Please vote.

Just vote.

Vote early.

Vote on the day of.

Just make sure that you vote.

Don’t pass it up.

Don’t take your privilege for granted.

People all over the world are living and dying for the opportunity to vote in the future of their government and they may possibly never get it. People all over the world are taking to the streets. Opposition leaders are being poisoned and exiled. Elections are being overthrown. People are being thrust into poverty. Coups are being staged. Nothing in this world is certain right now.

If you have an ability to vote on, or before, November 3rd just do it.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

30 thoughts on “Please vote.

    1. It is probably really bad that I didn’t know Saskatchewan was having an election! Yes, its so important to vote. If any other Saskatchewanians are reading this, go vote.

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      1. A big question for me, isβ€” does this extra push for Americans to vote actually disproportionately encourage non-trump voters to vote? Would be interesting to know, otherwise there’s no rationale behind encouraging people to vote in greater numbers now. Other than of course then the result is slightly more ‘legitimate’, but increasing turnout by e.g. 10-20% is insignificant with a population of hundreds of millions. Still gunna be just as representative a sample, lol.


      2. Yes, I think, is the simple answer. Trump said as much when he opposed a coronovirus stimulus package that the Democrats embedded with voter access measures: “The things they had in there were crazy. They had things, levels of voting that if you’d ever agreed to it, you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.”

        In Pennsylvania, state Republicans recently brought a legal challenge against the Supreme Court’s ruling that, due to the unprecedented levels of postal votes due to the pandemic, states should accept votes received until November 6, rather than just by election day. The challenge just failed as the Supreme Court tied 4-4 on the matter, so votes in that state received by Friday Nov 6 can still be counted, unless clear evidence that they were posted after the election.

        The fact Republicans are bringing these lawsuits all over the country shows that a big turnout threatens them more than the Democrats. It is also one reason they are so desperate to add the new Supreme Court Justice to help them swing the election in their favour by ruling on these matters.

        Just to add, I’m not deeply informed about these matters and live outside the US – so please do your own research – but am taking a keen interest as, though the Democratic Party is deeply flawed and, in some respects, not dissimilar to the Republicans, the current Republicans are threatening the survival of the planet and endangering lives everywhere in an unprecedented way.

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  1. Throughout my life, I’m pretty sure I’ve watched as election officials have made it easier and easier for people to vote. It’s literally one of the easiest things to do. I don’t understand the excuses anymore, especially when there are so many possible ways of casting a ballot and making one’s voice heard,

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    1. I’m not very familiar with the situation in the US but I have seen on the news that efforts have been made to stop people voting through intimidation/poll watchers, restricted number of polling places, workday polling days (rather than a holiday or weekend), legal challenges against postal ballots procedures, felon disenfranchisement and, of course, making people queue up in the midst of a pandemic – which, the Democrats were guilty of too during the primaries. It does seem that disenfranchisement is a primary tactic of the Republican party, so I applaud everyone who votes and encourages others to do so.

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      1. I definitely made a broad generalization about it being easier to vote than ever. I know that there have been a lot of despicable scandals throughout history to prevent certain people or ethnic groups from voting and it sickens me to know that similar intimidation tactics are still used in certain areas of the U.S. I can really only speak for my local area, where it has been easy to vote and more and more people are speaking out, encouraging everyone who is able to register and step up to vote. I’ve already voted thanks to early voting in my city’s registrar’s office. They’ve provided curbside drop off for absentee ballots and mail-in ballots. I guess I’m just hoping that the situations are similar in other areas.

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      2. They were talking about a county in Texas that has 4.5 million people in it and the Governor is limiting the county to one ballot box for “safety reasons”. One would think during a pandemic it’d be safer to open up multiple early ballot box to decrease crowds on the 3rd. But hey, what do I know? lol
        I truly hope the shit like that, and the disappearing mailboxes, etc… that people are talking about on the news are the few and not the many. I’m glad to hear that you were able to easily vote, but I do think it says a lot about the current US Political spectrum that voter suppression has become such a rampant issue. You know what I mean? It’s kind of like they want only a certain population of people to vote…


  2. What if the person you voted for, doesn’t work and fulfill his promises after winning the election. Isn’t it betrayal? Isn’t like breaking your trust you put in them? In India, most of the politicians don’t work after winning elections except a few politicians. I have made my mind that I won’t vote from now on. Why should I waste my vote, time, and energy on people who have no intention to work and who have no accountability?


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