‘Measures not restrictions’

Our Premier came out of hiding yesterday for an unprecedented showing of just how much of a fucking moron he is.

To the surprise of no one with a brain, the Premier stood in front of national television cameras (47 minutes late) to gaslight Canada into believing he’s taking adequate measures to control the spread of COVID in our province. Which, I would like to add, is still the province with the most positive, presently active cases in the country. The provinces ranking second and third for most active cases have three times, and double the population of our province, respectively.

Refusing to call them restrictions, because they’re not, the new ‘measures’ he’s ‘putting into place’ are effective Friday. The funny but not so funny story is, they’ve already been mandated at the municipal levels since July. And yet here we are.

Effective Friday both my city and the other major city in this province have a mask mandate for all indoor public spaces. Both my city and the other major city in this province mandated that at the municipal level in July.

Effective Friday social gatherings are no longer allowed… except in restaurants, pubs, bars, movie theatres, casinos, water parks, and the mall. A thinly veiled effort to keep people in public, spending money. You’re not allowed to meet your family at home, but if you want to go out for dinner, have-atter. Oh, and you might as well make a night of it and stop at the waterpark some good clean fun before you go home.

Effective Friday stores are required to operate at 25 percent capacity. Because nothing screams ‘I’m trying to help you keep your lights on’ like ‘I’m going to limit the customers you can see in a day, so just make them buy more when they’re in your store’.

Effective Friday hotels are required to only see guests by appointment only. I’m honestly not sure what planet he’s living on but I’m pretty sure the hotel industry has been operating with reservations since the beginning of time.

Also, to go with the ‘appointment only’ measure… all hair, nail, waxing salons, barbers, etc… are required to operate by appointment only. Because, you know, they haven’t been. Up until now you’ve been able to casually walk into any salon in this city and ask for a four hour colour, cut and perm appointment and they sat you right down to get started.

Churches are no longer allowed to operate at 30 percent capacity, they’re required to operate at 1/3 capacity and there are zero exceptions to this.

Oh and fitness classes are cancelled until further notice. If you want to workout, you cannot go to a class, you’re going to have to go into the gym and share the weight and cardio equipment with every other Tom, Dick and Harry who refuses to wipe down equipment like the gym was meant to be used for.

Perhaps his biggest measure of the announcement, the one he’s most proud of, effective Friday all concert venues and conference centres are closed, indefinitely. Because, you know, concerts and conferences have been going on as though it’s business and normal and that needs to be stopped. Concerts can absolutely not happen any longer.

The economic and mental health impacts of staying at home are far too restrictive for the people of this province to be able to live freely. People need to be able to go out and infect each other if they so please. The premier hopes, though, that with these measures, he’ll slow the earth-shattering depletion of our health care system minute by minute.

Oh, and if you’re someone like me who suffers from anxiety and being in public right now, just stay home, he says. The mental health implications of stay-at-home measures are far more important than the mental health implications of the deadly virus currently running rampant (un)checked throughout the province.

He finished by once again reminding us that if we just all ‘work together’ and do the right thing, the spread of COVID will slow. He’s been spewing that line since September when he had 700 cases. Perhaps he just doesn’t watch the news and isn’t aware of the 15,000 presently positive cases (and climbing by the thousands daily).

It seems like we’re in for a world of further hurt in this province with this moron at the helm. What’s really sad is that the way our law is written in this province, the chief medical officer has absolute power to overwrite his ‘measures’ and actually put restrictions in place to slow the spread. She won’t though.

My biggest takeaway… if you want to see someone who doesn’t live in your home, just go to the casino. Or maybe the mall. Actually, the mall is a really good idea because then you’re inclined to also shop local, right? Right?

32 thoughts on “‘Measures not restrictions’

  1. As for someone who has been through a State shutdown(United States). Some advice I like share is: please if you can get you household essential, small bottle of germx. I keep a little bottle in my car and use it whenever I’m getting gas station or touch something when I can’t get to a sink real quick. Extra laundry detergent because the virus can get on your clothes. If you live somewhere that does online grocery shopping I would recommend that. And most importantly talk to someone if you start to feel lonely or depressed. I’m not trying to scare you or anything but my government handle this virus very poorly. And this winter cases are predicted to rise again. Please be safe out there 🙏 ❤

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    1. Thank you for these words. My house is stocked, I’m definitely going to be home for a while now. Restrictions or not, it’s really not safe to be out in public all willy nilly. I appreciate the kindness you share in this comment.

