Why is bedding so ugly? (a rant)

Warning: the following post is my ranting about a problem that comes from a place of privilege. A ‘first world problem’ as the masses would call it. I know I’m a very lucky soul that these seemingly simple problems are problems of mine.

I just want a comforter. Just a warm comforter in a plain colour. Something that will keep me warm through the winter.

I don’t want a duvet because taking the cover off to wash is too annoying for me to tolerate, so I refuse to spend m money on it.

I don’t want a white comforter because I’m a human being and that comforter would not stay white very long.

I don’t want a thin blanket. I need a real comforter. It’s been snowing here for the past week and we’ve had a drop in average daily temperatures by probably 15 degrees. Thin blankets aren’t going to cut it.

I don’t need a ‘bed in a bag’. I’ve already got sheets. I’ve already got pillow cases. I’m a millennial so top sheets are completely lost on someone like me. I don’t want to spend 30 minutes making my bed every morning. These sets available aren’t worth it to me. I don’t need 5 or 9 piece sets… I need one piece. One comforter, that’s it.

I just want a basic, one coloured comforter that will keep me warm through the winter.

Is this too much to ask?


I’ve scoured Amazon, Wal Mart, Superstore, Bed Bath & Beyond, and even Wayfair (even though I have a strong dislike for Wayfair and do not wish to give them my money). I’ve found green and black plaid, red and white plaid, yellow with daisies, city skyline printed, navy with various shades of pink poppies scattered all over it. I found a pink and gold marble pattern, neon green strips, black and red checkers. What ever happened to just… simple?

Long story short, I can’t find a simple, plain comforter. I find stuff like this:

I mean no offense to anyone who finds these examples cute, or they are your style. To me they just look like they’d be a bit of an eye sore in my bedroom. And, for several hundred dollars, it should at least be something that fits my style.

If anyone has any suggestions of where to look for bedding please let me know. I’d prefer online at this point. I am quite sick and I don’t want to go out and about shopping.

Thanks for listening to me rant.

48 thoughts on “Why is bedding so ugly? (a rant)

  1. I hear you loud and clear on this my dear. I usually take whatever bed in a bag most plain offering I can find and then buy a cool tapestry to throw over it. When I used to have a sewing machine, back in the day, I sewed my own quilts and blanket throws. This way you still aren’t spending a lot and there are a ton of places in store and online that offer cool tapestries. I’ve been decorating with them for over 30 years. I’ve made them into couch covers and drapes. Happy decorating V😊

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  2. I totally agree. Have you checked Pottery Barn? Unfortunately I can no longer view their website from Ireland, but I’ve had luck there in the past. I hope you feel better and find something cozy soon! Can’t imagine having snow already…

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    1. Do they have that in colour? I love how plain it is, but I cannot have white bedding. It would be dirty in 2.5 seconds. Where can I find this? I’d love to look and see if they have different colours!


  3. Funnily enough, I was scrolling the online shops the other day for a cotton duvet cover and pillow cases. I like white, but any solid color would do. But no, all I could find were the highly patterned examples you posted. I don’t understand.

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    1. Oh, okay yeah. The main thing that has stopped me from purchasing from Amazon is I read the reviews and people say they look nice in the pictures but turn out to be actual crap when they arrive. I’m wary about Amazon blankets for that reason. I’ve considered it. I don’t know.

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      1. When I first moved into this house and didn’t have a car yet, I ordered A LOT from Amazon. Probably like several thousand dollars worth of things for the house – so I completely know what you mean!

        I also had to send some back though because it showed up and was crap! lol. Amazon is such a hit or miss sometimes. I don’t know. If it keeps snowing like this I might just cave and try one of the Amazon ones to see what it’s like.

