Is it inauguration day yet?

Everyone who worked for the Trump administration that has resigned from their positions since Wednesday, they do not deserve praise. At least not in my opinion. The events of domestic terrorism that occurred at the US Capitol on Wednesday afternoon were the culmination of four years of garbage governance. Someone drawing a line in the sand two weeks prior to the transfer of power from one administration to the next is nothing more than ceremonial at best.

These people are not displaying any morality by quitting their jobs only after Donald Trump’s actions directly affected them. So long as it was everyone else in the country that were shit on by the Trump administration over the past four years, they didn’t care. As soon as they were affected by it, that’s where the line in the sand is drawn? This is a personal decision to save their own skin.

I said recently, with respect to Canadian public officials, that those who work in public office should always be held to a higher standard than the general public. I believe this should be true everywhere. While I know it’s not, the United States should not be immune to this concept. These people shouldn’t be able to slip away quietly into the night to settle into some other life in some other city and not be forced to live with the ramifications of their direct actions the past four years. No, they weren’t the president. However, there is a lot more at play here beyond “the opinions of my employer do not reflect myself”. When you play an active role in public policy, the actions of the government you work for are a reflection of yourself.

As for everyone who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday, I am in shock of just how many people have proudly identified themselves as rioters online. It’s one thing to commit a crime, it’s another to believe that your privilege excludes you from consequence of that crime.

This administration and the effects of the previous four years will not reflect well on American history.

27 thoughts on “Is it inauguration day yet?

  1. They are as detached from reality as he is. Definitely needs to be an accounting. The enablers need to be prohibited from ever holding office again, just for starters. But I don’t know if you saw the coverage when those people broke in…they mostly seemed as if they didn’t know what to do. They were walking around like aimless tourists, taking selfies..,what kind of revolutionary does that? The fact that they were even able to get close, never mind inside shows something seriously amiss. They should have been prepared like they were for BLM, but no, we are not a racist country. God, it is disgusting. Sadly, I am not even surprised.

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    1. I was confused by the selfie-taking. If you’re committing a federal crime, why are you taking photos of yourself doing such? But I also think this comes down to intelligence. There’s a lot of unintelligent, uninformed people in the United States who clearly think it’s a great idea to document committing crimes… because if it’s not on Instagram it didn’t happen?

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      1. What is really sad is that these people actually believed they were being heroic. I mean, they were doing exactly what their Commander in Chief asked them to do. I understand that after he made his half-arsed plea for them to stand down, they were analyzing his remarks to find the hidden message. One woman said his reference to a new administration didn’t mean the Biden lot but hos own new team with Pence out and that creep Flynn as VP. How fucked up can people be?


  2. Hi, am sorry for all what happened. It is sad that US politics are changing from what we knew as peaceful politics to chaotic. We-Africans-can no longer look up to you! It was so sad to see people preparing for war even before elections. A real disappointment!

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  3. Our country here is showing its cards, our system has been broken for quite some time and we are now reaping what has been sowed here. It’s abhorrent behavior that we allowed to exist here. For change to occur, breakdown is necessary. The unraveling of a demented individual and his brainwashed followers. This must be exposed now. A public temper tantrum. Yes, it is a sad yet inevitable situation for the U.S.

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  4. Completely agree. I see it as a bunch of kids like in a movie where a bully has a bunch of stooges in his gang and when the leader goes to ‘face the music’ looks around and all his ‘so called’ people are no where to be seen.

    Good blog!

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  5. Yes, completely agree with the lame foundation these administration officials have taken their stand upon. I think Chao and de Ville – oops, de Vos – resigned simply to avoid having to vote to invoke the 25th.

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  6. I did not see the resignations of the public officials as praise, but rather a cowardly one. And it’s good that many people are calling them out for their cowardice online, whether through posts, memes, or both. It really is unfortunate that the ideal is for public officials to hold high standards for themselves and their work, but alas, this isn’t the reality. At least, not in the US. It is shameful how such public officials choose to run away, but the way I see it, this is also a sign that we can start over clean, especially with Biden’s inauguration coming up in a couple of weeks. 2021 is certainly off to a momentous start, and I think this can open up opportunities to, hopefully, make things right.

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  7. The selfies…🙄There is an excellent essay written by Rebecca Solnit in the aftermath of Wednesday’s events which sums everything up perfectly. This isn’t so much an issue of intelligence, but rather entitlement. Check out “When the President of Mediocrity Incites an Insurrection “ Her analysis is spot on!

    I agree with what you’ve written. The cowards who resigned are like one commentator on CNN described as “rats leaving a sinking ship.” They’re only interested in saving their own asses.

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