Sir, you picked the wrong woman to underestimate

A few weeks back I shared a story about how my company’s CEO signed us up to work with a Consulting company that, from the outside, seemed like a scam.

After I wrote that I addressed my concerns with the CEO and he assured me that this was a chance he was willing to take and if we got scammed, or fell flat on our faces, thanks to the move, he’d give me veto power from here forward. So I said I’d be a willing participant.

Our CEO emailed Jake at said company and told Jake that I would be the primary point of contact for our company and to run all communications and work through. He also asked that we start on January 11.

It’s January 11th.

You know who I never heard from on the first 10 days of January? Jake.

I thought ‘Wow, okay. Jake must be one of those ‘Walk into work at 8:00 am when he starts at 8:00 am’ kinds of guys.

Nevertheless, I didn’t say a thing. I patiently waited.

This morning, our CEO CC’ed me on an email to Jake and says ‘As noted in the emails I sent on December 23rd and January 5th, all communication and work needs to go through Vee’.

Jake had emailed the CEO this morning asking for information to get started with the project, ignoring the two emails in which our CEO said to go through Vee.

The CEO then wrote him back, CC’ing me, saying ‘Please send all communication and work through Vee’. If there’s one person at my work you don’t want to piss off, it’s the CEO. I could tell from the tone of the email that he was annoyed.

Jake is… either an idiot, or a cocky asshole… or possibly a combination of both? Nevertheless, Jake ‘replied all’ to the email. In the email he wrote back that was sent to myself and our CEO, he said:

“I only really need help from you at the moment. I’d also prefer to keep conversations between us guys, to keep it easier. If I run into administrative issues, then I can get Vee involved.”

US GUYS? Who writes that in a business environment? It sounds so sexist. Does he think he’s being funny? Is he really dumb enough to not understand how it sounds?

ADMINISTRATIVE ISSUES? This is entirely sexist from my perspective. Noting the inclusion of the female involved would only occur if there are administrative issues. What does he think I do? Store passwords for the Social Media platforms to let our CEO run them?

It’s day one of our agreement and Jake, you’re already annoying me. You’ve already annoyed our CEO. Oh, I cannot wait to see what kind of a hot mess this develops into. Jake thinks I’m the designated coffee deliverer for this company, apparently.

38 thoughts on “Sir, you picked the wrong woman to underestimate

  1. 🤣🤣🤣. Perhaps this is the scam? —Be such a total douche that his agreement then gets ended early, and then he tries to sue, or something.

    That was on the level of trump’s “grab ’em by the p***y” 😐

    But at the same time I’m kind of looking forward to seeing what this turns into…😆 looking forward to his getting called out and pwned.

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      1. It’s a marketing firm that has three separate addresses listed online. None of which the company actually appears to be at.
        It’s also a marketing firm teaching people how to raise funds, increase sales and improve reach, claiming to raise more than a billion dollars in capital since their inception and they haven’t even done proper SEO on their own website.

        Also, they’re going to teach me how to use social media, apparently, even though they have four instagram pages for their company, none of which have been updated in two years or more, a defunct facebook page and a twitter account that the CEO used for 8 months to proclaim his love for his girlfriend before he just stopped acknowleding it anymore.

        Honestly, there’s a dozen or so more reasons. Largely though, as a marketing firm the bottom line is they suck at marketing their own company so I don’t know what they’re going to teach me.

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  2. Perhaps you could scam the scammer. That would be entertaining 😂 Ppl who act like total tools are usually losers in real life. It would be fun to “professionally” insult him with your writing without directly insulting him to his face. 😝

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    1. It’s amazing how far we can come and how far we have yet to go as a human race. lol
      Office environments are some of the worst offenders.


  3. Jake sounds like an ass hat. How are there still people that blatantly misogynistic? I mean… I know how… Look who the U.S. president still is. I just can’t wrap my head around that kind of thinking.

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    1. It’s crazy that it’s so blatant and obvious. It used to be people would hide behaviour like that in whispers. Now they’re outright sending it to a company CEO? lol people are stupid.

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  4. I’m sorry that happened to you. There’s always that extra effort for qualified women the same for others that aren’t in the boy’s club.

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      1. I knew two brilliant women besides yourself. Both have dual doctorates and multiple other degrees. They still have cellings. Hang in there. The fact is, it’s not just one token female. It takes an army of well educated women to knock all these walls down. To not see each as competition for that single job. Then, to see others and provide those opportunities when they can and not just because of nepotism. Then, you’d be just like them.


  5. From what I recall, if it’s the same company that sounded “direct marketing scammy,” then I think it’s not a surprise. From my brief experience, the types of employees such companies attract are the “bro-y, frat boy” ex-jocks who peaked in high school and college, and are looking to score with conning people out of their smarmy (and despicable) behavior. You best bet I have an intense loathing for such people. Yes, it’s sexist how you were treated, and I’d like to add that it’s also just plain stupid…again, these are former jocks I’m talking about, so I have doubts they have an IQ above their belt size. Best of luck dealing with ’em, V.

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    1. He is definitely a bro-y frat-boy ex jock who peaked in school! It’s like you’ve met him. Then again, there’s a million of him. It’s sad how many people are like this on earth.

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  6. “Administrative issues”? Argh!!! I’m feeling so pissed off in sympathy with you right now. Obviously the guy doesn’t want to talk to anyone who knows what they’re talking about because he knows within seconds of any real detailed business conversation he’s going to be out of his depth and revealed for the idiot he obviously is. I’m getting in some popcorn to see how this develops.

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    1. It’s funny reading this back now because he absolutely came apart at the seams when I had a meeting with him the day after I wrote this. I’m all too convinced he’s scamming us out of 10,000 dollars and I’m already planning how to make his head explode if he thinks he’s going to take me for any amount of money. lol


  7. Wow, this doesn’t sound good. I’m sure he knows he has convinced the CEO and is trying to keep the illusion going. He knows we women are investigators and will be able to call him out when something doesn’t sound right. The writing’s on the wall for this guy.

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    1. My boss paid him a deposit in December for things to start January 11. We’re supposed to pay them more money at the start of February. Something tells me we won’t make it to February. lol

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      1. The sad thing is that his old boy network tactics work, which is why he is openly courtimg your boss right in front of you. It’s whywe I have always said the good, fair, and respectful men need to reject it before it stops. Unfortunately since there is often a payoff for them, it doesn’t happen enough. I am so grateful for some of the awesome men I have worked with that have absolutely no interest in it continuing.


    1. These attitudes like he carries are a lot more rampant than I’d like to admit. It’s pathetic, really. Thanks for the luck, though. It’s going to take a lot of luck and patience to survive dealing with him. lol

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