Groundhog Day

Anyone else feel like every day is exactly the same? Like nothing is every going to change.

There is officially community transmission of the UK variant of COVID 19 here (first place in Canada… another record for us). Up until now all of the cases of the UK variant had been directly traced back to someone who’d been to the UK, or lived with someone who’d been to the UK. 2/3 of the known UK variant cases in Canada are here (another record for us to hold). While there could very well be more, the UK variant requires extra testing of samples collected for COVID testing and they’ve been running the testing on less than 1/4 of collected tests each day. So… we just don’t know, I guess.

What does this mean? I can’t help but feel like we’re exactly where we were a year ago.

There’s a new, more contagious strain of the virus which some people are taking seriously and some people just don’t seem to give a fuck about. It was also January 24th of last year that the first cases of COVID were discovered, and within a week, it had infiltrated four different cities. It’s already in 8 Canadian cities.

Sure, there’s a vaccine. But there’s also 30 million people in this country and only a tentative timeline for everyone to have access to said vaccines by September. By that measure it’s going to be a long eight months ahead of us.

Moral of the story, this is definitely not going away.

Groundhog day will continue.

The Federal Government is hinting at restricting international travel into the country. Since the two variants are already spreading within the country, it’s a little late to that ball game. What do I know, though?

Our Provincial Government doesn’t seem to care about COVID anymore, they’re more worried about picking a fight with Joe Biden. We’re obviously in capable hands. Maybe? Probably not. Certainly not.

My great aunt and uncle’s obituaries appeared in the paper yesterday. They were married for 60 years. They got married when they were 18 and 19 and they were together for 60 years. They passed away just over a week apart.

60 years. Imagine having someone at your side for 60 whole years.

I don’t know. I’m just disappointed with everything right now. There’s no end to any of this in sight. People will continue hosting and going to spreader events and we’ll continue hearing how bad it is and that we need to stay home for everyone’s sake. Then 50% of the population will continue to say ‘Fuck everyone else, I deserve to get sick if I want to get sick’ and the cycle will continue.

It’s groundhog day and I am feeling defeated.

26 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  1. Yeah, I’ve actually felt this way for years, despite a lot of different things going on in my life. I think it may also just be a function of adult life, but because of this plague, we’re getting the monotony of life in a super-steroid version. I think we’re going to see a lot of locking down in not just countries, but also state, provinces and territories within countries. What drives me nuts is that while yes, the vaccinations with help, the cases spreading were much lower at the beginning, when we really locked stuff down. I’m sorry to businesses for this opinion, but if all of your customers are dead or sick, you won’t have a business in that case either.

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  2. If I was young, I think I would be very frustrated with things too. I’m at the stage where nothing matters that much anymore. I have lots of triggers that make me terribly sad which serves no useful purpose, so I try to steer clear of them. Groundhog’s Day here is Feb 2nd but no self-respecting groundhog is going to emerge any time soon. Last year it was deep into April before we caught sight of the little buggers. I miss them but I so love Winter. Things will get better…they always do eventually. When you’re young time drags. Feel better.

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    1. Groundhog Day is Feb 2nd here, too. It was more of a reference to the movie and how every day seems to repeat itself. They are cute little creatures, though. They run around golf courses round here in Summer.


  3. i know it must feel like jail for some!! im a serious homebody but im even gettin sick of this. wth am i supposed to do with my kids!! lol idk hang in there! dont make any big decisions right now is what i tell everyone. just sit tight

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    1. I can’t imagine having to keep kids inside all day. I think that would be really hard. I’m kind of a homebody so being at home is not the huge issue. It’s that people are actively working against guidelines at this point just to be assholes. That’s the worst part. This is never going to end because of assholes like that.

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  4. Yes, It’s frustrating that the covidiots don’t follow the rules. A while ago, I stopped following mainstream media and do my best to take precautions. I leave the house 1-2 times per week at most, and even then it’s just to run errands. The news is mentally draining and I get the gist of it without actively watching it. The purpose of the news is to instill fear in people, so my advice is to take it with a grain of salt and continue to use common sense. 😷

    This pandemic has dragged on far too long but perhaps the collective society is meant to learn something from all of this. Similar to how an individual gets stuck repeating the same mistakes until they learn some important life lesson… that’s how I see it, anyways. In this case, rather than on an individual scale, its on a global scale. We are all running around and around in a hamster wheel until the entire world finally decides to wake up as a collective group.

    I agree that people are not meant to stay cooped up inside their homes, but we are all doing the best we can. Try to make the best of this dire situation. Perhaps you can find a new hobby or start a business or do some spring cleaning or try a new recipe. Now is the time to experiment with life and be a kid again. We all have inner children and perhaps it’s time to tap into that and be a kid again.

