So much snow

It just won’t stop snowing.

It’s been snowing for days.

The roads are a mess.

Naively, I thought there were at least a couple, if not a few, more weeks until winter really began. I was a fool. A dang fool, I tell you.

I’m not feeling much better from where I was at on the weekend. But, the good news is, I’ve been staying away from people so, at the very least, I know I’ve not gotten anyone else sick.

COVID has spiked in this city. It’s basically doubled in the past couple of days. I did write about it yesterday but I took the post down because I felt I was a little too aggressive. Regardless, you know… you really don’t know if someone’s healthy or not. The only person you can vouch for is yourself.

I’m counting my lucky stars that I have this beautiful home to hide out in. It’s a shelter from the weather, from the virus, and from stupid people. And as long as I can get food delivered, I’m staying here for the forseeable future.

36 thoughts on “So much snow

  1. I saw your post yesterday before you pulled it and I happen to agree with you. People are so damn spoiled. I don’t see why they can’t put celebrations off for a few months or a year even. Better than killing people! I get very agitated with bad behaviour. Those people should pick up a book about what happened, just for example to the Tibetan people when China invaded. They had something to complain about and the rest of the world didn’t even care. I have read so many different things about the virus I am completely confused, but if I have to wear a mask and stay away from people, I will do it and not even think twice.
    It is a bit early for snow. Here it got quite cold, icy even at night but today 72F the Americans still do F, of course! What is that 20C or something? Warm anyway. Get better and stay safe.

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    1. 20 degrees Celsius is straight up summer weather.
      The news tonight said ‘No one wants to have COVID be the lasting legacy of their wedding day’. Well, why on earth did they throw a giant party, against regulations, indoors with no social distancing? People are selfish. So selfish. And spoiled.

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      1. They are the best! My body aches so badly without mine, it’s been 6 long wks without it so I had to give in. I’ve been using mine for 5 years so my body is accustomed to its love🥰 it’s a game changer for sure.


  2. I was a fool for snow, I was a fool for snow, I was a fooooolllll for snow 😉 Just another classic parody.

    Driving on these roads is awful. Idk what I would have done without winter tires! Even then I still skid all over the road 🤦‍♀️

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    1. Right? There’s not even that much accumulation on the roads themselves but it’s miserable to drive in! Be safe if you go out, please. The weather network says it’s going to continue on like this for at least four more days.


    1. Well, if you were allowed into this country, and if there weren’t a pandemic, I’d invite you to come visit. I think it’s been snowing since last Monday… so that was like… the 12th? Not quite the 5th but still, a little earlier than I was expecting.

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      1. I *so* want to go to Canada. Bucket list. I have not been there since I saw the Smashing Pumpkins at a festival in Victoria BC called Summersault in 2000. Lord, that was quite the experience. You know – I would visit you if you’d have me as a guest! I’m sorry though, on a more serious note, that the snow sucks for you. I remember what it was like to resent snow. When I left I swore off snow forever.


      2. I’d totally have you as a guest. And I don’t hate snow, I just hate driving when it’s snowing. The roads suck. If there’s snow on lawns, on the fields, in the forest, on the ski-hills, etc… then I’m all for it. Snow on the road? People drive like fricken idiots and leaving the house sucks… lol

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  3. I didn’t get to read your post before it was pulled but after reading some comments on here, I bet I would have agreed with it. I can guarantee you probably weren’t coming across as aggressive. People are being irresponsible. They are being given the knowledge of their consequences and they are choosing to ignore it!


    1. We’re not allowed to have gatherings of more than 50 people indoors here and a ‘SuperSpreader’ wedding had 49 guests diagnosed with COVID and health services doing contact tracing are saying these 49 people could have come in contact with up to 1,000 people before they all got their diagnosis.

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      1. What’s crazy to me is that, because we’re not allowed gatherings indoors of more than 50 people, they either broke the rules and thus, kind of deserved to have an outbreak… or they had 50 people, which means one of either the groom or bride also caught COVID. Which is… such a horrible reminder for a wedding day. Either way, not exactly how you want to start off a marriage.

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      2. Very true end very dangerous. Places are becoming so lax about masks and numbers of people in buildings. Then they wonder why the numbers spike


  4. Have you tried boarding up the doors and windows? Nothing says “don’t bother me” like a boarded up house. Then maybe throw a few mines and claymores around to make people know you really mean it.

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  5. Stay safe. I’m not looking forward to winter here in the states. Our cases have already started to climb and it’s not even snowing yet. We think people are just “over this Covid” so we’re seeing people without masks and large gathering. Halloween is this weekend and who knows what will happen, most likely another spike in cases.


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