Blogmas Day 4

It has taken me five years to figure out the name of this song. While I cannot say that I’ve been actively looking, when this came on my Soul Cycle radio the other day, I nearly lost my marbles.

About five years ago there was a viral video circling the web that saw a bunch of dancers wearing storm trooper costumes dancing to this song. I think it was on America’s Got Talent. Don’t quote me on that, though. I just remember Simon Cowell being on the show. It was intoxicating. I remember watching the video on repeat because it was the epitome of unique entertainment to me. I still watch the video from time-to-time, but I’d never actually managed to find this song.

What is it the kids are saying these days, ‘this song is a bop’? I think. Actually, I’m probably wrong on that. I’m extremely out of touch with the younger crowd. I hit thirty and I might as well be 90, I’m so far removed.

I have been thinking that I’d like to buy a treadmill to keep in my garage. It’s been something that I’ve had on my mind since I’ve moved into this house, basically. I just haven’t been able to pull the trigger because purchasing things for a home takes a lot of time. When I moved into this place I had next to nothing. Slowly, but surely, over the past six months, I’ve gotten bedding and silverware, towels and all those other luxuries that would be impossible to live without in the western world.

Those things add up over time. Spending a thousand dollars on a treadmill just couldn’t be in the budget. In full transparency, it still shouldn’t be on the consideration list based on what I still have to purchase. That being said, I’m watching news reports that say it’ll be September of next year before enough vaccines are dispersed to make regular activity regular again. If we have another ten months of this, I want something. Especially with four of those months being in a deep freeze.

I don’t know what will happen with it. I probably won’t do anything. I like to write things down, though. Perhaps it’ll allow me to bring the desires to fruition if I actually put it on a page somewhere. You know, hold myself accountable and whatnot.

18 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 4

  1. A treadmill will help your health….I am 72 and believe me, you need to do everything you can to maintain the health of your body! So I would put it further up the list and screw the cost. Maybe you can find a good second hand one…lots of people are getting rid of good quality stuff these days.

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    1. I’m like you. Some days I’m really good, I’ll go out for a walk, I’ll eat healthy, I’ll do all the things to take care of myself and then some days I will just lay in bed all day and eat chips. lol

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  2. I had a treadmill and sold it right before this all started. I traded it in for and elliptical because I heard that it was more of a full body work out. The problem was that I couldn’t read while doing it, there was no place to put my phone for music… I wish I kept my treadmill. Something therapeutic about walking. It would be a good investment in my opinion. And you could always buy second hand, maybe?

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    1. Oh, shoot! If only you could go back in time, eh?

      Second hand is a good idea. My only issue is getting it into my garage by myself or inviting a stranger into my garage. I’m pretty careful about stuff like that because I live alone. You know what I mean?

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  3. Treadmill is a great idea if there’s gonna be deep freeze for quite a lot of time. I’m grateful to have better weather and better conditions when it comes to covid where I am which allows me to run outside. Sax is a really cool song, even though I was judged, there was a time where I listened to it too many times… just because I found it fun.


  4. Gurl, my boys remind me on a consistent basis how wrong and oh my God uncool I am when it comes to music 🤣 I just look at them and say, hey y’all are so lucky that I am cool….look at Grandma🤪 I’m a mess at knowing the names of songs and the lyrics sometimes but I can dance and feel the beat so….go with what ya know V, which is a hell of a lot sister!!!


  5. Oh man…I feel you on songs that really capture you, but you don’t know the NAME. OF. THE. DAMN. SONG. I have at least half a dozen that I’ve heard in the past five years, but even searching it by lyrics on YouTube have proved fruitless; one of them is an EDM track (sans vocals), so the search is even more hopeless. I’ve heard that Shazam can work, but I’ve yet to install it…”Sax” is definitely a “bop,” and I’m young(er) enough to actually use it without cringe haha. A treadmill is a good idea; otherwise, I’d say getting a few equipment (e.g. dumbbells, foam roller, yoga mat) does wonders for a satisfying workout at home. It’s what I’ve been doing since my teen years, and it’s really great!


  6. I have told myself not to buy anything for next two months. (Keeping control) because, lately I’ve been shopping alot (thou’ I needed that…but know)
    Been monitoring some personal finance…

    But the treadmill sounds a good investment. It will be good especially during Winters…to heat things up n cardio…


  7. Health is important, you can always try and find a more affordable option on let go or offer up sites to make things a little better. I have one and am definitely not consistent with using it. But I know it’s there, so that counts right?


  8. A treadmill is a good thing to have. Being financially responsible is always good but when you do get around to getting one you’ll at least know it’s an appropriate things to spend money on. Plus if you wait long enough you’re bound to come across a sale.


  9. I’m 10 years older so I can say.. it gets worse in terms of relation to popular culture.

    What’ll happen is you’ll notice things just go in cycles and you’ve seen/heard it before. I also look 10 years younger (or more) younger so people talk down to me thinking I’m younger than them or think I’m their age discussing things I know nothing about.

    I know here there’s a lot of push against a vaccine because it’s being fast tracked not knowing the long term consequences. I know many people want life back to normal, but we should also be mindful of the potential consequences and I’m not saying that as a tinfoil hat person. There’s a legitimate concern though..

    I listen to a lot of music others made fun of and it’s weird so much of that music is retro cool now. New.. the new Puscifer album is all I listen to and it’s songs inspired by music made fun of that’s suddenly “cool” now.
    I’ve been off WP, it’s good to see your new job continues to work out.


  10. Indeed, even though the vaccine is being rolled out here in the UK, it will still be a while before things will be back to normal.
    My plan was supposed to be to walk to and from work all through the spring and summer (until it got too dark in the evenings to do so) but that fell right out the window.

    I had a standing desk at work and made a request to have it delivered – Estates are now not able to find it, along with a lot of our furniture we had to pack up. Fingers crossed they will find it, or be able to get me something similar, as I feel so sedate sitting all the time while working.


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