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    1. What really gets me about our city is this ‘Freedom Movement’ of businesses refusing people entrance into their business if they’re wearing a mask. I just… there are people out of work right now because these assholes are allowed to stay open and they’ve decided it’s a great time for playing with dynamite

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  5. I never knew the general population was as selfish as they’ve shown themselves over the past year. “Wear a mask? Too inconvenient for me!” Like, come on, just play along for a year, do what you’re told, and we’ll be through this in no time.

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    1. There are a few dozen businesses in this city who have dubbed themselves the ‘Freedom Movement’ and they’re saying you’re not allowed inside their business if you’re wearing a mask. I just… I can’t even with these fucking morons.


  6. All you can do is you. This whole thing has been fucked up from the beginning. People are still flying to Mexico or even to the US. Why? To what end? There are selfish people everywhere. It doesn’t help when “leaders” do nothing but hum and ha. Like you, I feel D.O.N.E. like everyone FRO and leave me be. We’ve stopped watching the news….that’s a big one. Holy the numbers are constantly the gong up and there’s nothing good happening anywhere….I don’t need a reminder thank you very much. We’re all missing out on crucial life experiences but the choice is joining the assholes who are out there parading along without their masks blah blah blah….they’re the same ones who hold chicken pox parties …. For the next while I’ll stay home and be. ((hugs))

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  7. sorry about your great uncle and aunt, so sad.
    I feel covid is out of control in the UK and some many people are going to Raves and stuff. So many people don’t get it. I feel we are in really bad place worse than a year ago. I am quite ……. about it all. I feel it is hard issue for government to manage. But our PM SERIOUSLY messing it up and late, late, and late with every decision. And now – God help us.

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  8. Here in Toronto there’s two cases of this new strain apparently. Ugh. I’m so sick of this lockdown, it’s affecting people’s mental health. I don’t know what will happen after they let us ‘out’ again – will the virus reinfect? Is the answer to remain locked down forever? (I don’t want that. Does anyone want that?)

    We need to think outside the box. The inoculations may or may not prevent the virus from continuing its mutations, and besides, we (my family) are at the very bottom of the priority list. We are healthy, we have no health issues, we are not connected to the health care system or the LTC homes…

    So I don’t know what’s in store for us. I have 2 young teens who’ve spend the bulk of the past 10 months in their rooms. No school, no activities, no friends, no sports, nothing. A walk in the park with the dog. That’s about it. For 10 months.

    It can’t continue like this. Can it?

    There are no answers.

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  9. Sending big hugs, V🤗. I’ve found when my world starts being chaotic that it’s time to look within and see what actions I have control over. When you’re ready slowly get back to the practices in your life that you may have let fall to the side. Maybe it’s reconnecting with Source, eating better and exercising, or just sitting with gratitude daily. Another one for me when I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired is an intense cleansing of my home by removing items I don’t use and are just cluttering up my space and then a deep cleaning. This helps get my mind off the current “noises” in my head and a feeling of calm comes when I’m done. There is plenty of light around us. We just have to make it our daily focus.

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  10. Im so like u feeling really tired, i have been in my house since beginning of the year except for when i went to the hospital and i feel like furniture.. i hate going out but a little sun will be fine. But i guess groundhog day is here to stay until 🤷‍♀️🙆‍♀️

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  11. You are right, it feels like Groundhog Day most days. On the other hand even in the movie, some little details always were new, different. And in the end, it worked out. I also take some some comfort from some things being the same, and some optimism — from little details being different.

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  12. I’m sorry to hear about your great aunt and uncle.

    I live in the UK. Yesterday the total number of covid deaths passed 100,000.

    I share your frustration. Today I went out for a short walk near my home, which is permitted within the rules, but there were so many people who appeared not to notice or care that we’re in the middle of a global pandemic. No concept of social distancing. No awareness of other people’s personal space. It made me so angry and disappointed in people in general. One year on and they can’t or won’t learn.

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  13. I can totally relate. Every day feels the same here too. I recently read that 62% of cases in the Republic of Ireland are of the UK variant. Last weekend the Guardian reported that this strain is possibly 30% more deadly. I wish the government had taken New Zealand’s zero- Covid approach where life in the island has returned to normal. International travel should’ve been curtailed before now. Like you said it’s too little too late. So many people’s mental health are being affected by isolation. My mom was due to be vaccinated in the states but Ohio ran out of vaccines for the over 80’s group. She lives alone and craves human interaction that doesn’t involve a screen. It’s heartbreaking. I don’t know if/ when we can be together again. 💔

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  14. I’m so sorry about your great aunt and uncle. That is one of my goals in life to be married that long!

    About the Groundhog’s Day thing, I so feel that right now. I’m sick of talking over screens but I’m scared to go out beyond grocery shopping at this point. I don’t understand people. I hope this vaccine gets spread quick so we can all get some semblance of a life again. I feel so depressed some days I wonder why I even get out of bed. But duty calls and I have families to help so that keeps me going. Hang in there. The sun hopefully will shine again for us all soon (and if not, well I don’t know what the hell we will do). ❤

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