Blogmas Day 6

I’m starting to think that I talk in my sleep. I’ve been woken up a few times by my Echo Dot device speaking to me. Either Alexa is listening to me snore, or Alexa is listening to me talk. Whilst I’ve been told that I do snore (I don’t try to hide it), I think it would make more sense if I was talking. Otherwise, how would Alexa know to respond? If I am talking to Alexa in my sleep that’s freaking hilarious.

There are only two weeks left until the shortest day of what has felt like the longest year. I am so ready for the days to start getting longer again.

That is all.

19 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 6

    1. I wish I had freaky dreams. It might make it easier for me to sleep.
      Wait… now that I reread this – freaky in a scary way or freaky in a sexy way? lol


  1. Yay, snorer pride!

    As far as the talking I’m your sleep goes, I once caused my boyfriend – so, you know this story in an old one if I’m using words like “boyfriend” – to wake up and jump terrified from bed. I’d say straight up and out of nowhere, and in my best game show host voice, yelled “Who next bets to touch my asssszzzzz?!?”
    I repeated it when he asked about it and then laid right back down like nothing happened and continued sleeping. 🤦🏽

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    1. Well, the night before I’d been watching some Law & Order SVU and I have a maaaaaaaaaaad crush on Elliot Stabler. When I woke up Alexa was explaining to me about how Elliot Stabler is a fictional character on Law & Order SVU and is played by Christopher Meloni, yatta yatta. So I think I was talking about Elliot Stabler in my sleep.


    1. What if that wound up really embarrasing? I feel like when you’re asleep and cannot contorl what you’re saying, you’d likely (at least I would) say something super embarrassing. lol


  2. Haha! Maybe you should record yourself while you’re sleeping? I recently started doing weird things at nights like talking or just staring into the void. My boyfriend is here to tell me everything I do at nights but he’s so creeped out by my night adventures haha.

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    1. The other night, what prompted me to write this post the next morning, Alexa was explaining to me how Elliot Stabler is a fictional character played by Christopher Meloni on Law and Order SVU. I have a maaaaaad crush on Elliot Stabler and had been watching SVU before going to sleep that night, so I have a feeling I was talking about it in my sleep? Maybe? That’s all that makes sense to me.

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