Suspended from LinkedIn

I got suspended from LinkedIn today.

I’ve read thousands of posts containing misinformation or outright lies in the past few weeks. Thousands of posts spewing bullshit about the American election are all over LinkedIn and people are fighting with one another in comments sections all over the platform.

Did I share misinformation? No. Was I mean or hateful to someone in the comments section of a post? No. Did I say or do anything that anyone could have taken offense with? I don’t believe so.

I got suspended from LinkedIn for “excessive use of capitalization”.

Okay, so I got suspended from LinkedIn. Big deal, eh? Well, not only did they suspend me from LinkedIn but they’ve locked the company page that I maintain for the length of the suspension. They’ve also suspended the distribution of the ads until the suspension is over.

For. using. too. many. capital. letters.

What a world.

People are literally using the platform to threaten one another and LinkedIn thinks that’s just jim-dandy. I create a graphic that uses capital letters (for visual purpose) and bam… see you later alligator.


57 thoughts on “Suspended from LinkedIn

  1. No effing way! That is just crazy. Too bad you’re in Cañada – you like my flair? – I don’t know what your constitution looks like, but in ‘Murica, you’d have a great free speech case!

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    1. Well, seems like I can have my free speech back next Friday. So long as I don’t use excessive capitals again…
      Such a stupid, random reason to get suspended.

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      1. Yeah. So I had one ad that I wanted to release in seven different areas of the world. To keep analytics from each of the regions separate, I did the ad seven different times. So, I don’t know if they think I just violated the rule seven times on purpose, or if they even bothered to look at it closely, Who knows. I’ll find out when they write me back.

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  2. Ridiculous. It’s also ridiculous that people are using Linked to talk politics, as it’s a career / work based / professional life site. Can’t they keep that shit on FB and Twitter? I never see that stuff on the feed because all I do is promote my company and log off.

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    1. Yeah. I didn’t used to see them but I’ve recently befriended a lot of my American acquaintances, friends of friends of someone I know in the industry, etc… to try and help make expanding the company’s reach in the States a little easier for m. Let me tell you… people are not afraid to share politically charged posts/information. I’m thoroughly surprised. Some of the stuff I’ve seen on there, my boss would probably fire me for if they saw me posting.

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      1. Good move. Unfortunately for me I’m actually a company recruiter who dabbles in a little marketing so I have to use it… but my feed is pleasantly bland (as I feel it should be on Linked).

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    1. I had no idea this is a widespread thing. I’m just whining because I’m annoyed. If it happens to a lot of people, hopefully they’re not all stupid reasoning like excessive capitalization. lol


  3. Oh my word V!!! What a world is right🤪 I was on the other day and noticed the excessive amount of election posts and thought it was inappropriate to have so many people engaged in political topics on an employment based site where (in my opinion) one shouldn’t be aligning with any political party or affiliation for biases. This entire situation has really muddied the waters and it’s becoming so that the online spaces are more and more divided which does nobody any good. Good grief. Yuck🤮

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  4. I don’t use LinkedIn but the censorship we are seeing by tech companies is really worrying. Did you hear about major US TV networks dropping Trump’s live address as he was lying about fraud in the election. He is the elected leader and the right thing is to air his statements and challenge them in analysis.

    It really is worrying and will inevitably get worse if people don’t speak up (as they haven’t because, in this case, the target was Trimp).

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    1. Came here to say that although it’s sadly hilarious, it’s not surprising to me, as an American, anymore. It literally is the Idiocracy here now. I was going to joke how they probably suspended V’s account because here educated ways were too triggering for the dumbed-down ‘muricans … but then again I’ve been blocking the true “triggered snowflakes” of the Trump dumpster since early this morning. Those two demographics overlap. Ooof, need more coffee but had to come in to my WordPress Reader to remember that there’s still people in the world that care about words, kindness, learning ,etcetera — y’know: those “librul demonrat branwurshins” ugh, need more coffee ((((HUG))).


  5. Oh dear God! Why is this happening. I just realized that when I click to search for a particular hashtag like #instagram or #ootd I don’t see the latest stories on that…as I used to catch it earlier..

    And I guess that’s the bug or they have stopped it because of elections and people talking about it…I am just wondering!

    And LinkedIn doing this is crazy for the people who never intended to spread anything false.

    Is there any way to get the account back?

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  6. At the end of the day, all social networks can do what they want – have whatever rules they want – and impose them how they want. If you choose to take advantage of another platform (because of it’s audience), rather than attract people to your own platform/website, you’re always going to face this problem. Of course it doesn’t help that the playing field isn’t level (witness the lies continually posted by political parties)…

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      1. It’s going to be an interesting story over the next few years – because Microsoft are busy integrating LinkedIn into Outlook (yes, you heard that right) – so the entire business world is going to adopt a “Facebook for Business” if they know it or not.


  7. LinkedIn has an awful set of ‘rules’ and they are way more arbitrary than any other social platform. I sent in an article someone was passing around stating COVID is a hoax, and they found nothing wrong with it. LinkedIn needs a lot of work on the back end.
    TOO MANY CAPS? That’s just a really stupid reason for a suspension.

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    1. Yeah, you’re completely right. There’s also been a hella-lot of misinformation about COVID circulating. It’s bonkers to me what they do and don’t take issue with.


  8. WOW THAT’S SO RIDICULOUS! IT’S SO ANNOYING WHEN PEOPLE NIT PICK LIKE THAT. Sorry. Just had to joke a little there. Seriously V that’s so dumb. Maybe they took it as you were shouting at people? I’m sure you will straighten it out. 🙂

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  9. Well, this is new information. I didn’t know LinkedIn can do that.

    Used to be active on LinkedIn when I was a fresh grad. Then decided LinkedIn is useless so I delete my account. And then turns out I have to create LinkedIn again for work related stuff.

    Really need to be careful what I commented on LinkedIn from now on.


  10. I swear when I first read “excessive use of capitalization” I was intrigued and read further cos I thought it would be something about you misusing LinkedIn to make money or something lol.

    Cos the alternative seemed too crazy, that you’d be suspended for capitalizing words – CRAZY WORLD!


  11. That likely wins for one of the most arbitrary rules I’ve ever heard. Perhaps it’s to combat MLM bullshit where it’s like BUY THIS PRODUCT NOW, but it’s so ridiculous that you can’t challenge it, or that you weren’t given a warning before it posted


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