Life Lessons from Me

If you have neighbours and like to walk around naked at home, close your blinds.

I caught quite a show from one of my neighbours this morning. It was early so I’m not sure if he just wasn’t entirely awake yet, or if he doesn’t understand that windows work two ways. Whatever the reason…. you do you in your own home, just make sure that you close your blinds first.

41 thoughts on “Life Lessons from Me

    1. That was definitely my reaction when I looked out my window and saw naked man across the street coming down the stairs and walking to his kitchen. haahahahha what a morning it was

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    1. He’s not new to the neighbourhood. I’m not normally awake at that hour, though, so I can’t speak on if I caught a weird day or not.


      1. I do, I do!!! As a person who has lived the majority of my adult life in highrise apartments, being on a house is totally different LOL πŸ˜† My ex husband used to yell at me toget away from the windows often because I forgot that neighbors could see me in a much more personal way in our house. Needless to say, we became very friendly πŸ˜‰ Now, years later I understand why🀣


  1. When I lived in Seattle, I had a guy in the building across the way that I just called Naked Guy. I used to want to get him a window sign that said β€œBeware of Guard Penis”, but then one of my guests countered with β€œWould you put up a β€˜Beware of Chihuahua’ sign if you…?” and I started feeling bad for Naked Guy after that. πŸ˜’

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  2. Ok but you don’t have to actively watch the show! 🀣

    I have a funny and absurd storyβ€” when I moved to Vancouver with work, I went with 2 other colleagues and they put us temporarily in a 32nd storey apartment in downtown Vancouver. One of the first things I did when I walked in was notice that, weirdly, the apartment came with a pair of binoculars by the window! So of course I immediately had a quick lookβ€” and I instantly found an apartment where a guy was beginning to make out with his girlfriend (kissing) on the desk 🀣. I mean I grabbed the binoculars because it was a clichΓ©, but what are the odds!? I haven’t tried it again since haha.

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    1. I had a bit of rubber-neck-itis. It was just so surprising, I had to see how it played out.

      Also, Vancouver is a great city for people watching. Did you get rubber-neck-itis?

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      1. Hahaha, yeah it’s fair lol.

        Actually once I had my own apartment in downtown, It was looking out west so I got a fantastic view of the stadium. I definitely got sunset-neck-itis, that’s for sure!! Vancouver’s scenery and views are unreal.

        Oh!! No actually I did love looking down on the street from my 17th floor place. Halloween in particular was insane and one night there was a ton of ambulances and police in the street, as someone had been stabbed in a bar πŸ˜†. I loved the feeling of just being way up above, safe and just doing innocent things like computer programming. I had one window which projected away from the main wall by like half a metre, which was a little dizzying but gave just the best GTA-like viewβ€” that was what it looked like actuallyβ€” the first 2 GTA games lol.

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      2. Vancouver is incredible. I miss it dearly. I’ve always told myself that I’ll retire there. Your stories remind me of how much I think of it as home. The views, the sunsets, the ocean on one side, the mountains on the other. The over-the-top attitude for every holiday or event, the crazy people, the pot heads, the progressiveness of the city it’s all amzing.

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      3. Yes, if I had the opportunity I think I’d retire there too! The most absurdly beautiful experience I had there, and have had anywhere in the entire world, was going on a whale-watching boat around those little, impossibly-idyllic islands where people live with private seaplane jetties and things πŸ˜…, on a clear sunny day. And I actually got to watch killer whales breaching 20m from our boat 😦😦😦. The place is just ridiculous lol.

        Haha the pot heads yes, my building stank of it was great 🀣, it was a student building. I’ve also never been anywhere that stank more of weed than Vancouver hahaha.


  3. Okay, so…I am guilty of going commando a few times when I lived on my own in France. I swear it has nothing to do with the French lax-ness when it comes to nudity and everything, but I really didn’t think that anyone would see, and I made sure that my flat wasn’t on the ground floor and/or facing another window directly. Sometimes, you just gotta let it loose, you know? πŸ˜‰ But since then, I’ve definitely closed my blinds!

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