The family drama continues

Since we lost my Uncle K earlier this year, my Uncle F has been a giant pain in everyone’s ass. He’s sought to make all of our lives miserable and he’s sparing no one in the process.

First, he tried to have me removed as executor of the will. He was trying to prove that I manipulated Uncle K into making me executor of the will.

Next he tried to have my cousins and I removed from the will itself. Uncle K had made sure to leave each of his family members in the will. EVERYONE. From his brothers and sister, right down to his great niece and nephew. Uncle F decided that if he could get everyone removed from the will except for his siblings, he’d get a lot more money.

Uncle F also stole Uncle K’s car because the rest of his siblings wanted the car to be given to my cousin Tara. Uncle F didn’t want Tara to have the car, he wanted to sell the car for profit. So, he stole it in the middle of the night and hid it, only to be found at a later date when he tried to sell it and wasn’t legally able to do so.

There was a period of about five months there that everything we tried to do to contribute to the closing of Uncle K’s estate was halted, delayed or outright stopped because Uncle F was being an asshole for the sake of being an asshole.

LOTS of petty bullshit went on. Every time that we made any progress Uncle F would send his lawyers out for blood. I don’t know if he just didn’t understand or if he was specifically trying to be an asshole for the sole purpose of being an asshole, but he was paying lawyers to halt the lawyers from fulfilling Uncle K’s final wishes. Uncle K’s estate is paying the lawyers, so every time he sent his personal lawyers after them, he was essentially lessening the inheritance we would get from his brother’s estate.

About three weeks before Uncle K’s memorial in September my father decided to put an end to it. He went to see Uncle F and words were had. I’m not really sure what happened or what was said because my father still hasn’t talked about it, but what I do remember is that my father told me from that point forward Uncle F would not interrupt any more.

Seeing Uncle F at the funeral was pretty awkward. He wasn’t mean and he didn’t cause a scene but he looked at everyone and sulked a lot like a toddler who’d just been told they couldn’t stay up late. Thankfully the fact that everything was exceptionally distanced that day meant that no one really needed to talk to him. He basically sat off to the side and pouted.

Fast forward to now.

The sale of Uncle K’s house was supposed to go through this past week. I say it was supposed to go through because, had everything been able to happen as was, we wouldn’t own it anymore.

Uncle F sent his lawyers to temporarily halt the sale of the home. Why? He doesn’t think we’re selling it for enough money and thus he’s arguing we’re undercutting his inheritance. Apparently if we just held out and waited we could sell the home for a lot more.

I’m utterly convinced he’s doing this when he’s doing this specifically to cause the most annoyance possible. He didn’t have anything to say when the offer came in. He didn’t have anything to say at any point during the negotiation process. Contracts are being finalized and how he’s trying to prove we’re trying to undercut his inheritance?

Uncle K’s lawyers don’t seem to think this will take too long. They think it’ll be wrapped up in a week or two.

I’m just so… annoyed.

As of right now it’s estimated that the siblings share of the inheritance should be between $100,000 – $150,000 each. This asshole is over here saying ‘STOP THE SALE. I WANT MORE MONEY!’

Of course he is. He’s a greedy SOB. There’s a reason why Uncle K chose a niece and two nephews to be executors to his will over any of his siblings.

I want to drive to his house and punch him in the face. That might sound aggressive, but at this point I feel it warranted.

39 thoughts on “The family drama continues

  1. Having gone through the probate process with a half-sibling who was claiming that my mother’s 2010 will was “lost or destroyed” because the 2001 will (which she’d had prepared for Mom and favored HER) was more to her liking, I feel your pain. I persevered in court, but it was an unpleasant experience.

    I hope you and your family prevail!

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    1. It’s amazing how some siblings really will stop at nothing to claim rights to something that was never theirs to start with. Greed when people pass is disgusting.

      I am glad to here that you persevered. Hoping this all ends sooner, rather than later.

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  2. Being executor of the estate is never fun. My brothers did nothing when my parents passed away but kept demanding more and more so I can understand some of what you are going through. I’m so sorry. I know it is painful enough to lose a beloved family member let alone having to deal with greedy people who don’t want things to end. Kudos to your dad for standing up to your uncle. Maybe the greedy uncle is having some financial troubles? Maybe his lawyers could suggest a good credit counselor instead of being greedy themselves. Just a thought. Sending you much love, hugs, and wishes for strength. ❤

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    1. I’m sorry for what you went through with your brothers.
      No one wants to think about what happens when their family members pass, but honestly, if this is how it’s going to be now that my dad and his siblings are getting up there in age, we’re in for some very rough years ahead of us…

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  3. Geesh V, what an ordeal you and your family have been dealing with!! People, especially family can be (and yours are showing theirs) be so petty and spiteful during this process. It just makes matters more complicated. I will be praying for you and your family.

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  4. God. He sounds a bit like DT who just won’t go away. Wills are very tedious. I was involved in a small one once where people thought I should challenge the interpretation because the person who died had verbally told my mother she planned something different. I wanted no part of it. My feeling was that the estate should be distributed the way it was legally written. So it was. A small “variance” was instituted but basically the bulk of the estate went to the male in the family. Grossly unfair? No doubt. It would have made a big difference to me, but I was not inclined to take issue. Yes, wills are a pain and it sounds as if your uncle is too. We all have one somewhere. Good luck getting it sorted soon!

