Alone on Valentine’s Day

Who’s with me? Are you alone on Valentine’s Day? I feel like we should form a club.

What are you doing to show yourself self-love for the day of love?

I haven’t purchased any gifts for myself, despite my poll asking people for motivation to do so. I couldn’t justify the price tag. That being said, I might buy myself something small tomorrow. Also, a ghost from my past sent me a small surprise, which was very thoughtful.

And if you do have someone to spend Valentine’s Day, treat them well. Remind them how much you love them not just with your words but with your actions.

People want to feel loved.

And if you’re one of those people who says ‘I don’t need no stupid holiday to tell someone I love them’, maybe you don’t… but do it anyway.

Be safe. Stay Healthy.

55 thoughts on “Alone on Valentine’s Day

    1. It can be. I guess in a way some people spend money to try and show a value of their love. But the truth is, showing up for people means a heck of a lot too. Showing up for yourself, that’s so important.

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  1. I’ve been celebrating Single Awareness Day for as long as I can remember. I’ve been more-or-less content with it, as I get to treat myself to a nice meal and drink. Treat yourself, V! ❤

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  2. My partner and I are again temporarily separated, he lost his ID while traveling for a short autograph session. Anyways, I’m practicing all the self love by participating in some virtual classes I love! First is a dance class with taught by a dear gf of mine, then virtual yoga and a sound bath. I hope you can carve out some self love time today and focus on you😍 catch up on some Netflix. Feel the love V because you are very loved ❤

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    1. Dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt – someone with very good taste.
      Save a square for me!
      Just kidding. Eat all the dang chocolate. Happy Valentine’s Day!


  3. Oh! We had a family traditional ritual today as mom carved Sunday for that… And now I am watching Before we go on youtube 😁❤️ there is a man who wants to be my valentine but I don’t want him to be.. So there are certain – ships…

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    1. A guy with good taste…
      Happy Valentine’s.
      If our babies got switched at birth, at least I’d know mine was in good hands with your sound decision making skills.

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      1. I don’t know… If my decision making skills were really sound, I’d have had my paperwork done throughout the week instead of putting it all off until Sunday. Pretty sure procrastination is my super power. Or sarcasm…

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  4. Doing something special for oneself on any occasion or event is allowed whether you have a partner or not.
    It does not have to be an expensive items or spend money at all if you have certain items in your home.
    You can make it an essential sensual day. You can complete a face scrub, or paint your nails, take a bath, write positive affirmations for yourself.
    If you can purchase a little items purchase a tie, socks, for the ladies pretty underwear or my favorite a pretty color lipstick.
    Give yourself permission your allowed to do you!!


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