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  4. Oh you’re asking the right person! A few years ago I bought an egyptian cotton duvet cover, and recently bought another one plus 2 sheets from the same company. The egyptian cotton lasts so well and feels so comfortable. It also only comes in plain colours. I have one purple set and one grape, and I use half and half together so my bed’s in 2 colours. My bed is never anything less than an absolute joy to get into! There’s nothing like clean egyptian cotton sheets. However it’s a British company so would probably be quite expensive with postage too:
    But could maybe be a starting point for what to look for.
    Having said all of that, I’m not totally sure what you mean by a ‘comforter’ 😆. Are you referring to a duvet, or duvet cover, or both together, or something else? But if you mean a duvet, then it’s the (white) duvet providing the warmth and the cover providing the colour. Confused! 😆

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  5. Same, anything in white doesn’t work for me – maybe it’s different in other countries but in Norway we’d use the duvet with a blanket over it for extra warmth in winter.
    We have a wool blanket which lays on top of the duvet, which covers from the waist-ish and down to our feet. In winter I then make up our bed with brushed cotton bedding, which makes it very cozy. Finally underneath the sheet on our bed I have a woolen mattress cover for winter. All together it makes for a very warm and comfortable bed ❤

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    1. My parents do the same as what you do. I’m sure that I could, but I just… I’m so low maintenance, I just want one really thick comforter that I can throw over my bed and go for the day. Right now I have a wool blanket and a fleece throw and a weighted blanket and I hate it. Too many steps for me to make my bed each day. Which, I know… first world problems. I reckon Norway has very similar temperatures in the winter to what we have here. Well, you’re more north so you might be colder. But, I know you understand the need to be warm and comfortable in bed like it’s a cocoon.

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    1. I’ve never been to a Giant Tiger before, but I actually just looked and there’s one about a half hour from me. You think it’s worth taking the trip? Maybe I can swing it this week after the snow stops. (Supposed to snow today and tomorrow so the roads should clear late Tuesday/Wednesdayish.

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  6. We have this store called john Lewis and you get a lot of plain designs. Since the pandemic I haven’t seen what they have. I personally love white and plain. But we have some duvet covers with designs. I am not to fussed as when we do our beds we have plain cover to put on top of duvets.

    But I get the rant..
    First world problems indeed..lol. hope you get what you are looking for

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  7. I’ve purchased sheets and blankets on Amazon and had good luck, but you have to read the customer reviews. People are pretty honest these days, and if a set of sheets gets lots of good reviews, I go with it.

    That being said, I don’t know if you have Kohl’s up there, but I think you could find some good options there, and reasonably priced. https://www.kohls.com/catalog/comforters-bedding-bed-bath.jsp?CN=Product:Comforters+Category:Bedding+Department:Bed%20%26%20Bath&icid=bedding-NL-comforters&kls_sbp=63476082229128585011178737777700360129
    Good luck!

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  8. Now that you mention it, I don’t think I’ve had a plain, one-color comforter on my bed since… I wanna say high school. It was actually two colors, but it was reversible… one side was navy blue, the other side was red. I’m pretty sure every comforter I’ve had for my beds since then have been some kind of plaid.

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    1. See, to me, plaid bedding would be great for like… the two weeks leading up to Christmas. Other than that, I’m just not a huge fan. I don’t know, don’t tell my fellow Canadians. I might get deported for not being a huge fan of plaid. lol

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  9. My theory (and I realize I’m talking to the marketing guru here) is the companies which make these products realize that the fancier style is sure to go out of fashion in a couple years, so they complicate the comforters to make sure people buy the next style when it comes out.

    Maybe that’s crazy. I don’t know. Although wait, do millennials really not use top sheets? I must have missed the memo on that. My top sheet is still there.

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    1. I used to quilt. I think it’s something you have to be really crafty, talented and patient with! I admire you for doing it. It’s definitely not easy.


      1. There is a few things in life that I am willing to spend more money on, to really invest in. When it comes to bedding, the fact that it can contribute to your sleep every night, and help you to get a better sleep, I’m so willing to indulge! That being said, if yours has lasted five years, thats extra reasoning because its quality and not just expensive because of the store!


  10. The company store- I see someone else posted that as well. Practically all they sell are plain comforters. Their Comforters cost around $150-$300. I see one absurdly priced comforter on there for $1600- ignore that. The rest are reasonably priced and they have a ton of sales often. Right now there is a big sale going on. This is your best bet for plain solid color comforter. I have several items from this store and am happy with them. http://www.the companystore.com


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