Renew or rebrand

My WordPress plan has expired.

It has not been renewed, yet.

When you try to link to my page, the links will be broken. Broken links will hurt your SEO, so don’t do it! At least not right now.

When you try to find my page, you’ll see a message that says ‘ has expired’ and ‘please notify the site’s owner’. To those of you who have notified me today, thank you. I am aware.

You should be able to find posts on your WordPress reader, for now. From my understanding, posts are being reverted back to the free-links that come from a Free WordPress account. So, if you’re an email subscriber to this blog, you’ll likely see them in your email but you won’t be able to click on a link to see it further.

I’m not too sure the route I want to take this blog. I’m at a bit of a crossroads with respect to my digital footprint right now. You could call it a bit of a Millennial Life Crisis. I’m considering renewing and I am also considering rebranding. I wasn’t really going to say anything until I’d made a decision but, enough people have noticed and asked me that I thought I better acknowledge it.

When I figure it out, I’ll be sure to share. Until then, hopefully nobody steals my URL. Thank you for all of the kind emails and Instagram messages and comments today.

37 thoughts on “Renew or rebrand

  1. I agonized over this when deciding whether to grab a domain (and what it should be), and whether I should rename/rebrand the blog — with approximately zero followers — to conform to the domain, should I get one.

    Although the blog was (and remains) common-cents, that was available proved too much to pass on. I’m content, whether it costs me SEO, followers, good karma, or bad wind. The blog name is a reasonable descriptor; the domain, a rubric and methodology.

    YMMV, of course…..

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    1. It’s good to hear this from another perspective. Honestly, I haven’t even thought of what to rebrand too, I just feel like I need a change, somehow. Thank you for sharing your take. I definitely need to do some more thinking about it.


      1. Honestly, I think part of my problem was thinking about it too much. I like the domain name; but I had just begun sharing the more generic WP URL and couldn’t easily part with it. So: both. Impulse. I don’t regret it — my energy is better spent writing.

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    1. Actually, it seems like WordPress auto-renewed your domain for another year on the 9th, as your domain doesn’t expire until 9th Jan 2022. So you don’t need to worry about the domain/URL part at the moment. And you’ll be able to transfer the domain to another domain registrar if you want to use a host other than

      So you can host your wordpress blog on another web host like Gandi, Dreamhost, Amazon Lightsail etc with your current domain, and it’s much cheaper. I dunno if you already knew all this, but I can explain more if you don’t know what I’m on about.

      Actually since I’ve now done the research I’m going to buy and move my wordpress blog to another host :D, and get rid of the ads.

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    2. I don’t really want to point it though. Part of me wants to drop MillennialLifeCrisis all together.
      I don’t know, I just… euck. I don’t like anything right now. It all sounds annoying to me.

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