Jim and Pam for life.

I know that I’m about 15 years late to the party but I recently started watching The Office. Jim and Pam are so perfect. I love them. I know it’s a completely fictional story-line but wouldn’t it be wonderful if all love was rainbow and sunshine like their love?

The sarcasm on this show is incredible. I don’t know why it took me this long to actually sit down and watch. It’s not like everyone and their dogs have told me that I need to see it throughout the past 15 years.

56 thoughts on “Jim and Pam for life.

  1. Better late than never!

    I, too, was late to The Office party (not this late, dang! Haha) and there’s something super sweet about it.

    The show died down a couple years ago, so spoilers are pretty limited. No one really talks about it casually, so you’re left to discover it on your own, kinda brand new.

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    1. I’m really loving that there’s an entire show to discover on my own without anyone ruining it. It’s definitely a bonus. I feel like each day is a new surprise when I see another episode.

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    1. I can see that it’s definitely not for everyone.
      The first three episodes were hard to get through for me. After that it really found it’s groove. But, it’s definitely an ‘acquired taste’.

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  2. Which version are you watching. I think the Americans made one after the Brits which would certainly have been sarcastic. I’ve gone off most TV but now I have a proper ISP I am going to catch up on Spirals, a French crime series which is on some premium station. It’s very good if you like that sort of thing.

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  3. We had the original Rickie Gervais version here and, sadly, I never quite got round to watching the US version (brilliant though everybody says it is. Tim and Dawn here – I presume the same characters – got together in the last episode here and I stood and cheered the TV!

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  4. I’m also tardy to The Office party. I just didn’t get into it on it’s original weekly airing and never went back. But things might be different now that I can stream it. That’s what I experienced with Arrested Development…

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      1. Look, I’ve had a lot of time to think about this. Speaking as a guy who has survived a number of unrequited crushes over the years, I’m aware that women always know. Pam knew that Jim had a thing for her from the start and completely kept him on the hook the whole time she was engaged to Roy. And, really, is Jim any better? Actively pursuing a woman who is engaged? Sure, Pam and Roy were doomed from the start, but does that make it right? The worst.

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      2. So you don’t like Pam because she didn’t know how to end a relationship she shouldn’t have been in? One where she was being neglected, stifled and ignored? Because I feel like she’s not the only human who’s been there before… Jim helped her realize she had the strength to leave him. At least that’s how I see it. They just happened to wind up happily ever after for tv story line sake.

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      3. Well, sure, if you want to use logic to poke holes in my argument.

        To be fair, it is one of the best comedies of all time. I just enjoy rolling my eyes throughout the Jim/Pam will they/won’t they stuff for the first few years.

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      4. hahahahahaa!
        For what it’s worth, I think any girl that you pursued would be lucky. Whether she knew it, or not. (Girls don’t always know. Pam knew, but girls don’t always know)

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  5. This is incredible. Just a couple of days ago somebody else I follow wrote a poem that I felt had Matrix vibes. And it turned out that they’d watched The Matrix that week, which was funny because I’d watched it a couple of weeks before (which was why I even picked up on the vibes). Given that I rarely watch movies this was quite a coincidence.

    Guess what I started watching 3 days ago? The US The Office!! I just watched an episode an hour ago. Then I saw your post title and was like ‘ehh…is that…?’. I also never watch TV shows lol.

    I saw the British The Office back when it came out, and always scoffed at the idea of the US The Office as being a cheap spin-off. But then it occurred to me to just give it a try as its own show. Well it’s funny because all of the characters are American analogs of the original British ones 🤣. It’s a bit uncanny at first.

    But this is really weird, it’s like everybody else is following me around now with whatever I do…😅. The last episode I watched was Season 2 Episode 4. It had a lot of Jim & Pam banter too 🤣.

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  6. The US version is one of the few shows to cross the pond that doesn’t suck the life out of it. I was never a Jim/Pam fan, but I loved the show on the whole. Angela, for awhile at least, was my favorite as the snarky office b*tch. Her whole character cracked me up.

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