confidence.

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    1. While I thank you for the vote of confidence in my abilities, the individuals who were fired were developers. My forte is marketing and communications. I’m not sure why they were fired but I doubt it had anything to do with me. Software companies need developers.

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      1. Ah, yes they won’t have any problems finding new jobs. Funnily enough in my first developer job, they also just got rid of the whole ‘App Dev’ business unit in one go, haha. But it wasn’t a surprise at all to me because it was obvious from quarterly meetings and the dysfunctional state of the team that it would happen. So I’d already been thinking about what I’d do, and I ended up changing to a different team and getting experience in other things. I later became a freelance developer and all of that experience was useful. So, you know, experiences are what you make of them to some extent.

        Anyway, it was maybe something like that going on. Developers can be some of the worst procrastinators that I’ve ever met 😅. They can also be expensive!

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      2. I also think there’s a high rate of narcissistic traits amongst them 😆. And general aloofness/aspergic traits. I think they can find it hard to fit in and easily find themselves in a toxic environment (not saying your company is toxic— mine wasn’t either— just that the immediate people around them can be).

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  2. Hmm… that’s stressful for sure. Fired? or Laid off? When I hear the word “fired” I always associate it with wrong doing of some kind whereas being laid off means you go off to get unemployment benefits and at least get a reference.

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    1. I’m not too sure. I guess it’s not really any of my business why it happened. I do know, though, when I was fired from my last job it definitely wasn’t because I did something wrong. I guess unless you’re the person it happens to, you don’t really know what happened.

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    1. Yup. I’m glad I’m not them right now but I also really feel for them. It’s weird because this whole work from home structure has meant that I never actually met any of them.

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  3. I am glad you did not lose your job but my heart goes out to those who did. It must be a weird day for job loss because we came in and were told that our current interim CEO was replaced with another interim CEO. No goodbyes, no farewells, nothing. We lost our original CEO back in January and nothing has been the same since then. I feel like a child whose parents no longer want them so we are going through new parents to see if any of them want to keep us LOL.

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    1. Wow! That’s a lot of CEO turnover in less than a year. I can totally understand that feeling. Good leadership is a centre-point for a success to a company. Having a revolving door can make it hard to trust in someone’s leadership.


    1. Who knows? Maybe? Maybe not. I hate thinking the worst in people, especially since I know when I was fired it was without reason. I hope they didn’t do something nefarious! It’s weird that they were all fired together, on the same day.

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  4. everything is so uncertain these days dude…
    the first two months of probationary period are the tough hustle…

    I just hate whenever HR gets their nose in between…and just kick out people..
    all has their family on their shoulder and one needs money…

    this happens everywhere..and as you mentioned the on going pandemic…makes the uncertainty a more overwhelming…
    I hope they land on a new job asap


  5. I’m with you. STORY TIME! I too empathise strongly for people who are suddenly fired (sacked) or made redundant. At one employer, a multinational software company, the CEO sent out an email explaining how the business was “re-aligning”. God I hate that word. She overused it, possibly about 5 times per email. When she used it, it rarely meant anything good. In this case, it meant that some people were being made redundant. What struck me was the clinical/corporate language she used. It was almost like throwing away some rubbish which was no longer needed. For a corporation of (say) 1,000 employees, losing 20 or 30 employees isn’t painful at all, especially when you’ve decided you don’t need them, and as a swanky CEO in fur coats and chauffeured cars, you’ve probably never even seen their faces. But what about those ex-employees? What care was the company taking over their wellbeing? A company losing 20 out of 1,000 employees probably won’t affect its operation very much. But when an employee losing ONE out of ONE of their employers, it was a massively disproportional effect on them. Company directors often seem to have no concept of this disparity. So, being the maverick I am, I emailed the CEO. I asked her what the company was doing for the wellbeing of these employees. She never replied. Months later, I would be fired unfairly from that company, triggering a legal process which resulted in me receiving a substantial amount of compensation. The business didn’t care, its representatives (including the CEO!) showed no signs of learning from their numerous errors during that whole disciplinary process. To them, I was just a nuisance, something to be discarded. Not a human with emotions, feelings and financial responsibilities. With hindsight, being fired from that job was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It led to me starting a small IT company with another guy, something I’d been tempted to do for ages, and now had the perfect opportunity. TL;DR corporations don’t see people as people, they see them as “resources” to be “aligned”. *PUKE*

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  6. I’ve spoken about this topic with friends and family during lockdown – knowing that companies will see how little some employees were doing, and how if they could work from home with little or no expense to the company i.e. no utility bills, etc, companies knew they could cut back. They could downsize their offices/workspaces, downsize their teams, and save money. Rightly or wrongly, it’s going to happen more and more.


  7. I’m glad you still have your job! The same happened at my Husband work. He got two pay cuts but many were forced into retirement, other got huge pay cuts or were furloughed! I count ourselves blessed… lucky.. thankful! It’s a strange place out there!


  8. I am completely out of touch with the modern business world, but as you just passed probation, I can’t see why you should necessarily need to worry. You have enough other stuff on your plate, so don’t overload it. Worry accomplishes nothing….grey hairs maybe! I should know. I spent my life worrying about everything and it didn’t change a thing, just gave me headaches.

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  9. Hi V, there’s always going to be seemingly random , unknowable, and even chaotic events in virtually everyone’s life. It really helps to compartmentalize these as much as one can. This allows one to look at them more objectively and prevents them from spilling over into more areas of one’s life.

    I am certainly not telling you anything you do not know, but you need to be the most effective employee you can be and this comes mostly by being the most effective person you can be.



  10. I meant to comment last week when you posted, but I think it is still not too late. I might have told you earlier how our CEO told us once, then we were worried and upset about a couple of people who were suddenly terminated. She said that she couldn’t tell the rest what was the reason because of the privacy of the matter. However, she said, people who were fired knew that they are on probation/on watch/whatever, and if it looked like a surprise for us, it was not a surprise for people who were let go. That was in the times of peace. If the layoffs are due to the current economic uncertainty, they are solely based on the people’s functions. When my company stopped originating at the end of March, we laid off pretty much everybody whos job was shipping the direct mail files, no matter their seniority, how long they were in the company, performance, etc.. Very sad, but understandable.


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