A Reminder

This blog is my thoughts and opinions. I do not speak for everyone. I do not speak for anyone but myself. And, perhaps, for a friend or family member (once in a while) only when we’ve discussed a certain subject matter and they’ve given me permission to share their perspective.

I do not speak facts.

I speak personal opinions. If you have ever thought I was presenting my personal opinions as fact, I sincerely apologize.

Also, though, just because I share an opinion does not mean that it is my only opinion. Just because I share an opinion does not mean that it’s the only opinion to exist in this world. I think a lot. I read a lot. I watch a lot. I try to see things from a balanced perspective and acknowledge that, though my opinions may lean one direction, the other side of the coin is still relevant.

Just because I share a story does not mean that it is the entire story. I’m only sharing my side to the story. There’s a distinct bias there, and I hope that when people read my stories, they understand that.

If you read this blog, please take it for what it is, the ramblings of a 30 something female who’s deeply opinionated and a little bit lost in this world. If you want to read facts, seek those from factual sources… which are not, and will never be me. A blog is a place to get perspective, that’s all.

To clarify: when I have been wrong, I have been willing to acknowledge that and apologize. When someone else is wrong, I hope they’re willing to do the same. I will not apologize, however, for having one opinion in a world of thousands (if not millions). If your opinions differ from mine, that’s completely okay.

Oh, while I’m spewing this today, I thought I’d add that this world has so many shades of grey. I’ve noticed lately a lot of people suggesting that something can only be one or the other. In reality, things need not be mutually exclusive. You can think someone is both extremely intelligent and a stupid idiot. For example: I strongly dislike Canadian Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole. STRONGLY, STRONGLY dislike him. I dislike his policies and I think that he says some awfully idiotic, and extremely harmful things that are divisive to our country and stoke the flames of racial inequality like it’s a game for him. And I truly believes when he says those idiotic things, that he believes them. I find him to be a flagrant idiot. But, I also know that he’s an extremely intelligent individual. He speaks multiple languages, has a long history with the Canadian Forces Air Command and, served in reserves as he pursued and earned a Legal Degree. It takes an individual of a certain intelligence level to accomplish what he has accomplished in his life and I acknowledge that. I truly believe that you can be both an idiot and intelligent at the same time.

I truly believe you can be both happy and sad at the same time. Also, I believe you can be both for one side while not being against another side. Something can be both a bad idea and a good idea at the same exact time. What was considered okay and acceptable when my parents were kids were long past alright by the time I was a kid. And now, now that my nieces and nephews face so many of the same experiences what was alright when my parents were kids can, at times, seem a tad stupid or barbaric.

The world is constantly changing and you have to keep up with it, otherwise you’re only doing a disservice to yourself. The world is not black and white. There are so many shades of grey and you’re only doing a disservice to yourself if you refuse to acknowledge them.

Lastly, as always, if you don’t like me, my thoughts, opinions or what I choose to share, just don’t read this blog. You don’t need to be mean or nasty. You don’t have to spam me. Just… unfollow. It won’t break my heart. Not everyone is meant for everyone. Different people have different tastes in what they wish to consume. If you dislike me, don’t agree with me, think I’m an idiot, think I’m uninformed, think my blog is a waste of effort, just don’t read it. Do yourself a favour and read one which you get joy from. Read one which makes you happy. Life’s too short for hate-following someone.

46 thoughts on “A Reminder

  1. I wish ppl would realize that what we share online is only a small sliver of who we are and what our lives consist of outside of the blogging sphere. It’s easy to attach one’s blog and one’s social media presence to one’s entire identity.

    Out of curiosity, did someone word vomit their opinions in the comments recently? Was it family giving unsolicited advice? That’s the vibe I got from reading this post. I’m sorry for whoever feels the need to give unsolicited advice.

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    1. No word vomit in the comments. Someone wrote me a really nasty email last night. I just… I can’t be bothered to give them attention by putting them on blast. That’s probably what they wanted, anyway. So I’m not giving them that. Just a vague message they can think is about them, but they don’t actually get named in. Passive aggressive style at it’s finest. lol

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  2. Sounds like it’s time to evict some followers…
    One of my great satisfactions has been learning to recognize when someone is trying to weaponize a fact by representing it as an opinion of mine. It’s rewarding to just shut those basic Strawmen down with a statement like, “It’s not my opinion…it’s actually a fact. Move. On.” Plain and simple, facts don’t need me to defend them – and my attempts to do so are probably just not worthy of them, because then I get dragged into a melee of erroneous opinions with uneducated people who live in the zip code of Denial. I ain’t got no time for them. One time, I left a local watering hole of mine after a guy wouldn’t back down. Just kept “yeah, but-ing” me with insane conspiracy type logic, so I left. But as I closed out and overtipped my bartendress, I said, “Here’s a few extra of my Reality Dollars because he doesn’t look like a great tipper and who knows what country his currency spends in!” – just loud enough to be overheard by his party. Next time I saw her, so told me he stiffed her on a $100-plus tab.
    My point – because I know you were wondering – is that so many times, the people arguing the loudest have the least to contribute – just don’t give them your headspace. Kick ‘em out. 💪🏽

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    1. Oh wise one, I thoroughly enjoy y our perspective, and your stories. They always seem to brighten my spirits. I wish I knew you in real life so that we could hang out sometime. I bet with some drinks and a poker table, it could be good fun!
      Also, ‘Zip code of denial’ is a very clever line. I quite like that.

