37 thoughts on “Christmas Blues

  1. Are you kidding? I know this is of no comfort to you (clinical depression and anxiety for most of my life and I am probably older than your parents)…but…I think there are more of us, the ones who don’t like to do the fake joy of the season, than there are of them, the ones who don’t feel stressed out and burned out and are truly enjoying cooking, cleaning and spending. We should all post a photo on the 25th, in all our our non-holiday glory.

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    1. I definitely don’t like the fake joy of the season. And, given everything going on this year, it seems like the fake joy is what people are reeeeeeeeeeally going for this year. Non-holiday glory will be me this year.


  2. It’s a very difficult time especially for people who aren’t used to isolation. But you really aren’t alone…you have lots of friends here and more important you have family, even if you can’t be with them, I know they will be thinking of you. Before you know it this whole thing will be a nasty nightmare we all had. It WILL end and things will get better. Feel better. XX

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    1. I’m sorry that you feel this too. It’s a sucky feeling to have. I hope that you’ve been able to find some sweetness/happiness the past few days since this comment.


  3. I barely even noticed Christmas, like last year. That’s how alone I am πŸ˜…. And ironically that makes Christmas loneliness in particular a non-issue for me πŸ˜†. To be honest though it was quite loneliness-inducing last year for sure, I recognise what you’re feeling. It’s easier after the first time lol.

    Anyway, loneliness is one of the strongest, most important and valid human feelings. It’s a thing which cannot be sustained longer term and is totally normal to complain about no matter what your other circumstances.

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    1. How did you handle Christmas alone? Got any tips for the next few months? It’s looking like it’s going to be September before enough people are vaccinated that my office will open fully again. September is a longgggggggg time from now.

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      1. Jesus, September!? Is that what your company has said specifically? Having a far-off date like that is a lot to handle! At least when it’s piecemeal and you don’t know at the beginning how long it’s going to be, it’s easier.

        I’d intended to reach out more to other people who were spending it alone, in case I could help them somehow. Bit annoyed at myself that I didn’t manage to, but to be honest I was completely absorbed in my usual battles with OCD and sleeping routine. A couple days before christmas my sleep got messed up again, so the whole thing was very anti-climatic cos what little plans I did have were messed up by waking up too late πŸ˜†.

        But anyways, honestly this christmas was 10x easier than last :D. I just did normal things like any other day in the end. And at least my 1 nearby friend had a video call with me :D. Didn’t even have that last year lol. Then my brother spoke to me on boxing day. Last year my strategy was just to stay up super late on christmas eve, and sleep through christmas day xD. Which actually worked.

        I guess I’ve got better at focusing on self-care and focusing on the moment at those times when it really matters. You’ve just got to take it one day at a timeβ€” and try to learn to view these small achievements as real victories. To see it for what it isβ€” basic survival. And survival is never pretty πŸ˜†β€” that’s something I keep reminding myself of. Try not to predict the future.

        My shortlist:
        Todo lists
        Getting outside
        Connecting with people regularly online/by phone
        Being creative
        Learning something new
        Watching a new film β€” biographical ones or stories of survival are esp. good! Seriously
        Reading a new book

        One really important thing for me is that I go to the supermarket every dayβ€” just to get a few things at a time. The security guard recognises me so I always get a little friendly acknowledgement, and also at the checkout :). This also gives me a minimum amount of fresh air.

        Little things count! Find ways to do little things for people :).


    1. I’m sorry you know this feeling. 😦
      I really hope you’ve found something to bring you smiles over this holiday. If not, I hope you find something soon.


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