More life lessons from me

I should make this a series.

When you hear ‘this call is being recorded’, make sure that you remember to hang up when a call has ended. There are so many recording features in our day-to-day lives that we can often ignore/forget about them. Most businesses that offer any form of customer service use them. If you call banks, stores, doctors, etc… they all have them. If you’re making a call that’s being recorded, don’t forget to hang up.

Legally, any company that uses a recording software is required to acknowledge you’re being record. Something people don’t realize though (and this is a tangent), is that you’re also legally allowed to say you do not wish to be recorded and they have to stop the recording before the call proceeds.

Anyways, a good rule for life is to always hang up your calls. This is ESPECIALLY true when you’re on a call that’s being recorded. If you don’t hang up a call that’s being recorded, you will be continuously recorded for the remainder of time taken for you to figure out you need to hang up.


On Tuesday I had another call with the man who thinks Canadians have polar bears for pets (you can read it here, if you’d like). Our company uses a call recording software so that we can refer back to the calls and not have to frantically type meeting minutes during.

Anyways, for those of you not familiar with how this type of recording software works, it’s essentially like having a third person on the line. The ‘third person’ is the recorder. However, because it’s software and not a person, it doesn’t know to hang up when I hang up. So, when I left the meeting at 41:03 and he didn’t, he was recorded for another hour and twelve minutes.

You best believe I was listening to that.

In the hour and twelve minutes he continued to record, he continued to be at his computer. His wife came in shortly after I hung up and started asking him about me. He referred to me as ‘a hardass’ and ‘just another stupid Canadian’. He said he’d have the deal wrapped by Friday.

He won’t.

He and his wife proceeded to argue about why he needs to deal with me at all, which turned into an argument about how the dog was barking because he never takes the dog outside and she always has to do it. Then he turned on a meditation session and proceeded to listen to it, followed by calling one of his coworkers.

I will spare you the details of what happened in the remaining hour.

By the end of the recording, one hour and twelve minutes after I hung up, there was a loud ‘Shit. Fuck. Shit. Shit. Shit. Seriously? It’s been recording this whole fucking time?’ Then he hung up.

Suffice to say, when a call is over… hang up. Don’t be ‘that guy’.

27 thoughts on “More life lessons from me

  1. This made me LOL! One of the most irritating things about the US is that many laws aren’t constant across the states. Recording is one of them. California requires consent and any business has to honor the California law while doing business here. Sadly, not everyone knows this… even customer service agents. I had a woman yell at me and ultimately hang up on me when I required that recording be stopped because in her state it wasn’t an option.

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    1. You’re right that it’s weird, that in some states only one person has to know while in others both have to know. I live in Massachusetts, which is a two-party consent state, and one someone called my office with a BS complaint that she threatened to sue us over (she never was, and I knew that), and she said she was recording the call as evidence. I said to her “No you’re not, because you have to get my permission, and I’m not giving it to you.”

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      1. LOL I love your response!!! I wonder how all of this unauthorized video taping people and recording then posting to the internet is going to be dealt with over the long haul. Many people don’t know that they live in a consent state. I just learned it a few years ago from a cop in a really bad tenant eviction. (She told the cop she was recording me and he gave her what for.)

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    2. I forgot that it could differentiate state to state. In Canada we’re supposed to acknowledge it on all calls, so I just do it for whoever I’m talking to, wherever they are in the world.

      That’s crazy that you got yelled at and hung up on. I feel like that’s the worst way to deal with it on her part…

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      1. Me, too. lol She wasn’t educated on the subject. My bestie had issues long ago with out of state collection companies breaking California laws around when, where and how many times they could call. He went up the chain of command with final threats to notify the FCC.


  2. What ridiculously stupid and petty things to argue with a partner about 😦. It’s a total stereotype being acted out, how boring!

    Why WOULDN’T you hang up on a call when it’s finished, anyway?

    I guess these two things are consistent with believing that Canadians have polar bears for pets, though, so shouldn’t be surprised!

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  3. Oh man V, this should definitely be your series! Remember when you were thinking of rebranding and restructuring. This is it, you’ve found your niche!! I laughed so hard 🤣 how entertaining. You got to be the guy on the wall of that guy’s house and give advice on how not yo be “that guy”….priceless ❤🤗

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  4. I work at a job where I basically take calls all day, so you best bet that every single call I get is recorded for QA. There have been a few times that the client hangs up once we say goodbye to each other, but for some reason, the actual call doesn’t completely hang up, so sometimes, I catch myself muttering my notes as I write them before realizing that the call didn’t stop, and I have to manually end it!

    But that’s a minor issue…what gets me is that some clients are demanding (some downright hostile) and they have no idea that their tantrums are recorded. Every second of them. Or some clients would try to threaten me by saying that the calls are recorded, so that I should give them their way or else they’ll sue me. The lengths some people will go to when a call is being recorded *smh. I guess having calls recorded serve as a double-edged sword, in this case!


  5. Yeah my immediate goal is to secure a position at a company like this one where I can continue to grow and improve myself both personally and professionally. …r


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