The Discord Dummy catches COVID

One of the reasons that I was very anxious about how sick I was this past week was because one of my coworkers recently let us know that he tested positive for COVID.

Firstly, I wasn’t surprised when he told us. I’ve written about him on this blog before, here and here. Basically, he’s been exceptionally careless about the ongoing pandemic. He’s been going on dates and hooking up with females like it’s nobody’s business, and, detailing his exploits on the company discord. The fact that he has COVID was a little bit of karma finally catching up with him.

“Practice safe sex” really takes on a whole new meaning when there’s a deadly pandemic sweeping the globe. I can’t imagine the frustration of the health care workers trying to do contact tracing and having to follow ‘Girl I had sex with from Tinder’ as a lead.

While I haven’t been physically present within six feet of him, we were in the same office together for several days. We walked the same halls, opened the same doors, you know… we shared the same vicinity. So, the fact that I was really sick had me extremely worried that it was COVID and that I had caught it from him.’

Anyways, apparently he’s felt like absolute shit. He went so far as to say this is the sickest he’s ever been in his entire life. Do we think he’s going to learn anything from this experience? Doubtful.

The good news is, I didn’t have COVID. I had the flu. I’m feeling much better now, which I am grateful for. I think I was feeling extra whiney when I was sick because I had the added anxiety of waiting for test results. Thankfully I was able to avoid people for several days so I know for certain that no one else got sick because of me.

Grocery delivery is quickly becoming one of my favourite conveniences.

As for Axel, haven’t heard from him in a couple of days. Hopefully he’s recovering well. Even if he did have this coming, I still hope he’s not suffering too badly.

Back when we first started hearing about this virus in late January on the news, one of the first things my brother said about it was “You really can’t vouch for the healthiness of anyone but yourself”. Which is so, so, so true. If anyone who reads this is dating during this pandemic, just be careful. You really can’t vouch for the health of the other person… even if they say they’re perfectly healthy. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

40 thoughts on “The Discord Dummy catches COVID

  1. Covid dummies are as contagious as the virus itself. Sorry this has stressed you out. I know the feeling having been so careful but still worrying I had Covid because of people I was in contact who tested positive.

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  2. My reaction to this blog post is “practice safe breath.” I think that was an Excel gum commercial? Considering how we are forced to breathe each other’s air, I feel like this slogan is appropriate.

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    1. I feel bad that he’s sick, but I also feel like he was kind of asking for it. It’s a real catch-22 for me. But, I too hope he didn’t infect anyone vulnerable.

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    1. He can hook up with whomever he wants too. But if he’s going to, I don’t understand why he’s been working from the office. He should have been working from home.

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      1. Don’t make excuses for this piece of shit, V. You’re too kind. my dear. It’s one of the many reasons I value you. I’d kick him in the face personally. But then – do remember- you’re talking to someone with a mood disorder so. lol. But right now I’d kick him in the face. Just this moment. Thanks for posting and thanks for reading.


  3. I’m glad that you’re okay. In principle, I am against seeing an illness as retribution for disagreeable behaviour. Retribution for bad behaviour should include a reprimand, payout in compensatory damages to the targets of his abuse, suspension, or a sacking.

    I left a comment on an earlier post. I remember reading it but I thought that the situation would resolve itself. This person needs to pay you out of pocket to put up with his nastiness or your company has to pay you.

    There are lots of people out there with PhDs in computer science who are not gross. A part of me believes that his disagreeable personality should already be a woman repeller and his Discord comments are science fiction. And all of the women he is looking up with don’t have any sense or they’re “hit it and quit it” types.

    At the very least, he needs to be fired for knowingly creating a health hazard in your workplace. If I were you I would be very loud about it. This is your health and your life we are talking about, not some annoying comments. His unwanted remarks about his intimate encounters is tantamount to harassment of a x-rated nature.

    Your company also needs a policy against sexual harassment, your Discord needs a moderator who will vaporise comments in violation of this policy, and everyone needs strong boundaries.

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    1. I do agree the company needs new policies and to shut down his sharing of dating/hooking up with women on the company discord. It’s not the time or place for it. I don’t know. I’m not totally sold on this company and working for them. I’m actually already looking for a new job. I just… think it might take a while due to COVID.

