Lucky us

Nov 23, 2020 – Empty Aisles all over again

We officially have the highest positive COVID case count in Canada. We also have the second highest percentage of infections per capita in Canada.

We also have a premier that hasn’t made a public appearance since November 9th. I wonder if he really believed the words he was saying when he said that ‘People will do the right thing for everyone’, or if he was just spewing his regular bullshit. I reckon he was just spewing his regular bullshit. Either way he’s been in hiding. Maybe he was getting plastic surgery and needed to recover. Maybe he lacks the necessary leadership skills required to see the general public through a pandemic. Maybe he just doesn’t care that hospitals are at 135% capacity and he has been at home playing animal farm because he gets paid whether or not he shows up for work.

Rumour has it he’ll make a public appearance today. People are saying restrictions are coming. I will believe that when I see it…

In the mean time, people are panic buying already. I went to the grocery store right before it closed last night, thinking if there was any sort of a chance any restrictions did come today, I wanted my Pepsi and a couple of staples before the restrictions were announced and people went crazy. I was met with empty aisles all over the place.

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  1. “I went to the grocery store right before it closed last night, thinking if there was any sort of a chance any restrictions did come today, I wanted my Pepsi and a couple of staples before the restrictions were announced and people went crazy. I was met with empty aisles all over the place.”

    Exactly the same happened to me the day our latest national lockdown began a couple of weeks ago. I go to the supermarket most days and I wasn’t thinking about the lockdown— I just went there late at night like usual. One of the things I wanted to buy was root ginger— I’d been forgetting it for a while and wanted it to make a curry. So I finally remembered it— and the box which is usually full of big plump pieces just had a few scrappy pieces left. I also noticed other shelves more bare than usual, and I was just noting all these things thinking it was weird. It was only later I realised the truth of why that had happened!!

    Basically— you somehow cannot beat the panic-buyers! You cannot pre-empt them, because by the time you’re thinking it, they’ve somehow already been in!! 😆. It’s so mad I just have to laugh at how ridiculous it is lol. And the specificity of the things which are instantly gone also makes me laugh— we’re not getting empty shelves here, just empty shelves for some very specific things. I hate people now 😆.

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    1. You really can’t beat the panic-buyers. There’s been a lot of panic-buying going on. Despite the fact that virtually no restrictions came down today and we’re basically headed for doom because the government doesn’t seem to care that we have the highest case count in the country.

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  2. It’s insane that COVID cases have spiked since the start of this month; then again, people are going out and not caring, so it shouldn’t be a surprise…I believe all politicans are crooks and I don’t have much faith in them handling the case well. Best is just to look out for yourself, lay low, and wait until this all passes, whenever that may be.

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    1. People gave a lot of criticisms to our Prime Minister for what he’s done this year but he’s genuinely tried to look out for the well being of the public. Right now it’s getting bad though and I think he needs to step in and I don’t think he will… sadly.
      I could be laying low for the next 6-8 months at this rate.

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      1. He does keep trying (the PM) to make the premier’s do the right thing but somehow most of them can’t see past their economies to recognize that the health care system is going to implode.

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  3. My mother who is 100% conservative is really hating on the premier right now. It took a lot to make her turn on him but she’s finally had enough. I told her that there will always be idiots in all groups, parties etc. When I was little I asked her what an idiot was. I would tell my 3-year old self that the premier is an idiot.

    For a while I would still leave the house but not anymore. I’m still getting over this awful cold and I refuse to leave the apartment unless I absolutely have to.

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    1. I don’t know about you but I was so fucking disappointed with their ‘measures’ tonight. Highest case count in the country and this idiot is more worried about money then he is about people surviving. People aren’t going to go out and ‘Shop Local’ when there’s 14,000 cases running rampant through the province.

      Oh and the ‘No social gatherings, at all’… except in churches, restaurants, bars, casinos, waterparks, etc… etc… etc…



    1. I thought better of Alberta, honestly. Over the past couple of years, I have become more disappointed in the way that things are handled in this province. To think that we are now worse off than Ontario blows my mind.

