Thank you Carrie

Last night after I wrote a blog post about how I feared I’d broken the Dyson Vacuum that came with this house, someone who reads this blog reached out to me to ask me what the specific issue was. She said that her husband was pretty good with fixing appliances and tools around the home and that if I could tell her what was wrong, she would see what he had to say.

About an hour ago I got an email back from her/her husband explaining a step by step guide of every possible item that could troubleshoot the issue that I was having.

Not only did their email adequately explain to me what was wrong, but it also explained to me how to fix it.

The vacuum works now.

Not only that, but it works better than it did the day I moved into this house.

Thank you Carrie, and thank you Steve. You’ve put this anxious mind at ease tonight. And all it took was a someone who knew to tell me where to look and what to adjust.

(Carrie’s blog is currently set to private. I’ve asked her if I can share her URL because she’s so kind I think more people deserve to know her. If she gives me permission to share her URL, I’ll update this post)

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