The leading story on our local news tonight was that the Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died from complications due to her metastatic pancreas cancer.

I’m not an American but I know what she stood for and what she accomplished in her lifetime. She was a truly incredible woman who played a huge role in pushing the United States forward and she was a role model to so many.

She stood for morality, equality and she stood against discrimination. She was a voice of reason in a world clouded with what seems like everything but reason.

I truly believe she is someone the history books will favour. I mean… she was such a badass. I hope that her legacy is treated with the utmost respect, around the world, and most importantly, in the United States.

May she rest in peace.

26 thoughts on “RBG

      1. Yes, and sadly, that is not what they have at the moment. If all of the people in America think on what this great woman gave to America, and is thankful, i hope they will do their best to remove the Republicans from office and perhaps, then the world may go in increasingly better ways.

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    1. I actually thought of you when I read the news. I wanted to send you a message on Instagram but I didn’t want to sound creepy. Hug your husband, and then your kids. And then your cat, and then your dog. And then get up tomorrow and kick some serious ass in her honour.

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    2. A warrior…yes indeed, a woman of integrity, courage and honor. A warrior that fought so bravely and meant so much to so many of us. I am heart-broken for us as a country. Totally heart-broken. She was a bright light extinguished too early. Loved your simple, eloquent description of her…..thank u 4 sharing.

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  1. I, sadly, but firmly, believe it isn’t going to take long for a faction of people to try and tear down her image and take her out of people’s memories. I don’t think that this will work, or if it does, it won’t last long. But I belive there is going to be a PR war against RBG’S legacy. And that saddens me. She was an amazing woman.

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  2. I was so sad to read it, I knew it had to happen eventually as she was not a young lady, but 2020 is already a dumpster on fire being washed down a flooded street. It makes me worry about who they will nominate next, and that they will undo everything she did.

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    1. I feel like that’s absolutely the goal. Without her there to make sure her legacy doesn’t get touched, I worry they’ll go after it, as soon as they possibly can.

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  3. I live in the States and I’m absolutely panicked. We cannot have another Justice appointed so long as the Supreme Idiot is our president. I don’t even address him as President T….he’s just Trump or the Supreme Idiot. He hasn’t earned my respect or that title.

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