Life Lessons from Me

It is not appropriate, acceptable, okay, or EVER warranted to tell a woman she’s beautiful in a professional setting. It’s not now, it never was and it won’t ever be. That’s not a compliment.

Women do not go to work to be eye candy. They don’t want comments about their appearance made in the workplace.

Women work long and hard to reach the levels they reach in their professional careers. When a man is willing to interrupt a meeting to refer to a woman as beautiful, what he’s doing in that moment is telling her that no matter her education, no matter her work experience, no matter her skills, her intelligence, her professionalism and her ability to change the very face of the company, workforce and world, he will never see her as an equal. He won’t ever see her as anything more than a shell.

A woman’s appearance has not a single fucking thing to do with how well she can do her job.

Just don’t do it. Just don’t comment on a woman’s appearance in the workplace. Please don’t. EVER.

9 thoughts on “Life Lessons from Me

  1. Totally agree. It undermines us all in the long run. Still there are women for whom the interruption to tell them the’re beautiful would be the highlight of their day. That’s why we need to stop making little girls think beauty trumps all.


  2. I believe that commenting on a woman’s appearance (by a man) in the workplace is uncalled for. I will also add, i.e. append, that women can be smart AND beautiful, and I see it every day at my work (i.e. your typical, 9-to-5 office job that doesn’t require to look a certain way) my female coworkers who’d definitely woken up early to get done in makeup, nails, suit-chic attire, and heels…and then go to the office to kick ass at their job. And I also think that if women were to, at the very least, be complimented on a choice, rather than physical traits (e.g. a piece of clothing or jewelry she personally chose to wear, instead of her body), it can make a big difference in how they feel being treated in the workplace.

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  3. “When a man is willing to interrupt a meeting to refer to a woman as beautiful”

    Seriously? That’s ‘The Office’ level stuff. Creepy as hell.

    The only things which are acceptable are noticing when people have haircuts or maybe new clothesโ€” if they are already work friends, and you’re doing it equally with both sexes. And you’re chatting casually in the kitchen or something. Which is obvious anyway when you’re not automatically objectifying people ๐Ÿ˜†. I’d always notice and compliment when people had hair cutsโ€” male or female. Just about respecting people.


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