“Blogmas” Day 2

If you’re wondering what happened to Blogmas Day 1, so am I. Yesterday got away from me.

If you’re wondering what Blogmas is, I completely understand. Blogmas is a trendy tag that bloggers use to compete with the algorithm each Christmas season. You’re supposed to write a post every day leading up to Christmas. I’m not really trying to compete with any algorithm, and I can’t promise that I’ll even keep up with it. But, it does seem like an easy title to give my posts for the month of December.

What’s been going on lately? My mom’s had some health issues as of late and it has caused me a lot of worry. She’s spent my whole life telling me I’m too stubborn for my own good, but the truth is, I learned it from her. She is a very stubborn woman. I am just hoping that she gets through this soon and gets back to feeling like herself again.

COVID is still bad. For some reason they seem to believe that it’s going to miraculously disappear right before Christmas. I think they’re acting a little naive and a lot ridiculous being ten months into this and knowing how the general public acts, and reacts, to the pandemic at this point. But hey, what do I know?

Each morning at the start of the work day my sales team has a meeting to touch base before we do anything for the day. Our American crew (I’ve mentioned them before on here) are fighting as of late.

Kendra, who thinks COVID is a hoax, plans to go to Hawaii this weekend. Apparently Hawaii is doing this thing now where they don’t require a quarantine period as long as you can show a negative COVID test 72 hours before your flight. Kendra, not being the sharpest tool in the shed, has decided that she needs a holiday, so she’s headed to Hawaii. She’s angry that she has to get a COVID test at all, but, since she believes that Hawaii and Los Angeles are in the same time zone, it’ll all be worth it so she can pop off to Hawaii on Friday and pop back on Sunday.

Jason is mad at Kendra for not taking COVID serious. Jason has not taken COVID seriously since the beginning. But, last week Jason’s fiancee came down with COVID. Now, now… he cares. The past few months he’s been to California for a beach trip, Oregon for a fishing trip, Florida for a just because trip, and has continuously been out and about refusing to wear a mask because… why follow rules? Well, his fiancee now has COVID and I guess that’s what it took to actually make him give a damn. Jason now owns all the masks, all the sanitizer, all the things. He’s been tearing into Kendra since she announced her Hawaii plans because how dare she be so vapid and self-centered as to not take this pandemic seriously.

Sometimes I feel like the people I work with are characters in a Soap show.

I really need to start going to bed earlier. I always have good intentions of going to bed at a decent hour but then something good comes on television and I wind up awake to midnight, or even 1:00 am. It’s not good. I’m not a morning person and I definitely am not making things easy for myself by staying awake until 1:00 am and then having to get up for work. In my ideal world I could work from 12:00 – 8:00 pm and never have to wake up early again.

Okay, it’s time to get back to the real-world.

Happy Tuesday (that feels like a Monday).

30 thoughts on ““Blogmas” Day 2

  1. Early to bed early to rise makes a person healthy wealth and wise.

    I did blogmas may be two years in a row, and it was hit and miss. I never new blogmas was for algorithms. I did it first mum and to see if I can blog everyday . But is me naive .

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    1. I guess it is for the algorithm and it is isn’t. I’m certain that a lot of people just do Blogmas because it’s trendy. The piece where the algorithm comes in is that… it’s trendy. If you schedule your posts for the right point of the day, if you capitalize on the fact that people search out daily content this time of year for a distraction from every-day stresses in their own lives then it can be for the algorithm. It’s all about how you take advantage.

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  2. Your co-workers are definitely crackers, but then everyone south of your border seems to be at the moment. Now Flynn, having been pardoned is encouraging the idiot to declare martial law. Apparently us lot, that stole the election are arming an insurrection..blah blah….I can’t believe this is actually happening. And T wants a firing squad for those who disobey because they are traitors. When will it be over…OMG.
    By the way, I used to work afternoons…1300-2100, 1400-2200 etc and you know, you still don’t get enough sleep! I thought I liked those hours till I was forced on “earlies” and my fav shift was 0600-1400!

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    1. Yeah. They’re a little crazy. I’m not really sure what kind of an education system teaches that because Hawaii is in the Pacific ocean that means they’re in the pacific time zone… They definitely keep life interesting.

      As for working during the afternoon, isn’t it a little easier to wire your sleep clock for that time frame? I actually worked the graveyard for one summer during university. I loved it. I’m awake a lot of the night naturally, so rather than laying awake I was being productive. I’d be a miserable human being if I worked 6-2. I don’t know how you did that!


  3. I’ve never done Blogmas before (nor do I intend to this year, just because I already have my weekly posts scheduled, and I don’t want to mess with it), but it sounds like a neat project! Whether or not you choose to do it every day, I look forward to any post you publish from it! And yes, it really is mind-boggling just how little people care about COVID (and surreal that those who didn’t care now do): I’m part of a few travel groups online, and it astounds me that people are still traveling out of state (some even out of country) even though COVID is still around! Looks like a vaccine is around the corner, but still…it’s going to take time before things readjust to the way they were, if completely at all…*smh

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    1. While I hope a vaccine is around the corner, I think it’s still important to manage expectations. It’s going to come in stages, right? Small bits at a time, because of production and because of the fact that they’re not going to send 100% of produced doses to one country at one time ignoring the others. Our government is saying that it could be September/October next year before enough people are vaccinated that it’s not a public health risk. I’m with you, though. It’s mind boggling to me that people are travelling as though nothing is going on. I’ve seen some people on Instagram hopping through Europe. Actually, there’s on couple who are from Portugal who are in Indonesia right now. They are a lot braver than I. Hopefully they’re not spreading germs on their travels.

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      1. I honestly think these people globe-trotting during COVID are reckless and not very smart. Harsh as it sounds, it really is selfish of them to travel for pleasure. I understand traveling for family or business (at the risk of losing a job), but I cannot fathom the fact that people are traveling just because they’re “dying” to do so again. I would kill to travel again, but I understand that COVID is more serious; neither do I want to get COVID nor pass it on to others if I have it. The vaccine would help get us back on track, but it definitely isn’t the miracle cure that we should be banking on; if there’s one thing people haven’t learned from this year, it’s to just keep clean, distance themselves, and wear face masks. Alas, we’ll just have to see what happens going from here…

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  4. sending positive vibes to your mommy. She will get better soon!
    The temperature here since last few days has been Goin up and down.. So its warm sometimes and gets cold another sec. (I’ve been asking my friends my fam about is it only happening with me… They say noo….its the climate changing ๐Ÿ˜…)
    That lady shall not travel as of now…
    Ive turned into something now which yells at people if they travel here and there after watching some travel videos.. Of recent times over YT. ๐Ÿ˜‚


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      1. During warm days which is the summer season… Here… It goes beyond 40 degree Celsius. And here as its winters…. It’s around 25 degree Celsius….


    1. Kendra is born and raised, lived her whole life in Texas. Jason is Canadian who moved to our American office in 2014 to run it because ‘leadership was lacking’ at that point. lol

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    1. I would beg to differ. If you saw the difference in the stats I got yesterday for including ‘Blogmas’ in the title versus the stats for any of the days of the past 20 posts I made, you would be astounded. lol

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