Absolutely disgusting

What happened to Joyce Echaquan is disgusting, disgraceful and the absolute epitome of everything that is wrong with Canadian culture right now. Those who say that racism isn’t an issue in Canada, what rock are you living under?

Story here >

No one. No one on this earth deserves to be treated the way she was treated. The fact that she ended up losing her life because of it fills me with rage and makes my heart break for her family. Racism is real and it’s a real problem in this country. People need to open their eyes.

And those hospital staffers should be charged for what happened to her. Not just fired, but charged.

16 thoughts on “Absolutely disgusting

    1. I can’t imagine seeking help from healthcare workers and being berated because of my skintone. It’s just so uncalled for, unnecessary, so wrong. I just… it breaks my heart that things like this happen.

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  1. I have not seen the actual story, however, this happens to people with disabilities as well. I’m not sure if it’s actual “racism “ or just flat out “discrimination ?”
    I would lean more towards discrimination and evil people! It happens more than we know, more than is reported too. Nursing home residents are also prime targets.
    This article that you have attached did not share too much information but it’s a sad story for sure.


    1. With respect to this specific case, and Canadian history in general, there’s a long history of racial discrimination against indigenous people in this country. My best friend is a nurse in in the suburbs of Vancouver and she takes racial sensitivity training annually as a mandate from their health authority because it was deemed that necessary as such a deeply ingrained issue in our health care system. She tells me that indigenous patients seeking care are four times more likely to be treated like addicts, even if they have absolutely no record of prescription drug use in their medical history at all.

      Is it discriminations? Yes. Is it discrimination because of their race? Yes. So I guess it’s a bit of both with that you’ve listed.

      Actually, right now there’s a group of healthcare workers in Vancouver being investigated after it was brought to light that they were making monetary bets about what the blood-alcohol level of an indigenous person was as they walked into the emergency room for help. With nothing more than the appearance of having brown skin, nurses were betting they were intoxicated upon arrival . That to me, showcases a racial profiling deeply ingrained in a lot of this country that believes all indigenous persons are alcoholics, just solely because they’re indigenous. (Story: https://globalnews.ca/news/7085230/bc-health-care-racist-allegations/#:~:text=B.C.%20health%20workers%20allegedly%20bet%20on%20Indigenous%20patients'%20blood%20alcohol%20levels,-By%20Richard%20Zussman&text=The%20province%20is%20investigating%20reports,to%20Health%20Minister%20Adrian%20Dix.)

      The video of Joyce laying in her hospital bed being taunted, called various names including a loser and an alcoholic, is still circulating the web. I believe it was deleted off Facebook, though. I’m not sure if that was a Facebook thing, or a law enforcement thing due to her passing away shortly after the video was livestreamed. You have to search her on Twitter and Instagram to find someone who uploaded it who hasn’t had their video deleted yet.

      While I’ve never dealt with it, I’m certain that persons with disabilities are discriminated against as well. Not just in health care but in most every-day life activities. We’re a very broken system. A very broken system.

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  2. This makes my blood boil. Racism is such an ugly, ugly thing. Here in the States there are obviously huge problems with systemic racism. Most people think about the struggles of African-Americans [starting with the abhorrent practice of slavery] and the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement when they hear about racism. And this is certainly an issue and it deserves our attention and action. Yet too often the disgusting way our country has treated our Indigenous people is not discussed nearly enough. ‘Thanksgiving’ wasn’t some happy-go-lucky holiday where the Pilgrims and Indians high-fived and broke bread. No, we stole their land and slaughtered them! To this day, the Indigenous community suffers because of what white Americans did to them. Sometimes I am so ashamed of my country and its sordid past when it comes to hatred, violence, discrimination, and racism.


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