Okay, Christmas might not actually be cancelled, but it’s going to look a hell of a lot different this year then ever before. Alberta has put *ACTUAL* restrictions in place. These aren’t the measures from two weeks ago that allowed our cases to continue skyrocketing past the rest of the country. These are actual restrictions.

Do I think they’re going to go far enough? Probably not. But it’s a damn good place to start.

  • Gyms – Closed
  • Restaurants – Take out only
  • Bars – Closed, unless they serve food in which case it’s take-out only
  • Stores – 15% capacity (includes grocery stores, which means they’re going to go from bad to worse)
  • Any and all fitness and recreation facilities – Closed
  • Hair salons, barbers – Closed
  • Churches – Not closed. (Probably should be given the state of Alberta)
  • Social gatherings – Not allowed. Indoor and outdoor included.
  • Work from home – Four weeks.
  • Casinos – Closed. (Should have been closed all along)
  • Waterparks – Closed (Should have been closed all along)
  • Nail salons, personal grooming places that do things like waxing and whatnot – closed.
  • Massage – Closed.
  • Sports – Postponed for four weeks.

I am sure there are others.

Oh and masks. FINALLY MASKS! Two weeks ago he was really proud to not implement a provincial wide mask mandate. Now he had to swallow some crow and implement a provincial wide mask mandate.

You’re not allowed to have Christmas with anyone who doesn’t live in your home. (Yes, I realize that’s a double-negative). You’re not supposed to travel into, or out of, Alberta if travel isn’t essential. What else? Oh I’m sure there’s other stuff. It was quite the press conference. One most of us have been waiting for months for.

Now, time will tell if these restrictions will save lives, and give some much needed ease to an extremely over-stretched health care system.


  1. Yeah, same here as of yesterday in NorCal 😦 We’re all staying put. I ordered some things online that looks like they might not even come in time for Christmas and to get into a store to shop is a long line. No thanks…With adult kids, they get it.

    The bummer is the small businesses & restaurants, it might just be the end of them & I feel so bad for those owners who thought that part of it was over.

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    1. A lot of restaurants around here had already closed, or were talking about it being soon at present pace anyway. They couldn’t/can’t even pay rent operating at capacity they were operating at, nevermind their employees or their supplies.

      I hope that with the small business compensation the government offered on the press conference today, that they make it easily attainable for small businesses to get. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a fucking nightmare to apply for and be approved for, with the way this government operations.

      I hope that your stuff shows up before Christmas!

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    1. Yeah. My fear is that people have stopped caring because they hear this news of the vaccine. It can’t come soon enough… but we’re definitely not out of the woods yet


      1. me again! and on our UK news – two NHS staff had allergic reactions to the vaccine. I was nervous about the vaccine, and I was like I want to take it. But, there is so much unknown about.


      2. There will always be people who are allergic to the vaccine. There are people allergic to every vaccine on earth, thats not new news. People are allergic to the flu vaccine, people are allergic to tetanus shots, they keep babies in the doctors office for a length of time after they get their whooping cough and other vaccines to make sure that if the baby has an allergic reaction they can look after them accordingly. Please don’t let news like that scare you. If its something you’re concerned about then speak with a physician about your concerns so they can help you determine a smart option for you.

        My mom, because of her history with cancer, has been informed that even with her allergies, its recommended for her to get this to help protect herself. Her physician is working with her to get her vaccinated. The physician has said that its easier treat an allergic reaction than to have her at risk and high risk at that.

        Bottom line, if you are nervous, ask your doctor. Or a doctor.

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      3. True very true. I think it is so NEW that even the doctors don’t know, It is a learning game for all doctors because trails will not cover all the possible cases that exists in the world. If that makes sense.


      4. I completely know where you’re coming from. Just work with your doctor. It will be a learning game as vaccine roll outs happen, for all health care workers. They’re trained for that, though.