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  3. I totally agree with you and your thoughts, sharing opinions and thoughts is an important part of communication but as you said that is exactly what is being shared an opinion.
    There is no right or wrong in an opinion its based around a person’s belief system, knowledge of the facts as presented and many other factors.
    I take your view completely and understand it because I too have experience of being criticised for the opinions that I have shared in many different ways and on many different platforms.
    I wish you well in your continued blogging and wish you all the best in this season of joy and goodwill.🤗❤

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  4. “I’ve noticed lately a lot of people suggesting that something can only be one or the other.”

    I feel so strongly about this! Thank you for voicing it. I’ve noticed this too and been calling it ‘digital thinking’, and at its most extreme— ‘binary thinking’, for years. It’s a real disease and I notice it more and more frequently, it’s heartbreaking to see it. It’s really very dangerous when this starts entering into a lot of peoples’ judgements. Just one tragic scenario is how it can destroy family relationships— when people start judging all of a person’s moral intentions by snippets of information, especially through text— instead of having phone calls or meeting in person which might resolve the whole thing, or just slowing down. I’ve noticed that neutral text communication very often gets perceived in a negative or aggressive way. There is too much ego in so many conversations. 😦

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    1. Binary thinking is such a good way of saying it. Far better than what I came up with, lol.
      I do think that people get so stuck in thinking the world is black and white that they ignore, or miss out on, a lot of the world. And you’re right, neutral tones can often be perceived as negative. Then there are just some people who are nasty.

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      1. Thanks! It’s great to finally get recognition on that hahaha. You’re literally the first who’s getting me. What did you come up with? Lol.

        “I do think that people get so stuck in thinking the world is black and white that they ignore, or miss out on, a lot of the world”

        Yes, this is exactly it. There’s a ton of sadness in it for me. Same with not seeing beyond the human world, when there is so much more that is interesting. In fact I took this line of thinking about what is truly black and white in the world, to its limit— and it goes right to the heart of what makes quantum mechanics so weird.

        Quantum mechanics is weird in large part because quantities and states are Actually quantized— one or the other— the fact that this happens in the real (vs. platonic) world on the smallest levels, is a really remarkable aspect of quantum mechanics and the universe as a whole. Besides these basic quantum quantities, everything else is sooo hard to put into boxes!! Really puts it into perspective.


  5. Conversely, I actually wish that I’d get more criticism on my blog— I’ve never had any! I feel like a twat saying that now lol 😆. But the silence makes me worried that people might have criticisms about some stuff I may say, but are not telling me, so I can’t learn from it xD. I of course prefer constructive criticisms though, and you’re obviously describing some non-constructive ones here. Anyone who’s obviously cray cray just gets sent to spam lol.

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      1. Yeah :), it’s also kind of wise to err on the side of caution lol. And it’s also true that a discussion about anything sensitive is never going to work on here in text, so in a way there’s not too much point in it. I fell into that trap once against my own advice and somebody fell out with me unnecessarily 😆. More like I’d just take it into consideration if it had merit I guess.

        Another safe bet is just sticking to writing creatively, oh the freedom 😁.

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    1. Criticism is great. Criticism is necessary for growth in this life. People emailing me telling me that I’m a stupid uneducated bitch who needs to crawl in a hole and die because I’m a waste of breath and this planet will be better off without me, I don’t really consider that criticism… just straight up unnecessary nastiness.

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      1. 🤣🤣🤣. The absurdity of what these people actually, literally say just comes across as over-the-top slapstick humour. My only sane reaction is to laugh at it lol. if somebody emailed me with that I’d either just reply with ‘LOL’ or say nothing.

        Of course the sentiment and intent are disturbing, but the delivery is just pure entertainment.

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  6. Great disclaimer V….people who can’t see this as basic blogging common sense, oh boy, I wouldn’t want to see them making choices in a store. You my dear have a depth I can feel runs much further than this blog and your social media. I feel like someone attacked you and that’s never cool nor should you own their own behavior. People are just so discontented with their lives they will become what I call, keyboard gangsters at the drop of a hat to a stranger. Sending you love V 🥰

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    1. Thank you for your consistent kindness. No one really attacked me. It was just a useless nasty email that got under my skin more than I should’ve let it. Not wanting to name and shame them (because I felt like that’s what they wanted) I just decided to post a disclaimer.


      1. Good stuff my dear. I’m glad you worked through this and could see through the intent. Some people can’t distinguish between positive and negative attention 😉


    1. Thank you.
      Differing opinions are a great thing for society. I agree with you we should embrace them and the thought processes behind them and respect one another, whether we agree or not.


  7. I disagree with a lot of your opinions, but I appreciate the way you think about things. It would be easy to surround myself with voices that share my perspectives, but I don’t find that course of action healthy or beneficial.

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    1. I appreciate your opinions and your willingness to share them. And I also agree with the sentiment that if we only surrounded ourselves with people who thought exactly the way we thought, it wouldn’t be healthy or beneficial to ourselves, or our surroundings.

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    1. Thank you. I think people often get confused between a presentation of fact and a presentation of opinion. And honestly, people who are open and willing to talk I appreciate. People who are just nasty, there’s no point. Ya know?

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  8. I felt you so hard on being happy and sad at the same time. It’s totally a thing but of course to someone who hasn’t experienced it, it’s impossible.

    I also don’t get why certain things can’t be kept to one’s self? 😒😒😒😒*major eyeroll*

    Sending some positivity your way!

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