Feeling lucky.

Some people in this world, they’re just meant to be a part of your life. They make things better. They make things make sense. They make things fall into place. They give you reasons to smile and they remind you what it is like to smile and not have it be forced.

Some people in this world, you could genuinely sit around with them and watch paint dry and it would be enjoyable. It’s the simple things.

If you’ve got good people in your life, make sure you let them know. Even if you’ve told them before. Good people deserve to know how appreciated they are. How much they matter. And that, despite all of the crap there might be in this world, their goodness does prevail.

19 thoughts on “Feeling lucky.

  1. I’m blessed to have family and long-time friends around me, especially within my hometown. Then again, even para-social friendships I’ve made online have been greatly beneficial; it’s incredible just how much social media connects us these days! Stay golden, V.


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