Algorithms that I predict will ‘pop off’ in 2021

On blogs, on vlogs, on podcasts, YouTube, social media and beyond, these are some of the subjects I predict will see exponential growth in popularity throughout 2021.


With the world still deep in the throws of this pandemic, tens (if not hundreds) of millions out of work and a lot of those still working truly struggling with their finances, I predict we will see a shift in the digital paradigms away from ‘hauls’ and frivolous spending, towards budgeting.

What is a budget? How do you budget? What’s an appropriate budget for a single person, or a couple, or a family? While it might seem like second nature, it definitely doesn’t take the importance in the high-school curriculum that Pythagoras Theorem did. I predict people are going to be using the resources they still do have to research how to make better use of their money going forward.

Where does one go to get budgeting advice when they cannot afford the fees of a financial advisor? The world wide web.


Food prices are going up in 2021. In a lot of places they have already begun to rise. $100, or whatever you spend on your budget, isn’t going to stretch as far as it used to.

I predict people will, in droves, be searching advice of how to meal prep, how to cook and eat from home (rather than going out) and how to eliminate food waste. Gone are the days in which purchasing a $5 salad kit only to have it go bad in your fridge over two-three weeks is acceptable. People will be doing all that they can to eat the food that they purchase and get as much food as they can for as little as they can (how to shop sales).


The pandemic baby boom has already started, and will only continue to grow as quarantine babies are brought into this world.

I’ve already seen a lot of these moms sharing their stories on various digital platforms. From what they need for pregnancy to what they need for baby. From how they adjust to being a parent to what it’s like giving birth in a world that’s anything but stable, the mom content is going to grow in popularity over the next year. Moms will search other moms. Prospective parents will search moms. Random people will find moms and stay for the fascination aspect.


Another topic that will be popular due to a direct result of the pandemic and how it’s affected people. Yes, people struggled with drugs, alcohol and other substances prior to 2020, but 2020 made it just that much worse for a lot of people. As said people come to grips with their reality of addiction and try to find recovery, I do believe they will search for positive reinforcement and someone who understands what they’re going through.

Recovery. Healing. Acceptance. Rock bottom. Mental Health. These subjects all sort of… intertwine. I see 2021 being a big year for all of them in the digital sphere.


I don’t quite fully understand why this one has picked up so much steam so quickly, but it has. Gone are the days of investing being owned by the fiscally well-off, responsible, nearly a grandma/grandpa group. The promotion of investing from any age is taking hold. Simple blogs nurturing knowledge about penny stocks are garnering hundreds of thousands of views per week. Teenagers are becoming millionaires and convincing other’s to do it as well. I truly believe more people will seek out investing as their side-hustle, and if they do well enough, their primary hustle. (It’s worth noting it’s more of a rarity for it to become a primary hustle… in spite of what they want you to believe on the podcasts)

I’m already starting to see a shift into self-reliance and independence. I’m also seeing a shift away from ‘buy all the things’ to ‘us what you have’. I think that subjects elevated in 2021 will largely be about self-improvement. Last year everyone tie-dyed their clothing and learned how to make bread, this year they’re going to face their demons, their shortcomings and probably try to teach themselves how to play guitar.

**I need to make a mental note to come back to this post in one year’s time to see how close, or far off, I was from what turned out to be the year in trends.

33 thoughts on “Algorithms that I predict will ‘pop off’ in 2021

    1. I have refrained from downloading TikTok for fear of losing hours out of my day, each day. But, I’m not surprised these subjects are booming. Hopefully people are providing valuable information about it.

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      1. Oh yeah TikTok is a huge time waster lol but it has its goods and bads. Blogging is probs a better platform for those things too because u can go more in depth.

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  1. Budgeting I have started and it’s great if people jump on board. One thing I hope to see gone in the next 5 years are meal kits – it’s such a waste of plastic and it is overpriced! If we can all learn how to cook our own meals, we would be better off for it. I tried Hello Fresh last month and despite the steep discount we got, it was still overrated for what it was.

    As for pregnancy/parenthood, I have seen a spike in this trend as well. Not just personally speaking, but among ppl I know. My SIL is pregnant which was surprising to us all. In 2019, she said she didn’t want kids any time soon. I guess being home bound and not being able to travel has made her change her mind.

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    1. I think Meal Kits are a convenience thing right now for people but they definitely won’t last for long. Like you say, there’s so much waste. It’s also so expensive… unless you’re an influencer peddling the company. Food from the grocery store is more economical and a whole lot smarter.

      And pregnancy/parenthood – the pandemic baby boom is upon us! It’ll be in the history books when our grandkids become teachers. lol

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      1. If anything, I think that meal kits are a fad of the century, especially if it’s still around 5, 10, 20 years from now. Getting to experience it first-hand (thanks to couponing), I still think it’s a fad. I also feel that influencers don’t really set realistic examples or expectations regarding how the rest of us “normal folk” live. Most of us aren’t being sponsored, have advertisers or endorsements, or get gifted items on a weekly basis.

        I’m not sure how long this meal kit fad will last. Fun fact: the guy who invented Chef’s Plate was my neighbor in my hometown… his sister and I were in the same classes in elementary school. It’s crazy what a small world we live in!

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  2. I have to add self healing, alternative health and holistic practices/spiritual approach information since that’s my focus and our world as a whole needs to reconnect with ourselves. Power to the people❤🤗🙏

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  3. As a kid there were things I hated that my mother had us do. Things like making our bed, keeping our room tidy and clearing our dishes after our supper was done. As I grew older I took an interest in cooking and baking. I am thankful I did, I am comfortable in a kitchen. I can cook a roast, fix a pasta dinner, and even bake an apple pie(for which I won first prize at the local fair).
    When it comes to a budget I approach each month in this order, rent, phone(bundled with tv) and plenty for food with very few processed foods on the list. After that whatever is left over goes for extra’s and such.

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    1. I reckon someone like you could probably teach a lot about budgeting because, unlike us millennials (me and the people I hang out with mainly) you’ve had more experience with dealing through difficult times. This pandemic is… kicking millennials asses.

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  4. My strategy rests on the theory that if I do the same thing for long enough sooner or later it will be popular. Some would argue that this isn’t a strategy at all, and that I’m just being stubborn. They could be right.

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    1. I think it’s a great strategy. After all, authenticity will attract authenticity. And there are millions of blogs will millions of followers who don’t pay any attention to the people they follow. Building a true audience is extremely rewarding.

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      1. Aw. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. It’s still early. I dated a stock broker she hired if they could pull 15%. That’s actually worse than guessing randomly.

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  5. I look forward to the food prep, meal planning, waste elimination content. Thanks to you I’ve shifted to being more mindful of my purchases (washable bamboo face wipes, reusable washable “Ziploc” bags, cloth napkins, composting, looking for the little recycling symbol on everything) and now it’s time to pull up my socks and focus on avoiding food waste wherever I can. If you have any suggestions for channels, please let me know.

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  6. I really think you hit the investing thing spot on. With apps like Robinhood making it stupid easy to invest no one has any barriers to chucking money into the market. People see a bunch of idiots on wallstreetbets making millions off Gamestop, buying homes, paying off loans and such, and eventually they’re going to be thinking “Why do I have to work for money? I’ll just invest and get rich!”

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