YouTube channels worth watching

This post is to share some YouTube content creators that I really appreciate. With so many people creating content on YouTube, it can be hard to find someone who does something that actually differentiates from the crowds, so when I do, I tend to stick with their videos.

Here are a few people (in no particular order) who I really think bring something unique to the world of YouTube. I’ve included a small blurb about them, as well as a link to one of their videos that I think is worth watching/listening to.


Nicki is an English Makeup Artist who moved to Positano, Italy in 1999. She makes videos showcasing what life is like on the Amalfi Coast. Her and her partner live in a home that is 500 steps down from the nearest road (talk about the ultimate cardio) and they grow a lot of their own food.

I’ve always had a fascination with Italy. With the food, with the culture, with the beauty… with everything that she shares on her channel. Also, watching them making things like pasta from scratch is quite cool. Bonus points to her for the fact that she’s very sarcastic. I like sarcastic people.


Cecilia lives in Longyearbyen, the worlds northernmost town on the island of Svalbard. The Island has a small population, less than 2,500 people and is home to a lot of polar bears. Cecilia shares a lot of what life is like in the arctic, including: polar bears, northern lights, what it’s like living in a cabin with no running water. She’s a videographer/cinematographer on the island so she’s actually quite talented with the video she makes.

Her channel has grown a lot since I found her videos, which I think is both from a fascination of the life she’s sharing from the arctic, but also a testament to the quality of the content she shares. I highly recommend checking it out.


This channel is run by a guy named Mike. From New York City, Mike is on a mission to teach people how to cook, how to cook from scratch, how to use what they purchase, the nutritional benefits that come from various foods and what kitchen appliances are actually worth your money.

I’ve learned a lot about cooking from this channel. He’s definitely got a ‘no bull-shit’ vibe to him, which I quite like. I think a lot of people gravitated to his channel because of the fact that it’s not ‘aesthetic’, it’s real. He makes messes. He burns things. He has to do things over once in a while and he leaves that footage in.


Daniel is a talented videographer who shares what happens behind the scenes as he works freelance. He films commercials for clients, commercials for fun, and instructional videos about how to get the best footage for whatever you’re trying to shoot.

I actually found him when I originally started watching his girlfriend’s YouTube videos. Since discovering his channel, though, I’ve learned a lot about videography. Which… who doesn’t love learning a new skill? If you’ve got a fancy camera, or even just a cell phone (like I use) and want to learn more about video, he’s worth watching.


Emily is a licensed attorney and former prosecutor for the LA District Attorney’s office. She provides breakdowns of legal speak, processes and potential outcomes of both big and small cases from around the USA. Her channel has grown by more than 50,000 people in the past two months because she’s started breaking down the legal speak of some rather large YouTube law-suits (trending topics will always garner more watchful eyes), but she till has frequent discussions about some of the more obscure legal topics. Basically, she just talks about whatever fascinates her and breaks down the law to layman’s terms for people like me.

Warning… recently she’s really gotten into long-form content. Videos range anywhere from an hour to almost three hours. If you get hooked, you’ll be listening to her for a while. She also likes to swear a lot and is quite sarcastic, so if there are people around, wear headphones.

6 thoughts on “YouTube channels worth watching

    1. Her Ted Talk is amazing! It was interesting enough that it helped me get through a meal which I need these days, real interesting and absorbing stuff like that. Thanks! You did someone a bigger favor than you realize.

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      1. Oh yeah, she did a Ted Talk too. I really enjoyed her Ted Talk. Genuinely she’s just a really interesting person to listen to. I often will put on her videos and just keep them as background noise because she’s so easy to listen to. Hope you enjoy.

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