I actually left my house and didn’t manage to get anything from my list

I’ve been putting it off going into a store for weeks. While COVID case counts have come down considerably in the city from where they were at the end of December, they’re still much higher then they were last fall. There’s also the new UK and South African variant on the rise, so I’ve basically been ordering everything online.

I actually went into a store today. It took some serious convincing but I did it. I needed washer fluid, cough syrup and conditioner.

I got none of those things.

I did, four months later, get a blanket for my bed. I’ve been looking for a blanket since last fall. We’re half way through winter and I’ve been sleeping under a fleece throw all winter. But I saw it today and I had a gift card that my brother gave me for Christmas and I just bought it. I guess that I got so excited about finding a blanket (albeit halfway through winter) that I forgot about the things I needed and I left.

So, I guess I’m going back tomorrow. Or… in a few more weeks. What’s a few more weeks? Well it’s 2021 and the whole world can change in a few weeks, but I’m not going to think about that right now or I’ll get anxious.

Today was productive. Yup.

I’ll just keep telling myself that.

18 thoughts on “I actually left my house and didn’t manage to get anything from my list

      1. The one pair of earrings I had broke, and they were expensive. I needed replacement earrings so that the holes wouldn’t grow in. Still craving sour candy so that’s what I ended up getting. I’m smarter now and shop at Dollarama for candy… learned the hard way earlier this month 😅

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      1. To be fair, the United States is such a shit show, there’s likely new variants, they just haven’t realized it yet because they’re so overwhelmed with testing/care/hospitals being overrun and so one and so forth. They don’t have time to tests the tests. If that makes any sense?

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      2. Ohh I just found 2 articles which perfectly go through all of this:



        “So far in the pandemic, US genomic sequencing has lagged behind other countries. For example, the UK has sequenced virus samples from about 146,000 people, and the US has sequenced samples from only 58,000 people, according to the GISAID database, even though the US had far more Covid-19 cases.”

        “Another reason the US lags behind is that the UK has invested huge sums of money in genomic sequencing.”

        “The system in the UK is really the gold standard for how to do genomic surveillance,” Armstrong said. “I don’t think we’re ever going to be able to get up to that level.”

        So actually in terms of speed of detecting new variants— the UK is bound to pick up on its own variants quickly. And for all we know, the US could’ve had its own faster-spreading variant which was out-competed by the UK one (and so on for other countries/variants). It’s not reflecting quite so bad on the UK lol, just a shame we’re doing as bad as the US at controlling it!

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  1. Each time a step out shopping i always forget something in the the rush to get it done and not meet too many people. I make a point of a list, and be systematic whilst there. I don’t have a job so I go on week days at a random times, and it generally quieter. Also people are generally better about social distance. But there will always be those who having been living on another planet the past year!!.

    Well done on getting your blanket, keeping warm is important

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  2. I keep a running list on my phone for items I need. Open the fridge and realize you’re short on eggs? Add it to the list. And I try to be super strick at the stores and only get things that are on my list unless I can really justify it. Maybe something like this would help you out?

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I actually had a list. I didn’t go into my purse to get it because my anxiety has been so high that since last spring I am that person who runs into the store and runs out. Literally… sprinting, not being facetious. Reaching into my purse to pull out my list was not something my anxiety was going to allow me to do. Taping a list to my sleeve, on the other hand, might be a good plan for next time, if there ever is a next time.

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