City planning, why do you do this?

One of the packages that I ordered for myself for birthday (arguably the package I deem most important) is lost.

FedEx had been sending me tracking updates and this morning sent me an update saying the package was on the truck and out for delivery. At 10:30 am I got a text message saying that the package had been delivered and was left on my doorstep.

Only it was never left on my doorstep.

No FedEx truck, van or vehicle came down my street today.

My theory is that the Fedex Driver likely went down the wrong road. Probably because my neighbourhood is stupidly planned.

To point out how stupidly planned in it… I’ll explain it in hypothetical terms. Let’s say I live at 432 Smith Street (I don’t, I’m making up an example as to not give out my address on the internet). All of the streets in this neighbourhood are Smith Street, Smith Place, Smith Court, Smith Boulevard, Smith Lane, Smith Circle, etc… There’s about 15 streets around here with the same street name.

Each and every one of those has a 432. So there’s a 432 Smith Street and a 432 Smith Place and a 432 Smith Court, etc… etc…

Who plans neighbourhoods like this?


I’d like to talk to the people in the city planning department who approved this. All of the ‘S’ options in the world and they have to use the same one for every single road/street in the neighbourhood.

No wonder my package is lost.

Now that I’ve discovered there’s a 432 on every street, it makes me wonder if I’ve had any other mail lost in the past few months.

Nevertheless, FedEx has assured me they delivered it to my front door and that I just must not be looking in the right place. Maybe I’m not looking in the right place. Maybe I need to be looking at 432 Smith Place and 432 Smith Court, etc… to find my package.

I’m going to start a petition that says all streets need to have original names. Or, at the very least, streets in the same neighbourhood can’t all be named the same. (I’m really not, I’m just bitter my birthday present isn’t here)

44 thoughts on “City planning, why do you do this?

  1. Seems to me Fedex is still responsible. Although, I do agree about city planning. My parents lived for years in St Petersburg FL. which was all streets and avenues defined as N,S,E,W, but I couldn’t get my head around what was a street and what was an avenue and I never figured out where the magic centre was that defined N from S and E from W. So I always got lost. No GPS back then. I hope your package comes soon!

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    1. Oh Fedex is totally responsible. I just… can see how it’s possible for them to deliver it to the complete wrong address when they’re all so close.

      St. Petersburg sounds like it’s also poorly planned. lol. Who lets these city planners make decisions like these? Also, a world without GPS. I don’t know that I could survive!

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  2. That is super annoying. I remember running into that a lot back when I delivered pizza during grad school. I hated having to deliver to new subdivisions with cookie cutter houses because all the streets were like that. Hidden Woods Circle led to Hidden Woods Lane led to Hidden Woods Avenue and looped back around to Hidden Woods Boulevard.

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  3. Once, Amazon delivered my package to some other person who live in nearby colony and I got the message your order has been delivered. Good thing was that when I told Amazon that you have delivered my package to wrong person, Amazon resent the same package to me.

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  4. Didn’t they called you before they left the package.
    Here the Delivery boys call…then the Amazon or whatever send an otp..we tell them that…and the ….they hand it over to us…
    👀 Also, possibly the man who would’ve delivered…could be a newbie..🙆
    I hope you get your order….and track it down…

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    1. With COVID they’re not calling. They’re just supposed to ring the doorbell and then walk back to their truck so they don’t come in close contact at anyone’s front door. They could’ve been a newbie, who knows! It doesn’t help that all the streets around here are so confusing. Oh well. Sounds like they’ve got a good system there for deliveries.


  5. I live on a so-called Smith St., and there is also a Smith Place that runs from the middle of my block. However, the Smith Place street sign has fallen down, so it just looks like someone’s driveway now. I would pity the FedEx driver, but they should have a digital map that shows them where your house is. Don’t cut them any slack! I’m a Gen-Xer, and my generation always had a map of the area on hand. Now I don’t leave the house without my magic phone.
    I used to know a girl named Julie. Her family owned a lot of land. They sold some of it to the city, and all the streets in that subdivision had names of their family, including a Julie St. I’m sure this happens a lot.

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    1. Yeah, when I was complaining about this it was pointed out to me that the streets are likely named after someone. And you’re right, the delivery driver should have GPS. Honestly, I’m trying to assume the best and that it was an honest mistake. Your Smith street sounds a lot like what it’s like around here. Are you sure we’re not neighbours? lol

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    1. Because of COVID they’re not notifying people in any other way than ringing your doorbell when something is dropped off… which was another inclination that it wasn’t dropped off, the door bell didn’t ring. Oh well. I just needed to whine.

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  6. I’m sorry your birthday present didn’t come (yet)! And that Canadians weren’t creative enough to think of better street names in your city. But you uh, did kinda move there.

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      1. It is. My parents lived up there for four years so I’ve seen it many times. And, bonus right now, only 15 corona virus cases in the whole territory. Don’t worry though, I’ll stay around long enough for your present to show up. Hopefully it didn’t get misdelivered. lol

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      2. I didn’t reply? I thought I made a funny joke about quarantine and how far you have to go to get to the post office lol


  7. You’re area sounds similar to mine in terms of street names. So frustrating! I hope you get your package soon. Did they take a photo when they left it on the doorstep? Some companies here have started doing that and it’s quite helpful if they’ve left it at the wrong door. 😝

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    1. Sadly, no. FedEx doesn’t do that. They’re only supposed to ring the doorbell and walk away. The company I ordered from has been really helpful though and has promised me they’ll get on FedEx to get it figured out.

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  8. I’ll bet you any money that a key person responsible for those street naming decisions had the surname Smith 🤣. They probably all took turns to have an area of the town named after themselves. I’ve never been impressed with North America’s street naming in general though, lol.

    Street names around me where I grew up were all named after writers:

    Wordsworth Drive,
    Keats Road,
    Coleridge Road,
    Tennyson Road,
    Browning Road.

    Poets, even.

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  9. Years ago, a town near where I lived was trying to renumber streets in neighborhoods where the first house might have been 1, but the next house might have been 8 or something like that. The intent was to make it easier for emergency services to find the houses, but there were people who screamed.

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    1. I could see why it would get confusing. I thought they were all supposed to be odds on one side evens on the other? Like 1,3,5,7, 9? Isn’t that common practice? I could see why people would croak. lol

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  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ! You have many friends! That’s enough of a gift for yourself. From Grandma Monica

    On Tue, Nov 17, 2020, 8:03 PM #MILLENNIALLIFECRISIS wrote:

    > V posted: ” One of the packages that I ordered for myself for birthday > (arguably the package I deem most important) is lost. Fed Ex had been > sending me tracking updates and this morning sent me an update saying the > package was on the truck and out for delivery. ” >

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  11. My parents live on a Crowsfoot Rd across the country.

    When I moved here, I discovered that there is a Crowfoot Crossing, a Deerfoot Trail, and Crowchild Trail. But there’s no Crowsfoot Rd here. Who copied who?

    Smith St is so mainstream and common. It’s no wonder the delivery ppl get confused.

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