This is unimportant, but

I bought Halloween candy back in August when I was feeling hopeful on the future and hopeful that Halloween might actually be able to be a thing this year. The Halloween candy has remained, in my cupboard, unopened, since then.

I even bought the Halloween candy that I like, and can eat, so that I could steal some of it. Which, looking back was either a smart or a stupid thing for me to do. With each passing day it’s looking less and less like Halloween is happening this year. I might be eating all of it.

I’m just proud of the fact that I’ve had candy in my cupboard since August and it’s still unopened. That is my definition of will-power.

52 thoughts on “This is unimportant, but

  1. You certainly have quite the willpower! I’m not the hugest fan of Halloween (and I’ll actually be working that day this year), but there are always way to do social-distancing celebrations at home. I’m sure you’ll find a way, as well as put those candies to good use…in your stomach!

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    1. I’m thinking I’ll put a bowl out on my porch, or on my driveway somewhere and leave it with a note that says ‘Take one and leave one for the next kid’ for anyone brave enough to go trick or treating.

      It might be a quiet night to work on Halloween, no? Is that a good thing?

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    1. I feel that way about Peeps. I’m one of the weird ones that like them when they get hard and are like taffy. I pop the package and let them sit for at least 8 months, then see if they’re ready.

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      1. Ha! I buy lots of packages of Peeps at Easter and save them. Have you had a stale Peep? They’re like tough taffy. My children have actually given me Peeps they have found at the store, months after the holiday as they know I love them stale. I have a package of Peep yellow chicks on the counter now, only 2 left…. I’m an unique individual 😁


      1. I was at a convenience store and the expiration date looked good but I didn’t notice the year. I put one in my mouth and it tasted musty and it disintegrated. I pursed my lips and whooshed it out.


  2. Awesome job! You can always make those desserts that have you use candy bars in them if you have extra. I buy a lot of the Hershey’s plain bars, then freeze them, if I don’t hand them out. They’re great for s’mores in the summer and I can keep my hands out of the bag.

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  3. I have a chocolate bunny that has moved house with me 3 times. I’ve had it something like 17 years. Time expired, of course. I actually don’t like chocolate but it was because I couldn’t eat a bunny. Daft, eh?

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    1. I don’t blame you. Chocolate is worth it.
      Mine, on the other hand, is sugar coated candy goodness that I will for sure be breaking into on Halloween to get some before I give it away.

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    1. I wish the government would just say ‘NO GO’ across the country. I’m sorry to the kids who will miss out, but I definitely don’t see anything good coming from it this year.
      As for your dog, sounds like he’s/she’s not a fan of Halloween. lol

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  4. Unimportant? Unimportant? This, young lady, is probably the most important thing that I or any of your other minions will read this week. Your false sense of humility is a lesson for us all. I speak for us all…thank you.

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