I bought a car

She’s a beaut, too.

I’ve owned her for about two weeks now and it’s been two incredible weeks. Progress, am I right? If only January-April me could have seen me now and known how this year was going to shape up.

She’s a pre-owned vehicle. There’s 55,000 kms on her, so she’s been around the block a time or two. I love her no less, though. She’s dependable, reliable and completely beautiful. When I say beautiful, I mean… she turns heads when I drive by.

Yes, I refer to my car as a her.

I need to give her a name. I’ll gladly accept recommendations if anyone has names that would suit a car. Brownie points go to any names that are recommended more than once!

103 thoughts on “I bought a car

  1. I’m proud of you! It’s such an incredible feeling to buy your own car. That has only happened to me once– but I’m determined to get there again soon.

    Name her either Bella or Cleopatra. I have no idea why those random names just popped into my head, but those are my suggestions.

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  2. I’d make fun of you for calling your car a “her”, but first, what kinda car is “she”? I’m not one of those people that would name their child before it’s born. Not all names match all faces.

    Also I guarantee you that I will get no brownie points. Creativity is its own blessing and curse.

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      1. I am so glad it resonated with you Vee.

        When our happiness is not dependent on inanimate objects or rather anything outside of ourselves – we begin to see Joy even in inanimate things. The trick Vee is to enjoy these gratefully; knowing nothing lasts. I have no doubt God will bring you more and more joys πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—


  3. The name of your car has to mean something to you. I didn’t name my first car until I’d had her for five years, and then the other two cars I’ve had since then I named names that continued the pattern of what my first car’s name was.

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    1. I agree that the name should mean something to me. I think people are coming up with suggestions that relate to my life that I hadn’t even thought of though. Destiny is a perfect name for my car! So many good suggestions, I think it’s going to take time to pick.

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  4. Good job purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. I recently repainted the wiper arms on my chariot’s front windscreen, in a very girly way. It was the only sunny day in a whole month, so I am proud of myself. Drive safely, and hang in there with the plan.

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  5. Congratulations on your purchase!!! That’s an incredible milestone. I saw a movie once where the main protagonist had a car named ‘Blush’. Blush was her best friend and her main support through trying times. So “Blush” is my suggestion for your car name.

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      1. Surely that would be appropriate for your car, then, if you think she’s beautiful! The very fact that you think you can’t name your car after her is what makes it quirky, and therefore why you should! πŸ˜€ She also has a fairly strong jawline, so even more appropriate :).

        Yes I really think she’s beautiful too, in a kind of non-conventional homely way. Plus I like dark hair. I found myself interested to see what she sounds like talking normally the other day, and found a weird interview where she came across as clearly neurodivergent and quirky, lol. And her background is fascinating. I also love Miley Cyrus for the same reasons!


    1. I’m not rich. lol

      I am a scorpio, though. I am not sure what being a scorpio means?

      My rent is actually really affordable. And I shopped around and got a really good deal on this car. Basically, I’m just trying to say that I’m choosing to live within my means. Hope that makes sense!

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      1. Haha! Cool. Well, it doesn’t mean anything but it’s a pretty cool name. Better than Cancer!

        Ok cool, was just joking because you said that your car turns heads, lol. And I was slightly envious xD. It’s also the case that rents in Canada go sooooooooooooooooooooo much farther than here! We have such small and dilapidated houses by comparison πŸ˜†.

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      2. There is a certain European charm you have available to you that just doesn’t translate over here. Canadian homes are all largely the same and lack any sort of character whatsoever. If you robbed one house in my neighbourbood you’d know the floor plan of every house on the street. Lol

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      1. lol no actually my very first car was a white, 2 door Hyundai Accent that reminded me of an egg. So, egg shell = Shelby apparently.
        My husband thought it was funny that I named my cars and he had never named his, so I kind of coaxed him into those names. Geno was named after Evegeni Malkin from Penguins hockey, and then when he bought a new car, we named it Sid after Crosby … and the fact that it was white, like my mom’s cat, who is also named Sidney …

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    1. It didn’t even cross my mind to name her something related to her appearance. She’s white with silver accents and an all black interior.

      Blue Dragon sounds like a badass name for a car!

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  6. Hmm… I have a hard time coming up with names without knowing make, model, or color. But I also tend to hold of naming my own cars until I have a chance to drive them for a little while. That way I know what kind of personality they have. Currently, my car is named Fiona. Before I got her, I drove Half-Pint. And the car that got me through my 20s was named Jade.

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    1. I think I’m going to take my time giving her a name. I’ll test out some of the names people have suggested here. We’ll see if any of them fit or not! What made you decide on the name Fiona? And what made you decide on the name Half-Pint?

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      1. Half-Pint was decided by a friend when I joked about how awesome the gas mileage was. It was a Toyota Yaris and I made the wild claim that I could drive around for two weeks on half a pint of gas. Plus, a Yaris is a tiny little car. Fiona was mostly because she’s green… so she’s named after Fiona from Shrek.

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