So… Jake quit.

Am I surprised? Not really.

Am I glad? Absolutely. Dealing with the man was exhausting. I’m pretty sure that misogyny is his middle name. He clearly did not appreciate having to work with a female. (I was going to add more to this sentence, but the truth is, he just seemed like he didn’t like me because I was female. He also took the liberty of blaming his blunders on his assistant, exclaiming that she was female. I reckon that most of his interactions with females are the same)

I’m exhausted.

Last week he said in an email that I was ‘probably PMSing’ and that’s why I was so particularly hard on him in the meeting we had with my company’s CEO. Firstly, those were all legitimate questions that I asked. Secondly, what a fucking idiot.

Honestly, they had to talk me down last Thursday when I saw that email. Part of me wanted to get on a plane and go visit him just so that I could feel the joy of punching him in the face.

We all thought he was going to quit. We were waiting for him to quit. Yesterday when he “took a stand” and defended his character against my “perilous attacks”, the three of us in the meeting simultaneously thought “what took you so long?”.

What caused him to quit was a surprise to me. Well actually, I guess I’m not really surprised at what caused him to quit when I think back on it. In the moment it seemed like an easy-exit and oooooh boy did he throw a temper tantrum. Jake quit because I asked that he sign a confidential disclosure agreement. I honestly didn’t think it was a lot to ask. He wanted me to provide all of the analytics for my website, my budgets, sales aggregates and administrative views of all of our digital platforms, access to certain clients and a full list of our direct, closest competitors. I wanted him to sign an agreement that said he wasn’t going to take all of the data we provided him to our direct competitor to say ‘Hey, pay me double and I’ll give you their data’.

Jake took my asking him to sign a confidential disclosure agreement as an attack on his character and his business.

Surely I can’t be the first person in his 12 years of business who’s asked for some sort of an agreement to ensure our data and client information is protected?


I have a two year old nephew and my nephew’s tantrums are easier to deal with than Jake was in that meeting yesterday.

He stomped his foot (actually, he stood up on camera to stomp his foot), he said ‘how dare you’ with great passions and even exclaimed that his twelve years in business, he’s never been so disrespected by a client before me. Which… holla! If asking someone for a totally legitimate legal agreement that he’ll protect confidential information is disrespectful, I’ll take that trophy.

Due diligence is a lot more important to me than hurting his tiny ego.

I don’t know him. And from the interactions we’ve had, I’m not that impressed with his character. How on earth am I supposed to trust that my company’s private data will be protected in his care?

After his tantrum Jake said that he would speak with us in a few hours and promptly ended the call.

About a half hour later he had his assistant send us an email letting us know that he cannot work in partnership with a company that would so boldly call his character and his business into question and for that reason he is terminating our partnership.

Good fucking riddance.

Bye Felicia.

Our CEO wrote him back saying that he’s expecting a full refund by Friday of this week and that if we don’t have it by that time then our lawyers will be in contact.

I officially have ‘Veto Power’ from here forward. I no longer have to deal with Jake, and I’ve been given the green light to leave reviews about his sexist emails and remarks (administrative duties, babysitter and PMSing) online.

To those who were asking why I don’t name/shame him in the stories I share on this blog, I can’t. Well, I could, but I won’t. I can only speak to his shiteous personality, bad attitude and absolutely uncalled-for comments about me because I am female. Sure, I think his business is a scam, but I can’t prove that. If I cannot prove that, I cannot speak to that. The internet is forever and it wouldn’t be right for me to leverage speculation on the internet that could negatively effect his business and the jobs of those who work for him, no matter how much I dislike the man.

I think his business is a scam, yes. I don’t know his business is a scam, though. So he’s just Jake. No last name, no business name. I’ll be leaving appropriate reviews in adequate places that explain his distaste for the female gender. People deserve to know that much.

Anyways, Jake is gone and I am so dang happy about that.

69 thoughts on “So… Jake quit.

  1. Jake and Trump on the same day. Cheers all round. Men like that piss me off big time. When they make reference to “that time of the month” I always wish on them the worst week of cramps and see how they deal with it. He was out of fashion halfway through the last century. I thought we were rid of them. And I think he’s a crook too. Of course he needed to sign the confidentiality agreement and the fact he was outraged…PROOF! Good for you, V.

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    1. I’ve been so busy the past two days, I didn’t even realize Biden was inaugurated until 2 pm this afternoon. I missed the whole thing! Which is a bummer. I mean it was good news that today went well for him, but I would’ve liked to see it live. Oh well.

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  2. Lol. I ❤️ Your spunk! Good for you and always take the high road like you di cuz guys like that will always try to shift the focus away from them. Whoop Bye Bye Felicia 👋🏼

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      1. You betcha!! Basic rules of thumb are don’t engage. Keep notes snd take the high road. Every time. I think your days are about yo get easier. 😉

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  3. WOW! Thank you for taking me on that ride.
    I feel dumb for being legitimately shocked at the ‘keep it between us guys” shit and the “aw, that’s sweet” crap, because that PMS comment takes the fucking cake. Hoooly. I am so mad that this shit is still happening. I really shouldn’t be surprised (I have a sister who works in as one of like the top three people in her office, and she told me about a time one of the visiting investors ASKED HER IF SHE COULD RUN OUT AND GET EVERYONE COFFEE DURING A MEETING), but damn if I’m not disappointed.
    Sorry you had to experience this but I appreciate you sharing!

