Blogmas Day 3

This is my Christmas tree. The lights were pre-installed on it. The ornaments will be up before Christmas. Even still, without the ornaments, I think it looks amazing. The sad little top of the tree is my favourite part. It just looks so wonky. My first tree and it’s a little off, just like me.

How on earth is it December? As slow as this year as been, it’s also seemed to go by in the blink of an eye.

Lately I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a real estate license. I like the idea because I really like the prospect of being able to help people find their home, their office, or their land. Whatever makes their heart happy and fills their boots. I also understand the principles of marketing really well. I don’t say that to sound cocky, I say that because I work really hard to understand how people act, react and what makes them tick. When you understand people, you understand their purchasing motivations. When you understand their purchasing motivations, you can help them and as a result, you can sell. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

48 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 3

    1. I do think it’s hard. But, I also think it would be really rewarding. Did you guys feel amazing when you got your first family home? Imagine being able to help people find that!

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  1. I love that your tree isn’t cookie-cutter perfect and that you can appreciate the adorable top. It’s nice when we have things that we can see ourselves in. I feel the same way about my rock collection– some pretty rough, a few polished, all unique.

    And I think you would be really good at real-estate. My Aunt [who has been in media sales for 50 years] got her real estate license as a ‘side hustle’ about a decade ago and has been doing it ever since. She’s damn good at both of her careers and I see a lot of you in her in terms of marketing and understanding others. Go for it!

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  2. You got a pre-packaged, pre-lit tree and are going to decorate it with all blue ornaments? I feel like you should’ve gone with chrome rather than classic green. I do like the curl on the top, though.

    Also, you know when you get into real estate you have to start by selling the murder houses and then working up from there?

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    1. I bought a pre-lit tree. I bought it pre-lit because why buy the lights separately and then have to go and put them on myself? And it’s pre-packaged because real trees make me sneeze. As for getting a flocked tree… I can just look out the window to see a flocked tree?

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      1. When it’s white’ish in colour to make it look like it’s covered in fresh fallen snow. It doesn’t actually look like that but people pretend the fake white colouring is snow

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    1. I love things that are just a little bit off-kilter. Nothing in life is perfect, so I appreciate the reflection of that. I hate things that look just a little too perfect. You know what I mean?


  3. V, I gotta be honest. This might be an inappropriate comment that you might not even approve. For reals, all I can see is The Grinch with a few weird sex toys at his feet. And I’m not even drunk right now. This is just the way I see things sometimes.

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  4. Real estate can be a really rewarding career. My neighbor became a Millionaire selling condos, specifically, back when they were popular. She went straight into real estate after high school and skipped university. Her company let her take courses and she kept moving up the cooperate ladder. To this day, I am quite sure that she’s still in real estate.

    People who say real estate is hard have probably never done real estate. If this is your dream, by all means chase after it!

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  5. I love your tree (although for myself, I am only going with real ones). And I agree, you understand people, and what moves them, really well. So I think you should try:)

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  6. Imperfectly perfect, I love it! I’m liking the idea of blue baubles too. We’ve ended up collecting too many colours over the years and it looks such a mess.

    I was curious about the idea of helping people find their new home too. Sleep on it a bit more & if it still appeals then go for it, I think it could be cool – interesting & rewarding! xx

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  7. Great post! Yes. It’s December–crazy eh?! I really ike that you’re thinking about things like getting a real estate license. I say go for it. And remember those words in your head are powerful and are your truth. embrace it.

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  8. Yes! How is it already December!!!!! We lost a year and we’ve aged not fairly… ok, we’ve gained much wisdom from the recluse life we’re living for a year almost… but hey! That tree looks nice and thoughtful ❤️


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