Black Friday Online Deals

Did anyone find any awesome online Black Friday deals today? Care to share with moi? I’ve been casually browsing throughout the day but I really haven’t found any sales that are worthy of purchasing, or sharing.

If you found something worth sharing, on the other hand, I want to know. I have one person left to buy a Christmas gift for. Someone who is seemingly impossible to shop for. haha!

Share those ONLINE Black Friday deals if you’re up for it.


18 thoughts on “Black Friday Online Deals

  1. My husband says that the malls didn’t have great deals. As for online shopping, I hardly shop online but I did come across a site that often has good deals. Check out if you get a chance – I like their large selection of products. Warning: They’ll spam your email account like crazy but that’s where they announce what’s on sale.

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    1. I heard the deals in malls were sub-par today. I wouldn’t dare go near one right now, but I did drive past CrossIron just to see how many people were there and there were lineups out on the highway. Can’t wait to hear how many cases result from that in 1.5-2 weeks.

      Thanks for the FYI on I’ve heard of it before but never checked it out. I’m looking at it now, though. There’s a lot of good stuff on there!

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      1. I slept all day Friday and didn’t leave the house, but I did go to the hospital where there are COVID cases everywhere. Nowhere is really safe – all we can do is take safety precautions and do our part 😷

        I realize that I’m at risk of being exposed to COVID which is why I will occasionally leave the house. Not yesterday, but other days I will run errands. I wouldn’t be surprised if this province goes on full lockdown mode over the next two weeks. Maybe then school will be cancelled for all students (they kept saying it would be cancelled for us but never ended up cancelling, which ended up becoming a complete nightmare. Students being shuffled around like we’re ping pong balls is stressful AF… and I’m sick of it) no pun intended.

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      2. While I wish there would be a lockdown now, I think our ‘leadership’ would rather let the hospitals fill with patients, outbreaks and an inability to help people at all, to the point where people are being shipped out to get the assistance they need, rather than lock down. I honestly don’t know how you’ve been dealing with everything lately. Your life is way more stressful than mine.


      3. There was an anti-mask protest going on today I think? It was in Calgary. It’s disgusting how divided people have become. Clearly, something isn’t working and something needs to change. Whatever the government has been or hasn’t doing isn’t working. I won’t be surprised if we have more outbreaks in the hospitals after this anti-mask covidiot protest.

        I just want to finish school. Is that too much to ask? I’ve got another night shift at the hosptial tonight. It’s one of the hospitals with the Covid outbreaks. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t concerned about where the direction of this province and country is headed.


    1. I honestly spent like 40 minutes going through those links you sent me yesterday. While I can’t really buy anything for myself this close to Christmas, I am soooo going to after Christmas. lol


  2. I found a couple of decent things. Just getting the Echo Show 5 for my parents, thought it might be kinda cool to hear them shouting ‘Hey Alexa’ every 5 minutes with not a clue what they’re doing!

    I found a couple of decent deals, did a blog post recently with a few in case you want to have a look-see. It really depends what you want because not all ‘deals’ for Black Friday are really bargains, you really have to hunt out the genuine savings!

    Caz xx


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