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  2. “Churches are no longer allowed to operate at 30 percent capacity, they’re required to operate at 1/3 capacity”

    But these are almost exactly the same? This was bugging me!

    Try not to let the whole situation stop you from going outside where there’s no people, for fresh air, if that’s possible.

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    1. Yeah, his restrictions actually allow churches to have 3.333333 percent more capacity then they had before yesterday. Either he doesn’t realize how idiotic it sounded, or, he does and he genuinely is just treating us like idiots for shits and giggles.

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      1. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. I actually made that comment a little tentatively, in case it was your own error. I’m not sure which I would’ve preferred 😆. But in any case my desire for precision won out :D.

        That’s the thing— when it comes to idiocy it’s often so hard to tell it apart from trolling or gaslighting these days! 🤦‍♂️

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      2. Oh, I knew exactly what I was saying. 6 of 1, 1/2 dozen of the other. Its all the same, Mr Premier and none of its going to matter so long as he gets his camera time

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    2. I, too, was boggled by the “30%- 1/3 capacity” statistic: technically, wouldn’t changing it to 1/3 capacity be more than 30 percent (33.33%)?? Sounds like someone here isn’t very good at their math…if I thought the US was so bad with their COVID case, it astounds me that Canada is right behind. Shame on our leaders, *smh.

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      1. Yeah, it was largely a symbolic press conference to make him look good. Anyone with half a brain knows the statistic about church gatherings means nothing, but he got to say it on camera, so… he looks good?

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  3. What a sorry bunch of leaders we’ve had through all this. People have no idea what hardship is. I keep thinking if what my parents went through, living in London through WW2, bombs falling every night, people sleeping in the underground hoping it wouldn’t take a direct hit, rationed food, kids sent to strangers in the country because it was safer (?) How would this lot deal with that sort of inconvenience? They piss me off!

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    1. No one in 2020 could’ve handled a WW2 type situation.
      No one.
      People are too eclipsed by their conveniences and weekly manicures and daily brunches and trip to the gyms.

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  4. Well if it’s any concellation (which it isn’t) right next door Moe is being just as big an idiot. Palliser on the other hand is trying his hardest and somehow the people don’t care. Like you I’m just staying home.

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    1. Yuck. I don’t like Saskatchewan’s Premier either. I was never a huge fan of Palliser, but I give him mad props for how he’s handled the past two months. It hasn’t been perfect but at least he’s making an effort!

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    1. He’s baaaaaaaaaad. Possibly, probably, the worst in Canada. He’s definitely the worst in Canada.
      Without the pandemic he’s driven the province 23 billion in debt.
      He’s basically pushing his ideologies on everyone.


  5. His “restrictions” aren’t really restrictions at all, but rather cover-ups for things we already have in place. Funny how politicians can take the same concept and find 100 different ways to twist and turn it to make it look like a completely new thing, except it’s the exact same

    I used to think that Calgary was a good city to live in but I’m starting to have second thoughts. I’ve been living here for almost 3 years and it’s worse now than it was back then. Much worse, not counting the pandemic.

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    1. He didn’t really try to make it look like a new thing. He just reiterated shit that has already been said and done and took credit for it. I agree with you though, this city has been on a downward spiral. It sucks.

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  6. Earlier in the year I saw someone comment that a lot of governments think the virus doesn’t spread anywhere where there’s a cash register. Certainly that was an approach they took in England (compared to Scotland where they’ve had much tougher restrictions for longer).

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    1. It’s so naïve for governments to think like that. Here they said ‘Kids don’t transmit it’ and there’s 1,600 elementary school kids who have it right now. It’s crazy what nonsense people seem willing to spew.


  7. “Churches are no longer allowed to operate at 30 percent capacity, they’re required to operate at 1/3 capacity and there are zero exceptions to this.” Zero exceptions, LOL! I’m thankful the Orange Douchebag is on his way out, so I don’t have to pay attention to politics or him for a while. Seeing all these selfish asshole “leaders” who still aren’t taking Covid seriously is depressing. AND we all have like another year until serious measures and vaccines are available? I’m at the point where I have to stop caring because my empathy is burned out. And that hurts most of all.

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    1. The fact that there’s a year at least until enough people are vaccinated that the world will be ‘safe’ again is so depressing. I completely understand how you feel.

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