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    1. I’m like you. I think it should be distributed the way that it was written. Uncle K certainly wanted it that way or he wouldn’t have written it. Could I undercut Uncle F and cut him out completely? Probably if I tried. But that’s not what my Uncle wanted. It’s just crazy how some people don’t understand it’s about fulfilling the final wishes of the person, not yourself.

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  5. “I want to drive to his house and punch him in the face”

    It sounds like your dad already did that!

    Your uncle F (for Fucking FUCKHEAD) sounds exactly like trump 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. Jesus, that you have to deal with that right within your own family.

    I told myself some years ago that I am having NOTHING to do with family inheritance stuff. There was actually already some drama in my family some years ago between my mum and brother. But honestly my plan is to give up my share to other siblings, completely save me from any potential drama. And considering some of the autism-level lack of empathy in a couple of my siblings, I would definitely not rely on them to make it a smooth process. Considering what I know close family think of me, I’d utterly expect to be left out of the entire process as an ‘irresponsible’ person 😆😆😆.

    “He didn’t have anything to say when the offer came in. He didn’t have anything to say at any point during the negotiation process. Contracts are being finalized and how he’s trying to prove we’re trying to undercut his inheritance?”

    I had a friend whose dad was exactly like this. Your explanation of malevolence is the only one which makes sense. It’s not just worth your energy trying to understand.

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  6. Honestly, after this experience, I don’t foresee myself willing to sign anyone else’s will ever again. Uncle K meant a lot to myself and my siblings and I largely think that’s why I said yes when he asked. Seeing what it’s turned into, though… I don’t want to go through this with anyone else.

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  7. How horrible of your uncle. They’re all getting quite a hefty sum of money there so why can’t he just shut up and let every get on with their lives. I’m very much sure your grandfather did the right thing too 🙂 I wish you all the best with it V 🙂 x

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    1. Right? My thoughts entirely match yours. Uncle F should be more than thankful that his brother left anything to him in his will. It’s not a requirement to leave your siblings money, so him being a greedy bastard is so uncalled for. Thank you for this comment.

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  8. This goes to show that, regardless of being biologically-related or not, it’s not a “family” if one treats others like dirt. I’m sorry to hear of your ongoing headache with Uncle F, and I hope it gets resolved soon. 😦

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    1. Uncle K’s lawyers in charge of closing his will say that there’s no grounds to stop the sale and that Uncle F’s lawyers are only slowing it to be a royal pin in the ass. They say it should be solved in two-to-three weeks. Fingers crossed!

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  9. My father and his brothers have been locked in a legal battle with the nieces and nephews of his stepmother who died two years ago now. They think it’s winding towards an end, and likely victory, but around 50% of the money is now going to lawyers.

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  10. From what I’ve heard of him, he probably legitimately believes that you’re selling the house at such a low price to screw him over. That you’re being cruel and vindictive just for the sake of being cruel and vindictive. And you are absolutely NOT to drive to his house and punch him in the face. He’d probably sue you for that. So I’d go stomach.

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      1. Are you tall enough for this thing? The stomach to head combo? Or is you plan to knock the air from his lungs, then go for the knockout uppercut?

        lol wonder if I can find a gif of that


  11. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this and my condolences to you and your family for your loss. It’s so sad when the ones we should love the most are so hurtful. There must be some deep sibling issues that were never sorted out. I fear this will be the case in my family as my parents get older. Continue putting up a good fight. When this is all over maybe the truth will be revealed as to why your Uncle is behaving like this.

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    1. Hopefully when this is all over my Uncle can go back to his life of ignoring everyone and not causing issues! When you lose someone in your family it can really show how selfish some people truly are.


  12. I don’t ‘like’ this per se, just acknowledging that I read it and I can relate. It is disgusting what money and greed can do to people. People who are otherwise civilized– and family. My great-aunt took my mother and her sister TO COURT OVER A DINING ROOM SET. I was mortified. What makes it even worse is the fact that said great-aunt got the house itself [and everything else in it]. Seriously?!

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  13. It’s crazy how family will get once their parents are home. Once anyone member of the family whose Will their in is gone for that matter.
    I went through it myself. I remember just telling everyone that I didn’t care about anything else if I couldn’t have my parents back. All I wanted were things no one else wanted and it still seemed to be an issue. Needless to say, I still got my needless things…my mother’s robe and slippers and other little things that each of my kids wanted. My das gave me us car and all I wanted most was his old union jacket and old pictures that were in the attic.
    In the end…it’s sad and pathetic to see people act that way.

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    1. I know what you mean about people being angry if you want anything at all. I asked for two of my Uncle’s watches. They’re worth maybe $100 each and people were like ‘No way, not happening’. Thing is, sometimes small things like that, they help you remember the person which is really what you want in the end. I’m sorry you had to go through that with your family. Mindless, useless, petty arguments over someone’s belongings are so not necessary. People should be remembered in a way they deserve, not with fighting.

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  14. Oy….I just realized how poor my spelling came lol. Looks like I was speaking a different language ha.
    Anyway, I meant to say in the end I got the things I wanted and more. I was the closest with my parents and was their primary caregiver as they were dying. I was more disappointed in a family member who is extremely well off financially who made such a huge stink over the life insurance. Not to mention the other two who literally had a notebook of items of things….down to the very last nail in the wall it seemed…of things they wanted…😶…
    I was really close to telling them they could just take my share. It was so ridiculous.
    It’s a shame to wish you luck and send condolences on your family situation.

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