Just do it.

Today I learned of a woman who, when the pandemic hit Canada, started her own business that has now grown so large, she’s looking to hire employees to expand operations across Western Canada.

The business? Chickens.

She owns chickens. People can rent her chickens for $35 an hour to come to their home and eat the slugs and bugs out of their garden. It’s a pesticide free way of cleaning their gardens and yards. Chickens eat the pests. She takes her chickens to people’s yards, set them free for an hour or two, and makes $35 an hour to sit and watch them eat bugs.

The woman who owns the business says that she’s booked through mid-October and that she’s not booking much farther than that right now because we don’t know when it’ll snow around here. She also said that customers who rented her chickens this year are also pre-booking the service for next spring and summer as well.

If ever there was a story to remind you to just do it, this is it. If you’ve been thinking about starting a business, if you’ve been wondering if you can do it, do it.

A woman who keeps chickens as pets has been making $35 an hour through a pandemic by essentially taking her chickens on field trips. If she can do it, so can you. Start your business. Chase your passions. Fulfill your dreams. Work for yourself. Start your side-hustle now and watch it grow.

You owe it to yourself to do it. Stay within your means, but don’t limit your future. Use the chickens you keep as pets, and when things pick up, get more chickens!

60 thoughts on “Just do it.

  1. Jesus wow. Just buy a few f*cking chickens!
    Ok, I know I live in Portland and that seems like an obvious solution to me, but surrealiously…you can get a 1/2 dozen for $35. Why bother with a middle chicken? 😂

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  2. I love that you found excitement and worth in this woman’s entrepreneurship! It is true-you can easily create a business with the resources you have at hand. Why not try something new that people need as a service! With the pandemic, it pays off to be creative!

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    1. It does! And I’m not saying everyone has to build a fortune 500, or even expand across western Canada in just a few months. Sometimes just building something to give you a little money on the side cab be a blessing in disguise.


    1. Everyone is capable of achieving their dreams. And, given I read your inspirational post today, I just wanted to say, you’ve ‘just done it’ and I’m very proud of you!

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    1. I have a feeling she’s done that for people! When the story was on the evening news she was saying that she’d been hired more than a few times for people who didn’t have gardens but just wanted to interact with and watch their kids interact with chickens. haha!


  3. I love it! Those chickens get to dine out multiple times per day! Slugs… Eww I hate them. I always wonder how they sometimes appear inside our kitchen… Must be through the drains. Eww

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    1. They’re in your kitchen? Do you ever worry you’re going to pour your cup of tea and there’s going to be one in the bottom o f the cup? lol


    1. Apparently city folk are extremely excited to introduce their kids to chickens so they’re renting the chickens to “clean their yard” and give their kids a fun afternoon.

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  4. I applaud her! I think though that not everybody can start their business, not everybody is designed that way :). That was an long-going argument between my millionaire friend an d me. She was frequently criticizing people who didn’t use their money in a smartest possible way, and she used to say that she is ready to teach anybody how to make a million. And I was keeping telling her that I admire her achievements but not everybody is built that way. She ended up being really offended when I once mentioned that I never criticize her for not being able to loose 20 pounds, although I believe that anybody (who has 30 lb extra), can do that :). Anyway, yes, people should not be shy to try, but not necessarily “anybody”

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    1. Okay, so I hear you, but I think you might have misunderstood what I was trying to convey. This post wasn’t to say that everyone’s going to be making a millions of dollars, or that someone like your friend can help anyone on earth make a million. This post was to say that if you have a talent, or a passion or something that you can do on the side, or in the present, whether it for financial help or not, why not try it?

      When I said “Stay within your means, but don’t limit your future” I was trying suggest that you shouldn’t have to/don’t have to put yourself into financial hardships to try and make your second business. If someone wants to hire out chickens that they already own, why not try it? If someone wants to be a photographer, why not try it? Just because you’re not going to make a million dollars doesn’t mean that you can’t be a photographer who takes back to school photos, or santa photos at the mall, or landscape photos for real estate agents. Even if you only take photos four times a year, that’s still four times a year that’s better than no times a year because you’ve talked yourself out of something without ever trying.

      I’m not suggesting that people go out and build something that makes the fortune 500. I’m suggesting that, if there’s a weird and wacky idea that people can do with the resources they have, why not try?

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      1. Completely agree with everything you said and with not putting any limits to the opportunities, no matter how they look 🙂 I just have become a little bit overreactive to the phrase “everybody can do it” I used to say this a lot until I realized that actually no, not everybody. You know for yourself – there are things you just can’t do, no matter how many people will tell you that everybody can do it. But I understood your point/your message, and I agree

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  5. So the chickens became golden “nuggets” for her. The chickens are bringing home the bacon. Chickens off the table and into the workforce. Okay I’ll stop. It’s early and I’m feeling goofy. Seriously that is great that she was so creative.

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      1. Most around here charge $4-5USD. I charge 4. Or I did when I had more chickens and people at work to sell them to. The eggs are so good, though.


    1. I hope every woman knows that there’s possibilities for her with the very things she has in her presence right now. Women can do anything!


  6. Imagine that. That is the same with me! I just did it. It has helped me grow and I am watching it grow. No it is not as big as her business but everyday when I set my goals and execute it grows. It will be a year next April. I am excited to see where it takes me. “Just do it.” So dope.

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