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    2. There are so much unknown about the vaccine. If person a is vaccinated and person b is not. Person A could have covid and is safe, but we dont know if person A can transmit covid to person B. We dont know how long the antibodies work for. These are the questions the UK government and healthcare and scientific communities keep saying. And let us not forget the population on the world 8 billion people.

      So masks, social distancing, hands will be with us for a long time. And even if you are vaccinated.

      It is still a long journey.

      And this all to protect us. The virus will still be there even if we are vaccinated globally it wont disappear.

      Sorry to be a of a downer, but these are the facts.


      1. Firstly, to your comment that these are facts, I would suggest these aren’t facts. these are ‘unknowns’.

        Secondly, I think it’s important to note that these unknowns are pretty much a reality with most viral illnesses. Germs spread from person to person to person, whether someone has had a vaccine or not, they can still carry germs. The vaccine is supposed to improve quality of life and hopefully spare a lot of people from passing. It’s not eradicating the virus. There are far too many unknowns at this point to try and eradicate. What they can do is try to protect people as much as possible.

        That being said, you’re right that masks and social distancing will probably be a reality for a while. They’re saying they’re expecting a 70% vaccine roll out by next September in this province. So that means the next 10 months, at least. Some countries might get that quicker if they have smaller populations, but even then with borders and travelling, it’s a strategic effort that needs to happen.


  2. The city I live in.. Has opened the tourist places from today.. (and as usual I am yelling at them through my phones)

    The Prime Minister says the vaccine will be ready very soon… And the airports are getting ready with the storage facilities…

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    1. Me too.
      I hope that it helps. I hope that it turns out being worth it.
      If people ignore it and continue on at the pace we’re at, well… it’s just, I hope it helps.

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    1. Oh wait, there was more. I just read the title.

      Not “allowed” to have Christmas with anyone outside your household huh? How closely are we envisioning that being followed?

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      1. I think they’re expecting those who’ve been trying to social distance, but were considering making an exception for Christmas, to follow the rules and not meet for Christmas.

        I think they’re expecting those who don’t care, think it’s a hoax, or think the government is too Liberal in this country to ignore it and do whatever they want. Because, let’s face it, they were always going to anyways. After all, if they were ready to meet by the thousands at City Hall plaza to protest an infringement on their rights and freedoms for having to put a cloth over their mouth and nose when in public, I’m betting the protest is going to be even bigger this coming weekend…

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      1. At the very least I believe that the second two statements are beyond debate. But I will grant some level of uncertainty on the efficacy issue, as that data is more difficult to assess. My opinion, and this is my opinion, is that the proven disastrous consequences make support of such a scientifically dubious solution untenable.

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      2. Thank you. I am appreciative of different opinions.

        I also think, and this is my opinion, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. And I think that’s key. What could help here might not carry any weight where you are. It’s a case by case, place by place scenario.

        New Zealand did an amazing job of containing the virus. Do I think anything like what New Zealand did could be attainable in Canada? Nope. Not even a little bit. That being said, I don’t think that means we do nothing at all. Which, up until two weeks ago, was what was practically what was happening in Alberta.

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      3. My state currently has the 4th highest caseload in the US.

        We tried a lockdown back in March. Statistics gathered after the lockdown was lifted indicated that movement patterns weren’t changed in any significant way by government action. Relying on government action to fix these issues misses the point that it is in the best interests of all individuals to limit the spread of COVID. At this point it seems that failed draconian actions have fostered a deep mistrust in the government’s honesty and ability to handle the situation. There is also widespread doubt as to the severity of the situation, which I think could have been alleviated by a more localized municipality driven approach.

        Requiring people to shut down their businesses and lose their means of income is no light thing, and should not be treated flippantly. What upsets me most about your approach to this situation is that you don’t seem to consider that side of the equation.

        I’ll agree with you that New Zealand is a unique example of a country that has managed to keep the genie in the bottle, largely through tight border control and rigorous testing. But that’s a wildly different task than putting the genie back in the bottle.

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      4. “What upsets me most about your approach to this situation is that you don’t seem to consider that side of the equation.”