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      1. I’m not a huge fan of Doug Ford at all, but at least he seems to be trying for the Ontario public. Sure he kind of sucks but he’s trying. Jason Kenney has basically given a giant fuck you to everyone who works in health care in this province. He’s always been incompetent but today was next level suckage. I agree with your sentiments. The more time passes, the more disappointed I get with everything he does… or doesn’t do.


    2. If we’re talking about Alberta’s premier, he’s pretty incompetent and stupid and seems to think he’s the smartest man on earth and does a lot of shady shit. Today, the 4:00 press conference got pushed to 4:30 and then didn’t start until 4:47, and that was a bold faced effort to make news reporters scramble. He wanted reporters scrambling because if they were scrambling for talking points there’s less chance for criticism at the fact that the entire thing was all for show and he didn’t actually institute any new restrictions. Sorry for ranting. I’m a little heated at the moment.

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      1. You know I don’t know the setup in Canada. I thought you were talking about Justin Trudeau.

        I think we are a bit frustrated with our governments. I don’t know what we are doing in the UK either when it comes to covid and especially Christmas


  4. Congratulations! Maybe hit the streets and party!

    Btw you know in the middle ages when there was a plague and the ruling court would just lock the castle doors to keep everyone out? This is no different.

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  5. This is completely unrelated, but I masked up, slathered myself in sanitizer, and hit the grocery store this morning. It never ceases to amaze me how much JUNK people eat. I understand that ice cream, cookies, and other ‘comfort food’ can be just what the doctor ordered. Hell, I can eat my body weight in cheese and pasta! No judgment here.

    The produce section was virtually untouched. All of the chips, crackers, bologna, TV dinners, and soda were gone. Luckily for my health-conscious vegetarian self, I had lots of veggies at my disposal and the ‘healthy’ aisle looked like it hadn’t seen a customer in ages. I was literally the only person on that aisle whereas all the other ones had people packed in like sardines.

    End rant. Stay safe. Thank you for always being conscious of public safety.

    ~ Sloane

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    1. Yeah. I can’t speak for everyone, but I bought enough fresh veggies for three-four days and then I bought frozen veggies to get me through the next couple of weeks. I guess I figured if we’ve got the highest case count in the country I don’t want to be back there for at least two weeks so I can live off frozen veggies for two weeks. I like veggies but I just don’t want to risk them going bad.

      Here the big thing people are scooping up is TP, Eggs and Milk. Oh and vitamin C. All of the Vitamin C tabs/pills/supplements in every brand are GONE.


  6. There seems to be no end in sight. They’ve implemented another lockdown here in Ontario and there was an idiot restaurant owner who defied the restrictions and opened today for indoor dining. The number of comments I see on social media supporting him is aggravating. We are supposed to respect the freedoms and opinions of these morons, while they have no regard for our public health and safety.

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    1. I saw his video proclaiming people needed to come to his restaurant because he was no one could tell him to open or close. I really wanted to punch him in the face. Your last sentence sums it up perfectly. People like that don’t give a rats ass about anyone but themselves. Why should we give a damn about him? Sadly, he’s going to continue putting people at risk and he’ll probably be one of those lucky ones who continually exposes himself and never gets sick.

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  7. People are certainly not doing the right thing by each other where I live, and so the count continues to climb.I am spending some sad days of late, knowing that I gave up everything for Thanksgiving and others are traveling wherever their little hearts desire, with no intensional of quarantining after…

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    1. Oh, I so know what you mean. It’s really scary how people don’t seem to give a crap about anyone except themselves. It’s also disappointing. It’s also heartbreaking. There are a lot of selfish people in this world.


    1. I really hope they’re able to make some things better if they do come. Nothing is going to get better based on the press conference we watched this afternoon.


  8. Same issues going on in America. Cases and deaths are out of control and the President won’t even address it but keeps bragging about the testing we’re doing and how we’ve helped the whole world fight COVID-19. In the meantime businesses are going under, over 1700 people are dying everyday, over 150,000 new cases a day and hospitals are filling up. Government has completely failed the people. My hope is in Jehovah God to help us. That’s the only permanent solution. All we can do is try our best to take care of ourselves and families. Things are going to get a lot worse after Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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    1. I sincerely hope that people realize that taking care of themselves and their families has to involve taking care of others too. The government isn’t going to step up and look after us. The government isn’t going to care, much like you’ve explained.


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