A headache and a half

On December 22nd I went to my mailbox expecting to find a Christmas card from my brother with pictures of my nephew inside. Instead of a Christmas Card with photos of my nephew, I found a bill. A bill that I didn’t want, wasn’t expecting and should’ve never gotten.

In August of 2019 I had some medical appointments in a province that I was not living in. The way that Universal Health Care works in this country is that, you can go to the doctor in any province and that bill from said doctor will be sent back to your home province for your home province to pay. The province never sent the bill back to my home province at the time. They just… held onto it?

Apparently they found out where I am and how to get a-hold of me now so they’ve sent me the bill, plus a year and a half worth of interest for this bill not being paid, to the tune of several thousand dollars.

Yeah. I cried. I definitely cried.

I haven’t thought about these appointments since August 2019. Opening up a bill three days before Christmas and finding out you’ve been accruing interest on a bill that’s been in your name for a year and half that you never knew existed? It sucks.

This is entirely an issue of the province and not of me. You don’t have to pay to see a doctor in this country if you’re a Canadian citizen. So, now begins the long, drawn out process of trying to get this bill sent back to the province. I was told that the process could take 4-6 months, and warned that because this bill is already a year-and-a-half old that I could get sent to collections if it does take 4-6 months to get resolved.

I’m not stressed about paying this, because I know that I don’t have to. I know it’s not my responsibility and that being caught in the middle of inter-provincial pissing match is not my fault. What I am stressed about is this bill staying in my name for another 4-6 months, possibly being sent to collections while I’m trying to get it resolved.

This is a headache and a half.


28 thoughts on “A headache and a half

  1. Wonderful timing. It’s as if they do it deliberately. I understand how you feel about the thing in your name unpaid. I wouldn’t like it either. However it is not your responsibility, it will get resolved and your worrying about it won’t make a difference. My recommendation….don’t give it any more brain time. You have better things to think about!! But I am sorry it’s come along to upset you. X

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  2. Years ago I had a landlord in the USA, who had dual citizenship with USA & CANADA. So when it was time for him to go home to British Columbia, he got all his dental work done, had his appointments with eye doctors and whatever else he needed. He always made it sound so easy and so much cheaper than how things are done here in the USA.

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    1. Normally it is very easy. I’ve even had doctor’s appointments in other provinces before. I’ve never been sent a bill. This is just a huge blunder on behalf of a province that shall not be named. lol

      I completely believe that they would come back to British Columbia and do all of their checkups at once. It probably saved them thousands a year!


  3. Oh, the joys of public health care/government bureaucracy…I work in the government that handles public health care, and I’ve had clients with similar stories of having to pay back allotments dating as far back as over a year. It’s a headache, for sure, and the process is painfully-slow, but as long as you continue to pay it off little-by-little, it’ll sort itself out in the end. Patience is key!

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    1. Thanks, my dear.
      Hopefully I won’t end up having to pay any of this. Even the interest. It’s their fault that this even happened, so I have high hopes that I can get this sorted in the end. If I stay patient.

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  4. ☹️☹️☹️ what bollocks to be warned about collections because THEY’LL take another half a year to shuffle a bit of paper.

    Anyway focus one day at a time and don’t sweat. I once got a court summons for some random reason in 2009 whilst living in my tent. I just ignored it lol 🤣.

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    1. You ignored a court summons and didn’t get arrested?
      I got a court summons once and had cops show up at my door to escort me.
      Mind you, if you were in a tent, they likely couldn’t find you to escort you. But if you were living in a tent, how did the summons find you?


  5. I’m sorry you were gifted this headache at year’s end. I pray that it won’t take as long as they tell you to expect it to. Try to put it out of your mind since it’s not your responsibility and nothing, remember this, nothing can steal your joy my dear V❤ Love you🥰

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