        While I am sorry to have upset you, I would like to point out that you didn’t ask my thoughts on the other side of the equation. From the way you’ve phrased this sentence, are you assuming you know my thoughts? If that’s the case, I can absolutely guarantee you do not. What I choose to share on this blog is a very small fraction of my thoughts, and my days and is, in no way, a complete depiction of my understanding or consideration.

        Regardless, I’m not here to argue with you. I fear at this point, that’s likely what it is coming across as. I value your opinions. I appreciate your willingness to share them. I genuinely hope that you know that.

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      5. “Do I think anything like what New Zealand did could be attainable in Canada? Nope. Not even a little bit. ”

        The tragic thing for me all year has been that Hong Kong shows that it’s definitely possible, anywhere in the world. Just look at their cases. It’s one of the most densely-populated AND populous places in the world. I have a friend there, and his life hasn’t changed much at any point, he just has to work from home and everybody is super-vigilant. It’s physically possible, just not intellectually-so. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Or perhaps that’s what you meant.

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    1. It’s going to be weird. Spending Christmas completely alone is… well I usually am with people. Whether it’s family, friends or coworkers (I have worked on Christmas before)… there’s always some people, or someone, around. You know what I mean?

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      1. Sorry, with my attention on correcting the ‘mistake’, that had gone over me somehow πŸ˜†. Yeah, that’s a big thing. I actually experienced that for the first time last Christmas, so once again I am somehow pre-prepared for this year πŸ˜…. So yeah I know how surreal that could be. I guess, at least you’ll have video calls with people right? I didn’t even have that lol. Just me and my blog and about 4 poems a day πŸ˜†. And it’ll be same again this year, so you won’t be alone! It’ll be a lot easier for me this time around.

        It’s kind of ironic that they held off on restrictions for so long, that they came just in time for christmas, isn’ it? πŸ˜’ Bizarrely we just came out of a 2-week lockdown last week, which has given just enough time for cases to explode back up to what they were, just in time for christmas 🀣. But yeah I can reassure you that the lockdown WILL bring cases down, and quite rapidly. Both times, it had an immediate and big effect here. And since people learn nothing about being careful, they shoot back up again as soon as it’s ended :\.


  3. Time will tell, though I am wondering if it too late for many people:(
    Here in the UK they will allow three households to meet, either indoors in a private residence or in a place of worship, from the 23rd to the 27th. Our family are taking no chances (Husband’s Dad is 80) and we will be meeting in the inlaws’ garden as they have a large fire pit.

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    1. It’s so hard.
      I worry that it’s too late, not just for people suffering from COVID who are in the ICU, but also for people who are suffering from other issues as well. The province said yesterday that more than 6,000 surgeries have been postponed until March. They also said there’s an outbreak at the cancer centre that’s large enough they’ve postponed a lot of people’s treatments. I also worry about people who aren’t seeking the therapy they need right now because they’re too afraid. There are so many people at risk right now.
      It’s good that you guys aren’t taking chances. I sincerely hope that your distanced interactions help make the day feel special, while maintaining a safety measure that allows you to feel confident none of you get sick.

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  4. I hope you still can make the day special somehow! I know the one year I had to be away from family due to work it helped a lot to still do the little traditions on my own. Treat yo self! Stay healthy & happy!
    -Your neighbor in Saskatchewan

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    1. Wise advice. Thank you!
      I’ve heard on the news lately that Sask hasn’t been doing so great with COVID. Please stay healthy and safe!


  5. The disturbances of 1647 were in reaction to a political decision, which could be reversed by another political decision. But protesting or rioting against a threat from nature like Covid-19 is like mutiny on the Titanic in protest against having to get into lifeboats.


  6. Since Christmas is cancelled there should be a whole lot of therapists on the roll to help us out. Mental health has turned really bad this year. There are people who live alone and dealing with stuff and now they won’t be able to see anyone on Christmas either? I get it we’re going through a pandemic but we need our loved ones around us too. We are social creatures after all.


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