A Very Canadian Christmas

Since I was alone for Christmas this year I decided to sneak away to Lake Louise. Lake Louise is my definition of heaven on earth. It really doesn’t matter what season you visit, it’s nothing short of majestic. There perks to visiting in winter include an ability to walk/skate on the frozen lake, and, this beautiful ice castle that they build as the entrance to the lake each year.

The fact that I was there on Christmas meant that there were a lot less people there than on any other normal day. There were (at most) 50 people there. Normally you’d see 500-1,000 people, if not more. Regardless, we’re Canadian, so even with only 50 people around, there was a hockey game taking place on the lake. Thankfully everyone was wearing masks. They were pretty strict about it, actually. If they saw anyone without a mask, they’d give them a mask and stand and wait for them to put it on their face.

Every February at Lake Louise they host something called the ‘Ice Magic Festival’ where they have sculptures come in from around the world and they carve the most beautifully intricate sculptures all around, and on, the lake. They also construct an ice bar to serve drinks and do horse-drawn carriage rides around the lake. It usually draws quite a crowd though (hundreds of thousands of people over the two week period) so I’m not sure if they’ll do it with COVID being as bad as it is in Alberta right now. I guess we’ll see.

Even alone it was still pretty swell. Lake Louise is always magical. I say that a lot about the place, but it really does earn the title.

To anyone who reads this blog, or might read this post, have you ever been to Lake Louise? Have you ever heard of it? Is it on your list of places to see? I highly recommend, in any season. Also, if you read this, how was your Christmas? Magical and safe, I hope.

26 thoughts on “A Very Canadian Christmas

  1. I’ve never been to Lake Louise, or to Canada for that matter. It sounds wonderful though and I love seeing new places so I’d definitely love to see it one day. My Christmas was nice but emotionally difficult at the same time. I’m kinda glad I got through it though.

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  2. Sounds very delightful…although in my state of curmudgeonliness, I think I’d much prefer a crowd of 50 over 1000 – or hundreds of 1000s! – pandemic or not.
    Glad you were able to give yourself a little treat for the holiday.

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    1. Yeah. Christmas seemed like a great time to sneak up there. If they actually do Ice Magic this year, I don’t think I’ll be joining those crowds! Hope you had a good Christmas, my friend.

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  3. That sounds like a great place to go! I’ll put it on my list. What a wonderful place to spend the holiday.

    My Christmas was a bit lackluster, but that’s OK. I figure it’s just a day. I’ll make up for it on another.

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    1. There are many more days in the year that we can make even more special, you’re so right. The calendar doesn’t need to tell us what’s special and what isn’t!


  4. It’s a place I once intended going to, but in the days before the Internet, research was not as easy. Maybe that’s an excuse. I took my mum to visit friends in Gibsons, BC and after I rented a car in Vancouver, intending to drive to Banff with the intention of going also to Lake Louise. Alas, arriving in Banff, we discovered they were having an international art exhibition..not a hotel to be found anywhere for miles. Half way to Calgary we got put up in a stinky motel attached to a gas station. Even my low standards were offended! Result was I ended up driving on into Calgary and dropping the car there (having been given bad info by Avis!) and then we flew to Las Vegas to continue our vacation which would otherwise have been seriously off-schedule. Aren’t you glad you asked? Love, love, love the Canadian Rockies. Got to Glacier Park eventually with my bro. Gorgeous.

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    1. Sounds like you wound up at the Hotel in Dead Man’s Flats. It’s… a ‘charming abode’ lol
      Regardless, it does sound like a nice adventure of a holiday, even with dead man’s flats.

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  5. I’ve never even been to Canada. Though, if I ever make it, I’ll try to make sure Lake Louise is on my Canadian bucket list.

    My Christmas was definitely safe, but not so magical. It snowed overnight on Christmas Eve, so I woke up to something of a white Christmas, but it wasn’t all that much. At least, not in my little neck of downtown. More of a dusting of snow on the street-parked cars. But that’s less magic than meteorology. Christmas just wasn’t that special this year, spending it alone in my apartment.

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    1. A white Christmas is a white Christmas! I’m sure it was a lot different just spending it alone in your apartment, but I do want to say that I’m glad to hear some people actually played it safe this year. I think it was a good thing you did.

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  6. Lake Louise is beautiful. I was there twice, once in September and one in November. Both times it was breathtaking and both times there were many people around. I’d love to be there when there is no one around, but I guess that’s selfish. YOu are lucky to live close enough to just go whenever!

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    1. I am very lucky that I can sneak off when I know it’ll be empty. It’s only about an hour and a half from me so, when there aren’t people spreading germs around, it’s a great place to be. lol

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  7. I cannot even imagine being actually encouraged to walk all over a frozen-over lake!! Not only that— horse-drawn carriage rides!! It’s another world. The ice must be sooo thick to be that confident. In the UK that kind of thing is the stuff of historical legends— only remotely possible during the ‘little ice age’.

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    1. The ice is 8-10 feet thick. This lake is deep in the heart of the Rockies, so the elevation is high and the temperatures are cold… making for the perfect glacial frozen lake in Winter. And yes, it is turquoise in spring/summer/fall… it’s pure glacial water, which is what gives it such a beautiful colour. You would love it in any season, if you ever get back to Canada!


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