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      1. We all need jobs to buy food and pay our rent but that is no excuse for your company to ignore abuse okay? I will never be okay with it. It’s distressing for you and it’s not okay. In the meantime, please quietly search for an advocate who can speak to the company on your behalf anonymously.

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      2. Leading the way with this in your current company could be a great thing to have on your resumé for the next job? Good choice anyway about looking for another job, it’s not a good sign that they’re allowing a toxic culture to happen. I feel like now more than ever you’d gain coworkers’ support if you tried to voice it.


  4. Glad you are doing well. I hate to say it but all of us will more than likely come into contact with people with COVID. Just last week someone at my workplace tested positive. Be careful out there!

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    1. People really ought to be a lot more diligent then they have been. Walking around work with someone who has COVID is not cool. I’m sorry to hear that it’s making its way through your workplace.

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  5. Not surprised that Axel got COVID-19 from reckless dating/hook ups. I admit, I was online dating up until recently, but I was purely going on dates VIRTUALLY (e.g. Zoom, Skype) and never met in-person. I’ve since stopped, just because these dates weren’t going anywhere, as well as the fact that this is NOT the time to get intimate with strangers. COVID-19 is extremely contagious, so chances are high of contracting it the more you go out and get close with people you don’t know. Absolutely stupid and pointless…love can wait, people!

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    1. Zoom dates would be very difficult. I commend you, I really don’t think that would be easy at all. You should write a post about that. I’d love to hear how it went.

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      1. How would you find Zoom dates difficult, out of curiosity? I wrote about my experiences on my other blog, as I don’t think this one is very apropos for that…generally-speaking, the Zoom dates went all right!


      2. I think it would be really tough, but I’m also the type of person who wants to see how someone acts and reacts. You know? Like if a guy will open the door for me. Or if he watches other girls as they walk past. And, if it goes well, I like to reach across and grab his hand, or I probably sound like such a creep. I guess I’m just the touchy-feely type.

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      3. Makes sense. While I have seen my dates face-to-face on Zoom/Skype dates, it is true that it’s impossible gauge mannerisms when one meets in-person. As well as how our body languages respond to each other, and if they’re compatible. Virtual dates cannot completing replace meeting in real life, so it’s fair to say that it can be difficult to do online dating during these pandemic times.


    2. Yeah that’s good :), half of the reason the virus is such a problem is of course because a lot of people don’t want to sacrifice anything for the short/mid-term. It’s a very unbalanced situation as then the sensible people have to sacrifice even more because of the ones who are careless. But we have to be bigger and set the example.

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  6. So the good news was you just had the flu? Huh, odd thing to say. Sorry your future husband isn’t doing so hot, but it sounds like he just isn’t into learning lessons.


  7. COVID is very dangerous for older people and for people with respiratory conditions and immuno-compromising conditions for younger ages. The risk of dying from covid if your under 70 is this; as of late September 307 healthy under 60’s people had died out of 40,200+. What is the ‘infection fatality rate’?.

    It’s not catching covid, it’s people at risk of complications and serious illness catching it that we need to worry about (maybe not advisable to visit an elderly relative if you’ve mixed with lots of people for two weeks).

    Positive tests are not the same as cases. The positive tests are the asymptomatic cases that were not being detected earlier in the epidemic. If we had the testinglevels we had in April, there would be bugger all rise in covid infections. Likewise, if we had the testing we have now in October back in March, this line on the graph would be near VERTICAL.

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  8. This guy is a toxic narcissist and he’s taken up 3 posts on your blog already, so his negativity is taking way too much of your energy. He needs to be fired or properly called out for what he’s doing. Passive-aggressiveness/negativity from just one or a few people can destroy a team, never mind sexist comments or just plain pervertedness.

    The narcissism is probably also why he at first comes across as being one of the few in the office with social skills— it’s the same with a lot of narcissistic people. They manage to fool most people with their self-serving charade and bluster, as sad as that is. And as pathetic as his dating stories are, you can guarantee that they’re already exaggerated to make him look ‘better’.


  9. One of my nurses was also going on dates and “hooking up” in the first few months of when it started to get bad. I sat her down and had a talk with her. Not that I should have, I really shouldn’t, but she put everyone in danger by doing so. It used to make me so dumbfounded that anyone could throw all caution to the wind during a pandemic!


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