Overheard on Discord

Employee 1: Anyone with cats – how do you stop them from meowing for attention? My cat is driving me nuts lately

Employee 2: Give them away.

Employee 3: Give them unending attention. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

Employee 4: If you feed them well, take care of their litter, and shower them with affection, they’ll die in 15 – 20 years. Just wait it out, buddy.

Employee 5: We found that getting a dog and having babies both bothered and entertained the cat. You could test that out?

Employee 4: Yeah, I agree. You should get Employee 5’s dog and kids.

Employee 5: You want to borrow my dog and kids for a few days, weeks, months or years to test the theory?

Employee 6: My cat is perfectly happy sitting next to me all day. All I had to do was get him his own laptop so he could feel as though he was a part of the team.

Employee 7: Yeah, there’s a reason why you guys always see my cat’s ass on video chat. Needy shit-head won’t leave me alone. Wait it out, buddy. You should be good in 15-20 years like Employee 4 said.

This conversation actually went on for a solid two hours this morning. The conclusion saw my coworker giving his cat their own laptop. He said the cat got quiet when it had its own keyboard to lay across. Maybe it just felt like it was missing out?

Can’t say that I’ve ever had a cat as a pet before, but I was laughing pretty hard reading this conversation. You definitely have to be a patient soul to own a cat. hahaha!

56 thoughts on “Overheard on Discord

      1. My cats have me well trained, at dinner time, they come and sit at my feet and wait for me to pick them up and put them on the side for their dinner, both are capable of jumping up, but that takes far too much effort after their day of napping, they need to be ready for their main snooze

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    1. Hahahaha! Oh, I dont think its quite like that. Because we work for a software company, we all have work laptops increased security and protection and whatnot. It is likely he just put his personal laptop out for his cat. Lol

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  1. I have always been a dog person and had a dog when I decided to move in with my man. Because they had three cats and a dog-allergic Donna, I left my dog at home [where I was moving from] with my parents. I saw her all the time but after a few months….couldn’t do it anymore. We stocked up Donna on Benadryl, put our three leopard geckos on high shelves, and made the introduction. It’s been crazy but we’ve all done it. Oh, and I’ve got two kids here as well! 😂

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  2. Patience is right. Our cats would scratch and meow to get in the our room, then a few minutes later, make a fuss about wanting to get out. Then try to get back in again! These cats can drive you nuts!

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  3. On the one hand, this shows that you have pretty intelligent and sardonic co-workers, which is great for creativity. On the other hand, it also shows that nobody does any work 😅. That’s one thing I disliked about instant chat at work, you can end up not working yet being at work, which is like the worst of both worlds for me 😆. So, I learned to control it, but man, lack of efficiency bugs me!

    Anyways I agree it was super hilarious 🤣. The funny thing is, having never owned a cat, I’ve rarely experienced a cat being affectionate. They just run away, so it seems like cats are more wary of strangers than dogs are? It’s honestly hard to reconcile these stories of cats being needy…!

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  4. I have a client that I’ve recently started working with that has a cat at his home that really likes me for some reason. I’m nice enough to pet her or scratch her head for a minute. But the second I stop, she’s tapping me with her paw like, “Hey, uh… you stopped…”

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  5. This conversation was HILARIOUS!! Yes, cats are extremely unpredictable yet one of the cutest creatures on earth. You just have to feed them at regular intervals and they’ll be fine. Don’t expect any attention from them, they love their own space. Eat and sleep, yes, that’s pretty much a cat’s life in a nutshell.

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  6. I’ve had cats and dogs through my life and have one of each right now. I have come to one conclusion. Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.

    Employee 4 and 5 can hang out with me anytime 😂

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  7. Yep cats need attention and do get jealous if you pay more attention to something else… one of cats gets very jealous if I am on the phone!

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  8. We have a cat and several of my colleagues have cats and other pets as well like dogs and hamsters. They are always welcome when they appear on our team calls – except when the cats jump up and show their butt to the rest of the department! XD

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  9. Cats are like children of pure spirits they can read your energy they can understand you if you have a nurturing side to your character like any animal and human do

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