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  4. Great victory. He totally proved he is not professional and also not business savvy. No NDA? What? I don’t think I have ever done a business deal without one. Go get him! And goid for your boss backung you up and realizing he was not someone you stay in business with.

    Way to go! I am ao glad he was taken down quickly. Besides his issues with women, make sure you nention the NDA.

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    1. I… I worked in PR long enough that I know who I need to be professional with and who I can be honest with. I have two coworkers who get the brunt of my frustrations, usually. And, I whine on this blog/tell these stupid stories. I have a hard time dealing with stupidity. lol

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    1. He could. That could possibly happen. I guess we’ll see. Part of me is hoping he disappears smoothly, never to be heard of again.
      A girl can dream, right?


  5. I’m kind of sad that the saga of Jake has ended, but I’m not sad that Jake quit. You stood your ground, and you didn’t take shit from him all this time. Looks like you deserve some Godiva chocolate and champagne this weekend for that! 😉

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    1. It’s sad, but you’re right. We all know a Jake of our own.
      Knowing there’s people out there to put them in their place makes me happy, though.
      Reality catches up with everyone eventually.

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  6. I was curious and I obviously had to read all the prevous post… what a predictable epilogue! He made everything by himself, and this proves that he’s not professional nor educated enought to work with other people. Congratulations to you, I would have gone mad the first day and probably had thrown the desk against him the following day 😂

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  7. Check. Mate. Yesssss, bye Felicia 👋
    The outcome I saw coming the entire time, weakness folds when put to the test and investigated for its validity. That guy had nothing, is empty and just showed it as he put his tail between his legs and sulked away. Like you said tiny. I can add empty.

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    1. GIRL, This comment is so sassy and I am living for it. I love it when you’re sassy. I felt like I needed to snap my fingers and say ‘THAT’S MY GIRL’ as I read this in your voice.

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      1. 🤣🤣 YES🤣🤣 that’s definitely my energy! My Sagittarius, Jersey girl take no shit vibes! Happy you heard it the way it was meant to be heard🥰


  8. You mean Nike didn’t ask him for a confidential disclosure agreement? Wow! They must have been impressed with his character 😂😂
    Seriously though – good riddance and congratulations on getting veto power. Your boss should trust your judgement a lot more now.
    If nothing else Jake made a great story! That might be his claim to fame and he doesn’t even know it! 😊

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    1. RIGHT? In his business he should be signing NDAs with everyone. There’s no way that NIKE would work with any consulting firm without an NDA. Stupid little man… lol

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  9. This was long due. I love the way you kept your stance and fought with this coward, also known as Jake. You are a head strong, wise and sorted woman who knows what she wants in life. You gave it back to this misogynist in a manner that he wouldn’t forget for a very long time. Congratulations on the win, your organisation is blessed to have you on board!

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    1. Thank you.
      It felt damn good to read the email saying he quit. Poor little man just couldn’t handle the pressure. All idiots like that deserve to get put in their place!

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  10. He was definitely going to take your company information a sell it to the highest bidder. You messed up his plans by requiring a NDA. That’s why he was so mad. I would say, I hope he learned a lesson but his ego won’t allow him too. He’ll just hate women more. I’m sure he’s working on scamming someone else. You saved your company a lot of money and legal issues. Great job!

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    1. You’re probably right, he’ll hate women more now.
      I honestly don’t know if he’s enough of a criminal mastermind to go to competitors and market the information we provided. But, it’s due diligence right? Something tells me his tantrum about the NDA was more just an easy out because he was tired of having to deal with a woman who has a brain. lol

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    1. Yeah. Jake was a consultant that my boss hired on to ‘help me’. He couldn’t take dealing with someone like me so he quit the project. We’re also working from home and I also don’t miss the office drama! Working from home, for the most part, is so peaceful.

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    1. Well, technically he’s only known me a week. He’s been talking to my boss since mid December. He likes my boss (because my boss is a man, lol) and I think he was scared of me. I don’t say that to sound cocky, I say that because… he is used to people just going along with what he says. I don’t think he’s used to people actually caring and asking questions. Either way, you’re right – petulant child is a great descriptor for him.

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  11. “but the truth is, he just seemed like he didn’t like me because I was female”

    Absolutely correct!

    “Last week he said in an email that I was ‘probably PMSing’”

    This guy’s professionalism is something to behold 😐😑🙃

    “What caused him to quit was a surprise to me…In the moment it seemed like an easy-exit”

    I actually read the bit about the agreement before this bit, and I had this same thought! No the reason he quit was because he felt attacked by you because his lies and his fragile ego were exposed 🤣.

    “He stomped his foot (actually, he stood up on camera to stomp his foot), he said ‘how dare you’”

    This is too fucking good! Ahahahhaaha 🤣🤣.

    “Due diligence is a lot more important to me than hurting his tiny ego.”

    No his ego is big. It’s something else that’s tiny 🤣🤭.

    “To those who were asking why I don’t name/shame him in the stories I share on this blog”

    Yes totally right not to :).

    Thanks for taking the hit and providing the entertainment, the build-up was worth it (from this side)! Glad it’s over.

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  12. I’m happy that you were able to get that migraine out of your head. I’m also happy that this will open up an opportunity for someone else who is eager to please.

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