Overheard on Discord: Axel has a girlfriend

I was a little perplexed as to why so much of the Discord content for a few months was about Axel’s dating life and then it just stopped. Part of me was curious if someone had told him to cut-it-out and that the discord wasn’t the place to share these stupid stories. ( Read here or here or here if you’re curious)

It turns out we haven’t heard any dating stories in a while because Axel has a girlfriend and he’s been keeping her secret. We learned this morning when he shared what he’s grateful for in 2020 on the office discord. His Tinder hookup who gave him COVID, subsequently exposing over a dozen of our staff, is now his girlfriend.

Apparently if they can get through COVID together, they can get through anything together, according to Axel. I don’t know that that is entirely true, but I do wish them the best. A little love is a good thing in this world we presently live. It helps make the days a little bit easier and the small things just that much nicer.

18 thoughts on “Overheard on Discord: Axel has a girlfriend

  1. Oh… Dear God!

    I am making less contact with people.
    Every contact matters.

    In some corner of my mind I think that.. I didn’t wanted to remember such a historical moment.. Of pandemic.. which timestamps that person in my life.. πŸ˜…
    so, all men are away… No bumble.. No tinder… And not getting close to anyone…

    Anyways.. He got everything during these times.. πŸ˜πŸ’―

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    1. Apparently! Those crazy kids…. (I say kids full-well knowing they’re both older than me lol)
      I can laugh about it now. I was pissed when he exposed us all to COVID. But now I’m just like… yeah, you would date the chick that gave you COVID.

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  2. Crazy how relationships develop, right? I guess it’s good that Axel’s happy, even if meeting his now-GF was through the weirdest (and I’d say most-embarrassing) of circumstances. Stay safe, V!

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  3. Well okay then. I knew someone who was nowhere near as smart (?) but seemed to have the same luck with women. And yeah, you don’t want to hear the stories, but you simply can’t not hear the stories.


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