Blogmas Day 19

Instead of exchanging gifts, this year for Christmas my best friend and I have taken the money we would have spent on said gifts and donated it to charities in our local cities. She donated to a women’s shelter and I donated to a local community group that has been purchasing groceries for families in need throughout the pandemic.

The reason I am sharing this is because, if you have the opportunity and the means to be able to help someone this holiday season, it’s a really great idea. I used to think that ‘Oh, $75 isn’t going to make any bit of a difference’, but the truth is, $75 is $75 more than they had before. Every little bit counts to organizations that truly help those in need.

If the person you’re shopping for doesn’t necessarily need anything this year, maybe check with them and see if you can make a donation to people in need rather than buying your friend or family member something. There’s a lot of people really hurting after the year that’s been and whether it’s $10 or $10,000, every little bit counts.

Spread some goodness and kindness if you can, wherever you can.

34 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 19

  1. It’s an absolutely wonderful idea and you are right, any small amount at all makes a difference because lots of small amounts add up quickly and there are just so many in need, thanks to governments that are run, seemingly only for the wealthy. Bless you and your kind-hearted friend.

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  2. This is a truly beautiful idea! I have given some of my unneeded but still good items to a local ‘op shop’, and doing that will help people more than giving to my family members who already have all they need. I believe giving for need, rather than greed, is the best way to go.

    I’m still giving to family members of course, but this year, I put more thought into my gifts, and I hope they will be even more appreciated.

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  3. Such a great idea! This year I tried to make all my gifts from small businesses and through Etsy to help support them. It’s a small gesture but all I can do at the moment.

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  4. Me and a friend are thinking of doing the same thing. Donate. Recently a house of a guy who raises his kids alone burnt down and of course they need help so my friend said why not help them. Or maybe we’ll help someone else. Truth is it’s tough to make up your mind to help when you’re in financial difficulty as well, like a lot of people are, but good intentions reveal a good heart. Happy holidays 🌲

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    1. It sounds like you have a very generous and good heart yourself. I’m so sorry for the man who’s recently lost his home to fire. That’s terrible. 😦 I wouldn’t wish that amount of pain on anyone. I’m sure whomever you helped was very thankful for you ❤


    1. Such a great sentiment! No one can do everything but everyone can do something. Small, medium, large, whatever it is, a good heart spreads ❤


      1. I had a very quiet and different Christmas this year. It was lovely thank you. A very merry Christmas and happy new year to you too🙂


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